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Twelve of the Best via @jeffbullas

Did you know list posts are the most viewed and the most shared post on the web.

Let it be no surprise that the top 12 of Jeff Bulas's most popular post are all list posts.

20 Stunning Social Media Statistics Plus Infographic | Jeffbullas's Blog

Do you wonder why your productivity has dropped over the past 2 - 3 years? There is a time sink and its not Television! used to be.These figures reveal the huge black hole that our time disappears into when we visit Facebook, Twitter or YouTube or other social media sites

The 10 Best Facebook Campaigns | Jeffbullas's Blog

Facebook marketing campaigns seem to be going all warm, caring and fluffy recently as brands realize that solving problems and helping those in need can be a very effective marketing tactic.

Three of the Facebook campaigns in this list have an altruistic reason behind their campaigns, from donati

50 Fascinating Facebook Facts And Figures | Jeffbullas's Blog

Facebook grows at over 10 million users a month and sits currently at number two on web traffic rankings according to Last year Facebook even surpassed Google for the top ranking for total time spent online. So here are 50 Fascinating Facebook facts and figures

48 Significant Social Media Facts, Figures and Statistics - Plus 7 Infographics | Jeffbullas's Blog

I came across some interesting statistics that has me quite concerned about the dental hygiene levels on this planet.

Apparently there are 600 million more people that own a mobile phone compared to those who own a toothbrush.

Some research reveals that there are 4.8 billion mobile users but o

30 Mind Numbing YouTube Facts,Figures and Statistics - Infographic | Jeffbullas's Blog

It is not until you leap into a plane and fly half way around the world to distant places that you start to realize the size and scope of the planet we inhabit.

Recently the earth's population passed the 7 billion mark and over 2 billion of those are connected to the internet and more than 5 bill

20 Awesome Facebook Cover Photos | Jeffbullas's Blog

I switched on the Television last night very briefly and I can now see why Facebook is so popular!

There was nothing to watch.

Now I don't have cable or Satellite TV, so that was maybe part of the problem,  but there is a method in my minimizes the temptation to sit in front

10 Must Have WordPress Plugins Of 2012 Every Blogger Should Know About | Jeffbullas's Blog

How can you wow your readers when they visit your blog, so that they never want to leave again?

With over 900,000 new blogposts that are freshly published every day, the competition is fierce for each and every author.

Yet, making your articles the ones that readers want to come back to check

20 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Likes and Engagement | Jeffbullas's Blog

Facebook "likes" are social media's version of building the traditional email subscribers list. So it is vital on a social web to invest in tactics that build up your Facebook likes so as to spread your message and brand to your fans. Here are 20 ways to increase your Facebook likes and engage with your Facebook fans

30 Things You Should Not Share On Social Media | Jeffbullas's Blog

I don't know whether you have started to  notice that a lot of people are wanting help with their cows and ducks on Facebook (and I am finding it a touch annoying as I am not fond of cows),this activity is due to a very popular online game called Farmville.

What prompted me to write this list ge

The World’s 20 Most Popular Facebook Pages | Jeffbullas's Blog

Facebook's strengthening grip and integration with popular culture is very evident as you go through this list of the world's top 20 most popular Facebook pages and realize between them they have over 315 million fans.
That culture reflects our movie, TV shows and music tastes including Michael  J

72 Fascinating Social Media Marketing Facts and Statistics for 2012 | Jeffbullas's Blog

Social media and inbound marketing techniques have been a boon for marketers. Not only do leads generated through social and content marketing cost half as much as traditional outbound-generated leads (see below), they also close at higher rate (again, see below).

And social media isn’t just ab

10 Powerful Tips to Increase Fan Engagement on Facebook | Jeffbullas's Blog

Facebook is the social network preferred by most businesses when planning and implementing their social media marketing strategy.

Even though Twitter and YouTube are large social media networks, Facebook provides a marketing ecosystem that is multi-media rich and broad. There are literally tens