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The 10 Best Courses to Learn Russian

Here are the best courses that I have used to learn Russian. Do you want to learn Russian? Check them out and don't forget to vote for your favorites!

Russian Accelerator Review: Learning Russian Shouldn't Be Hard

Can you become a fluent Russian speaker in just 20 minutes per day? Learn exactly how you can learn Russian effectively in this Russian Accelerator review.

Russianpod101 Review - Learn Russian In Just 15 Minutes A Day!

Do you want to learn how to speak Russian effortlessly? And do you want to know how to achieve this in only 15 minutes per day? Russianpod101 review to...

Babbel vs Rosetta Stone vs Duolingo: Which Should You Pick?

Which program should you choose: "Babbel vs Rosetta Stone vs Duolingo?" If you're serious about learning a new language, you want to chose the right....

Best Way to Learn Russian | Complete Guide (13.000+ words)

This guide is all you need to become fluent in Russian in 1 year. In it you'll find 1) the 6 ground-breaking strategies that are essential for every Russian learner 2) a simple 3 step program to fluency and 3) the 11 bonus tips that helped me the most. Find out the best way to learn Russian without any....

Best Russian Textbook for Beginners: Is This the Course You Need?

If you're just starting out learning Russian, then you want the best Russian textbook. It will save you countless hours of mistakes and you'll learn how...

Russian for Dummies Review - Great for Beginners (Except for 1 Thing)

Learning Russian is difficult. Especially speaking. But you can make it easier with the right books/courses. In this Russian for Dummies review you'll see..

Best Russian Learning Software to Learn Russian On Your Own

If you're serious about learning Russian, then you need good tools. In this list of the best Russian learning software you'll find a complete overview of 7 programs that are great for learning Russian without expensive classes. Find out which one works best for you goal and...

Living Language vs Rosetta Stone: Play it Safe or Try Something New?

Living Language vs Rosetta Stone? It's a question that often pops up. In general, Living Language is the more classic 'textbook' approach. Where Rosetta Stone focuses on immersion in your language. Both courses are available in virtually every language (Spanish, Russian, French, Arabic, Chinese etc.) Find out if...

Rosetta Stone Russian Review: Learn Russian Through Full Immersion

Rosetta Stone Russian review - you'll either love it or hate it. The full immersion approach (without any English whatsoever!) will do wonders if you're...

Assimil Russian Review: Is the Course Still Relevant for Learning Russian?

Curious if Assimil is still relevant for learning Russian? In this comprehensive Assimil Russian review you will learn exactly what you need to know about the program. We'll discuss what exactly you'll get when you order the program - and which types of people can benefit the most from the program. Find out more by..

Rocket Russian Review: a Practical Course for Learning Russian

Want to learn correct Russian with an all-in-one course? Then Rocket Russian might be the answer for you. Find out why thousands of others all over the world are using this exact program to learn Russian in this comprehensive Rocket Russian review because you won't....

Pimsleur Russian Review: Learn Russian in Just 30 Minutes Per Day

Pimsleur Russian is an audio course that consists of 30 easy-to-follow CD's. Each lesson lasts around 30 minutes and teaches you new vocabulary and grammar. It's perfectly suited for the type of Russian learner who is new to the language and... This Pimsleur Russian review will help you decide whetehr the program is...

Living Language Russian Review: Perfect for Beginner Russian Learners

Are you looking to start learning Russian? In this Living Language Russian review you'll learn why it's a good program for beginners... It has all the components of a good beginner program. You can review all the things you've learned, so it's also great if you're looking to get back into it. Find out how you too can..

Michel Thomas Russian Review: Does It Work for Learning Russian?

Curious if the Michel Thomas works as well for learning Russian as for other languages? His Russian audio program was the first lessons I took. In my experience it has helped me to get over that beginner stage pretty quickly. What's more... Find out in this Michel Thomas Russian review if this program is for you...