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Top Kids Academy

Top Kids Academy: The Services That Made Us Be

Harness your children’s potential in our day care services in Florida to help them reap the most out of their formative years.

Get Your Child to Realize the Fun in Learning

When you enroll your child in our day care services in Florida, you are giving them the chance to develop their social skills.

Find the Right Approach to Build Your Child’s Confidence

Top Kids Academy recognizes how essential it is that children receive encouragement and support from their parents and mentors.

Top Kids Academy - Child Care Center - Orlando, Florida

Here at Top Kids Academy, we charter children in various stimulating exercises that are age-appropriate and satisfy their need for play.

Benefits of Early Educations for Children

Early education is not just limited to preschool or kindergarten and can be attained as early as when the child is a year old.

Dining With Your Child Helps Them Learn About Food and Table Manners

To know more about our day care services in Florida, please feel free to visit us to call us any time.

Helping Kids Thrive Through the Winter and Beyond

To help kids power through the colder and darker months, a child care center in Orlando, Florida would advise that you continue to promote their health and regular physical activity.

Child Care Center | Orlando, Florida | Top Kids Academy

Our child care center's state-certified programs are designed to give your children the avenue to develop and explore through age-appropriate activities.

Teaching Your Child to Follow the Rules and Understand Discipline

In preschool, it is essential that children understand and accept rules. They also need to know why discipline is necessary should they break them. One of the most difficult things that you need to do as a parent is disciplining your child; however, it is also one of the most important.

Always Look After Your Child in Sickness and in Health

Colds are most common for children in preschool during the fall and winter season when everyone is indoors and in close contact with each other. It may appear like your little one has not built up defenses to various cold viruses in your area. Do not fret, though. When your child has had a cold virus, they become immune to that distinct germ. As they age, they get fewer colds.

Day Care Services | Activities | Top Kids Academy

Our well-structured environment provides the avenues by which healthy and gainful activities are granted. These activities are intended to meet the holistic goal of the curriculum – the development of the physical, social, mental, and intellectual aspect of the person.

Let Sports and Sportsmanship Empower Your Child

When you let your child in preschool become active in sports, you help empower them to stay fit and improve their social skills simultaneously. You also help develop their confidence and sense of sportsmanship. Come to think of it, when they do well in sports, they can also apply the same efforts to their homework and studies.

Child Care | Recommend Our Childcare Services

Choose our child care center for your children because we offer a safe campus, provide genuine care, and are strictly non-discriminatory.

Activities You Can Do with Your Child to Help Promote Their Imagination and Creativity

Promoting your child’s imagination and creativity can be very helpful to them. It is through a healthy imagination that a child can independently learn from their environment. A healthy imagination can help your child understand concepts better and promote their learning skills, which will also benefit them during their preschool years.

Children in Preschool Need to Eat Healthy Snacks

Children in preschool are still growing although it may not be as much or as fast as when they were in their toddler years. Therefore, you can expect your preschooler to be hungry most of the time. Since they have smaller stomachs compared to teenagers and adults, it means that they need to eat every few hours; they cannot stay full for lengthy periods.

Teach Your Child the Rules of Clean As You Go

Many children in preschool often leave a mess whenever they feed themselves. Either they are messy eaters, or they like to play with their food when they think that you are not looking. Yes, it can sometimes be frustrating to see those food scraps and peelings all over the table, and you cannot wait to clean them up when mealtime is over.

Exciting Ways to Prepare Your Kids for Preschool

Are your kids about to enroll in a preschool program very soon? Are you looking forward to them having fun with fellow children at school? If you are, be sure to equip them with the right skills and mindset even before their first day at a child care center in Orlando, Florida.

Social Skills Children Should Learn Early

Successful adults are not created overnight. Most of the time, the foundation of success is built even as early as a person’s childhood years. If you like your children to grow up as successful adults, be sure to enroll them at a child care center in Orlando, Florida where they can learn the following social skills early in life to develop an edge and be ahead of their game

Treat Your Child’s Stuffed Animal as Family

=Many parents buy a stuffed animal for their child in preschool so that their little one can have something to play with while they tend with their housework and other activities. They also find it cute when their child talks to the stuffed animal like it is part of the family. As a parent, it’s essential that you also treat it like one.

How to Help Your Child Who Is Afraid of the Dark

Some parents feel confused as to why their child in preschool develops a fear of the dark, especially during bedtime. While some children don't have any particular reasons why they’re afraid, others openly point out a specific event like watching something scary on TV that started the problem.

Teach Your Child About Giving Back

According to the educators of our child care center in Orlando, Florida, a lot of people are curious, especially parents, about the age at which a child can grasp the concept of giving back. It may surprise you that showing compassion and doing good for others can already start as early as preschool.

Preschools: What They Need to Have and Do

We believe that many parents tend to be picky when it comes to choosing the right child care center in Orlando, Florida for their child. That’s entirely a good thing! Every child deserves a second home where they can learn, develop, and have fun all at the same time.

Fun Ways to Learn This Summer

Although it’s the season to relax, kids need to maintain their mental health sharp even during summertime. This is important to avoid the summer slide and encourage academic engagement and growth. Top Kids Academy listed five ways children can have fun while still learning.

How Summer Camp Benefits Child Learning

If you are one of those who grew up attending summer camps every year, you know well how these summer experiences benefit you. But if you don’t, you may not realize how summer camps impact the developing minds and bodies of your children. Aside from providing parents with day care services in Florida over the summer months, today, we will enumerate how camps can help children with both short-term and long-term development.

Dropping Them to Day Care

There are times that parents become busy with their work and the kids are left alone in their own homes. It is not safe for kids to be alone since there are safety hazards that are around the house and can cause various accidents.