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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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Top 5 things to do in Mirissa Beach - An essential guide!

Mirissa, located in southern Sri Lanka, is one of the tourist hubs of the country attracting people from all over the globe. With its calm atmosphere and tall coconut trees surrounding the serene coastline, many people opt to put Mirissa as a part of their travel itinerary. When in Mirissa, do not miss out on these locations.


Mirissa Beach

Mirissa is famous for its coastline dotted with palm trees and trees tied with a hammock. Just perfect for some relaxation, a cocktail and a book. The beach boasts of three separate bays and some awesome rock points in between them. With such treasures, you're bound to spend most of your time at this beach. For accommodation, check out some Mirissa hotels the likes of Mandara Resort Mirissa for a comfortable stay.


Parrot Rock

As aforementioned, there are some cool rock points you need to look out for when in Mirissa. One is the Parrot Rock. From this area, you'll witness some tremendous views of the immaculate Mirissa beach. On top of that, there are chairs and benches, you can sit on, relax and bask in the view. Just make sure to be careful on your climb up. Plus, depending on the tide on that day, you might get a little drenched.


Palm Tree Dome Mirissa

Another popular point in Mirissa beach is the palm tree dome. First, you need to head to the left of the Mirissa beach and keep on walking. After passing and witnessing some beautiful bays, you would arrive at the palm tree dome. The reason why it is named 'palm tree dome is that the place is covered with tall palm trees which gives it a picturesque view. Besides, if you're scrolling through pictures form Sri Lanka on the internet, you'll definitely come across one from this area. There is another amazing observation point that gives an absolutely amazing view of the Mirissa Beach. Just treat yourself to a well-deserved coconut drink, after the long walk, chill and relax.


Day trip to Weligama

Surfing is popular among tourists and even locals. So, if you're looking for a perfect scene to surf, then you can head towards Weligama for the perfect surf turf. A day trip is all you need to do. Get a scooter and your surfing gear and start riding towards Weligama which is only fifteen minutes away along the coast. Even if you don't want to surf, Weligama day trip is still worth it. With its popular surfing spots, you can chill in the beach and watch the pros. Or find yourself a quite spot to relax. Whatever your wish is, you're are bound to find it in the coastlines of the southern beaches of Sri Lanka.


Dewemini Roti Shop

This is worthy of mentioning. With its number one spot in the "to Eat' section on TripAdvisor, travellers rave about their food. The roti shop itself is like any other Sri Lankan shops, run at the back of a family's home. However, the food is just exquisite. They have the likes of avocado rotis and cheese rotis offered in their menus, which are pretty unique. To top it, they have many other unique toppings you can try out with your roti. For desert, be sure to try out the Banoffee roti!