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Luella Fast Fashion Ltd

Luella offers new collections monthly and supplies more than 400 independent retailers throughout the UK, as well as a growing number of boutiques within the EU, as well as Africa, America and Japan. Luella is the perfect in-season brand for retailers who wish to offer discerning customers something different each time they visit. For more information, visit @

Cashmere Clothing in Wholesale

Luella offers new collections of cashmere clothing monthly and supplies more than 400 independent retailers throughout the UK, as well as a growing number of boutiques within the EU, as well as Africa, America and Japan. For more information, contact us @

Luella Fashion offers wholesale cashmere blend jumpers online at perfect prices. We are the perfect in-season brand for retailers who wish to offer discerning customers something different each time they visit. For more information, contact us @

Best Cashmere Wholesaler in UK

Luella is a one size, brand offering quality cashmere blend knitwear, stylish linens and a range of summer cottons at a great price point. We are constantly evolving and adapting to our customers’ needs. If you’d like your retail business to be part of our journey, register as a stockist today.

How to Stock Affordable Cashmere

Getting one’s hands on affordable cashmere is every shopper’s dream. Considered to be a premier luxury item, cashmere also comes at a cost. It is warmer than wool, yet more durable and without the itch factor.

Why Buy Cashmere Blend

Cashmere features in everyone’s dream list when it comes to fabrics we want in our closet. Whether you like luxury or practical wearability, cashmere scores above any other alternative. But its steep price tag means that buyers can rarely afford it.

Guide To Buy Authentic Cashmere Products

Shopping for cashmere products can be a tricky affair. Especially more so for the residents of a country in the subtropical region who experiences chilly winters for not probably more than a couple months every year.

Cashmere Jumpers – Warm Garment for Long-Term Use

Jumpers, also known as pullover are some of the most common types of warm garments that are used by men and women globally. These jumpers come in different colors and with different patterns done on them.

Fashionable Cashmere Outfits

If the word ‘cashmere’ brought the images of sweaters and jumpers to your mind, then you could not is any more mistaken? Cashmere is a fabric that can be processed into different types of attires and fashionable garments.

Cashmere Sweater Design Varieties

Sweaters are the perfect blend of casual and formal wear. It is also considered to be one of the oldest types of winter wear that never go out of fashion. The cashmere sweaters can be worn with both jeans as well as blazers, making it a perfect fit for any occasion during the winters.

Factors To Check While Buying Cashmere Star Jumpers

With the increase in demand for cashmere, the market is becoming inflated with a lot of different brands. Different brands have their specific type of style. But in general, there are certain factors that can help you pick the best cashmere star jumpers or any cashmere sweaters off the shelves.

Tips To Take Care Of Cashmere Clothing

Cashmere is a kind of wool extracted from the cashmere goats. Cashmere is especially known for their comfort and durability which stays for years to come. Nowadays with the increasing trend in cashmere, we get to see a lot of cashmere clothing wholesale stores.

How to Diversify Your Cashmere Stock

Cashmere is an evergreen commodity. As a wholesaler, you can be sure that you will always have customers who are looking to buy cashmere jumpers. However, its high price does create a niche market.

How to Source Cashmere Blends

Stocking cashmere blends has become essential for every cashmere wholesaler in today’s competitive knitwear market. While a retailer may want to specialise in only pure cashmere, for a wholesaler that rarely makes sense.

Factors to Consider When Stocking Cashmere

For winter wear wholesalers, cashmere is a premium product that has a ready and assured market. But given its steep price, it must be sourced and stocked carefully. Here are a few factors you must consider:

Cashmere blend woolen garments are often considered to be some of the most ace woolen garments that are worn by the connoisseurs of garments and fabrics. You can get a large variety of cashmere garments in the market in terms of their designs, cuts, shapes and even color.

How to buy the right cashmere knitwear

When you get down to buy cashmere knitwear there are a few things that must be borne in mind. At this junction, it is important to mention that cashmere is an expensive item and is that you get the right worth of your cash, it is important you must be able o tell between good quality and average duplicate.

Best Reasons To Buy Cashmere Jumper

In the realm of woolen garments cashmere has a special place of importance, and adulation gave on the basis of their superior quality and fine texture. Cashmere is considered to be a very fine yarn of wool that comes from the special cashmere goals that are reared in the extreme temperature of China and Mongolia.

Designer Cashmere Wear For Kids

When we think of the word fashion automatically images of both men and women emerge in our minds. However, this is one of the most inadequate representations of the term fashion. This is a fraternity which is never complete unless we consider the children, babies and also the infants.

Occasions When Cashmere Star Jumpers Is Just The Perfect Dress

A cashmere star jumper is one of the most common and fashionable additions to your winter closet. Your array of winter and fall fashion is never complete without one of these. However, even if fashion is not the very first thing on your mind, yet then you must have one of these in your closet as it is one of the most utility oriented garments for any person!

Cleaning And Caring For Cashmere Clothing

Cashmere is one of the elements items of winter fashion wear. These delicate and elite wool yarns are derived from special cashmere goats, which come with a dual layer of fur on their bodies. The inner layer of these goats is used to make cashmere yarns out of which pullovers and cardigans are fashioned at a later stage and date.