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NIMBUS has made a name for itself by providing quality recruitment and other maritime and offshore related services across the globe.

The Importance of Hiring Crew Management Company

Crew endorsement and management are important to make the ship sail smoothly through the sea. Ship management is the process of managing a ship and it is done by independent companies that use ships of some other companies or independent owners.

Things You Should Consider Before Choosing a Best Shipping Company in Singapore

Great business proprietors and individuals should select experienced delivery or shipping firms and freight movers. This is essential to stay far from issues in the transportation of commodities and household belongings.

Offshore Recruitment Services and the Advantages You Can Acquire From Them

Offshore recruitment basically implies recruitment that is done from another country contrasted with outsourcing where a company procures a third-party firm inside the same nation to deal with the recruiting procedure.

All You Should Know About a Marine Crew Endorsement Company

Ship crew management is a complex task which requires an agency to be proficiently capable in an extensive variety of tasks. Maintenance management, Vessel management, crewing tasks, control over expenses are some of the most important and challenging responsibilities that a crew endorsement company needs to address.

What Are The Best Features of Any Reliable Shipping Company?

If you are new in the manufacturing industry and trying to search and hire a shipping company that suits best with your requirements then read through this blog and you will find how to choose one of the best transportation services for best outcomes.

Things to Keep In Mind While Searching a Maritime Recruitment Agency

Even if you are having a major shipping company or having a private passengers ship, you most of the times run short of crew and on-deck staff. All such problems of yours can be solved if you start looking out for recruitment services that provide seafarers to ships and other vehicles that run over water.

The Basic Code of Conduct of a Marine Crewing Agency

Any marine crewing agency has to be efficient enough to decide the shipping service quality. It is also helpful in improving the cost efficiency of the ship. Ship management is actually divided into two sections – crew management and technical services.

Seafarers’ Recruitment Agencies: One-Stop Solution for Hiring Crew Members

To find out the staff that is suitable for a position in maritime and offshore industry is not an easy task. Therefore, to deal with recruitment problem, you can find out a number of Seafarers’ recruitment agencies online. These agencies take care of all your requirements related to hiring for any position in marine and offshore industry.

Ship Crew Management Agency | Crew Endorsement in Singapore |

Nimbus offers crewing services such as recruitment and selection, Flag State documentation and support, crew logistics, training and cadet programs. Call@ + 65 66357605

Benefits of Outsourcing the Crew Management Service!

The crew is all in all in ship management. Crew is actually the heart and soul of a ship. As a matter of fact crew is one of the most essential elements of a ship and its cost is among the highest costs centers in the running of a vessel.

Some Strategies to Hire Professional Seafarers and Start Your Own Shipping Business

If you don’t want to put many efforts and still hoping to get the best seafarers in the industry, I would personally recommend you to get help from seafarers recruitment agencies. Such recruitment agencies always maintain a complete list of expert and professional seafarers as you would not be the first one to get their support in the hiring process.

What to See In a Marine Crew Management Service Provider?

The marine industry is huge which includes a massive line-up of all the important elements that make it that big. If you are also having your own business of shipping through cargos or passenger ships, you should know that your crew is the most important element of your business after the fleet of your ships.

How to Go With the Recruitment Process for Seafarers?

Seafarers recruitment agencies are specialized in bringing workforce to your travel ship or cargo shipping business. They are way different from standard human resources services. As they only deal in providing workers for all types of tasks which are there on a medium that runs on water, they can be considered as a reliable source of seafarers in the maritime industry.

What Keeps Seafarers Happy and Entertained? Check It Out!

Some people are also afraid of becoming seafarer due to the fear of staying away from their loved and dear ones for a long time, no night out parties with friends and no exchange of late night calls and messages with the partner. Indeed, it’s a sacrifice which people endure for having a good career and earning a handsome amount of money for themselves and their family.

What Are the Responsibilities of a Marine Crew Management Company?

The crew management company you hire will be responsible for providing men for work in your ships and cargos on contract or regular basis. Their responsibilities include crew sourcing, crew recruiting, crew selection, crew endorsement and deployment, training programs, shift scheduling, and the management goes on for on-going seafarers engaged on ships under contracts.

Seafarer recruitment agency: the best source to hire the right professionals!!

The HR departments, these days, face major challenges when it comes to recruiting expert and skilled staff and the fact that there is so much competition in the cruise industry, makes it even more difficult. Thus, many cruise line organizations rely completely on Seafarers recruitment agencies and depend on their services of recruiting the right professionals for the job.

Seafarers recruitment agencies: Why they are the best?

The first and foremost benefit of a recruitment agency is that they work in association with both employers searching for skilled personnel and people who are job-hunting. Recruiters have the best knowledge about who is capable and what salary expectations they might have.

Discussing Methods of Hiring One of the Best Seafarers

Seafarers’ recruitment agencies are specialized in bringing the workforce to your travel ship or cargo shipping business. They are pretty much different from regular HR services. As they only deal in providing workers for all types of tasks required to be done on a ship or cargo, they can be considered as a reliable source of seafarers in the maritime industry.

Crew endorsement is a very challenging and daunting process for most of the companies. Additionally, the uncertainty of hiring skilled and trained employees even after making so much effort adds up to the issues and makes the selection procedure more lengthy and difficult.

Major factors to consider when hiring an offshore recruitment agency!!!

All of the business industries would agree that a committed workforce forms the base of their success. You require highly efficient and well-trained staff if you wish to surpass your competitors. To this end, hiring a recruitment agency can really benefit you a lot by saving you considerable time and efforts.

Crewing Service Providers: Single Point of Contact for Seafarers and Ship Companies

In the present time, offshore and on-board jobs in maritime industry are becoming highly attractive and lucrative choices among the workers and professionals around the world. Even though working on vessels is not as easy as it looks, but these jobs are preferred due to excitement, fun, adventure, intensiveness and even discipline involved.

Essential factors to look for when hiring a crew management company!!

The maritime sector is tremendously diverse, spreading across various industries all around the world. Marine jobs, these days, vary greatly by project, industry, as well as location, and not only this but the requirement for marine workers can also change drastically by project, location, and vessel.

Searching for a shipping company? Consider these factors…

It is critically important to keep transportation costs minimal if you want to see your business thriving. This is why many businesses hire shipping companies in order to transport their goods from one place to the other, within the country or across the border.

How can a crew management company help improve shipping services

Having competent employees in a shipping company helps hold the clients. And so a crew company makes sure that the number of crews you are hiring is competent enough to manage a give task with proficiency.

Crew Management Company: how to hire the right one for your vessel needs??

The crew management company is fully responsible for the manning of vessels and other activities that include recruitment, deployment, selection, training, scheduling, upgrading as well as on-going management of seafarers and other crew members who are engaged on vessels under the crew management contracts.