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Ocean waters at Faroe Islands runs red with blood of slaughtered dolphins · Love Ur Pet

A horrifying video has recently made it o to internet featuring the mass slaughter of dolphins at the Faroe Islands.

Baby meets a lion dressed as a Cub and this lion is confused silly · Love Ur Pet

An adorable video went viral on internet when a baby dressed up as a lion cub and went interacting with a lion at zoo (of course with safety of the glass window).

Turtles are coming back to Indian beach after 20 years, Reason? World’s biggest beach cleanup

Sea turtles have been roaming the oceans for millions of years but they are facing extinction as humans are encroaching onto their natural habitats.

Funny Wildlife Pictures of 2018 that will make your day · Love Ur Pet

Finalists for the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards have finally been announced. These awards for being the funniest have been selected out of 2000 entries.

Animal Photos Taken at Just the Right Moment · Love Ur Pet

Animals definitely have a secret life. Some humans are really lucky to catch their pets while they reveal their most sincere emotions and hidden intentions. And only a small part of them successfully capture them on camera.

Animals which are astonishingly and painstakingly big · Love Ur Pet

We all have an idea and basic knowledge that here are all sorts of big and small animals.

People that are insanely good with animals · Love Ur Pet

The domestication of wild animals has long been a matter of discussion. Many people think that wild animals can be tamed by being kept in captivity, while others think that this practice is fruitless.

Weird trend by men; Sharing freshly cut body hair designs - Suddl

Across the planet, about 39 percent of men shave their body hairs. However some men have managed to make this disgusting process into a pure something fun thing to do.

How Animals before giving birth · Love Ur Pet

Pregnancy is the joyous moment for all living creatures. While the human moms have to go through a pain of just 7 to 9 months, other creatures might have to have a bit longer or shorter pregnancy period.

These adorable dogs will steal your heart · Love Ur Pet

When your dog asks you for a treat or tells you that it’s time to go for a walk, it can be really hard to resist. Are you able to say “no” to a dog that looks you right in the eyes? No? We feel the same way, so we just wipe our eyes, and do whatever these little creatures tell us to do.

Photos of Animals in love can melt even the frozen hearts · Love Ur Pet

Everyone knows that feeling when your heart is melting. Animals also know. According to studies, animals can fall in love just like human beings. They can hug, kiss, and behave totally like us. There are no limits to tenderness, especially if you found your soul mate.

Animals that are excellent meme materials · Love Your Pet

Animals can brighten a person’s life by cheering them up and proving that we have so much in common with them. You’ll definitely be touched by how much their expressions resemble our own!

Dog passes out from overwhelming joy · Love Your Pet

There is a saying that “dog is man’s best friend” and this saying is very true. There are literally thousands of examples throughout the history when dogs have proven themselves to be worthy of their title of being “man’s best friend”.

Golden Retriever saves a Koala’s life; shocks the owner · Love Your Pet

They say that Australia is never boring. One such rare incident took place in Australia when a resident named Kerry McKinnon of Western Victoria, Australia received a shocking surprise from its pet Golden Retriever; Asha.

This is What Zookeepers Do after Closing Hours · Love Your Pet

Each year the US celebrates National Zookeeper week and this year a zoo in Minnesota decided to get a little creative. Held between the 16th and the 22nd of July the week is dedicated to the hard work of busy zookeepers all over the US.

Rare Animals that seem to have come from parallel universe · Love Your Pet

Animal species extinction is an evident and disastrous problem the world is facing nowadays due to human activity. Scientists say that about a dozen species become extinct every day.

Couple Had a Bunch of Rescue Puppies Instead of Wedding Bouquets at their wedding · Love Your Pet

Becky and John were preparing or their wedding arrangements when they saw a Facebook ad from the local animal rescue “The Little Guild” on their facebook account.

Hilarious pet haircuts that totally went wrong · Love Your Pet

Being a groomer as a profession first appeared in England and is now becoming more and more popular. Our pets are an integral part of our modern life, but sometimes they become not only our friends but also the object of experimentation and jokes.

These animals nailed the Weight Loss game · Love Your Pet

Every transformation has a story behind it. Most of these pets were rescued from the streets, negligent owners or homes in poor condition. Let’s support the great work their human parents have done to make their lives better.

Dramatic animals that were caught red-handed in the act · Love Your Pet

If animals always behaved calmly and responsibly, we would have very boring lives. Fortunately, our pets behave quite the opposite — they have a secret life that you might not even suspect. And once you leave them for a day, an hour, or a minute, they start doing whatever they want.