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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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Top 20 Most Trending Products to Sell Online in 2018 - Best things to buy from the internet

Online shopping has taken over most industries. Here is a list of the top 25 products to be sold online.


Phone accessories

These are the most selling product online. Everyone is concerned about their smartphone so the demand for cases, screen protectors, cables, charges, grips and earphones rise. Clicknshop is one among many online stores in Sri Lanka which sells phone accessories.


Smart watches

Who knew we'd be able to check our heart rate using our watch? Well, the era of smartwatches has dawned upon us and it is one of the most trending products to sell online.



Most people are concerned about how they look and thus, has found themselves the wonders of shapewear. This is one of the most fast-moving products on virtual platforms.


Facial Masks

Beauty products such as face masks have taken a stride in the online markets. Many new brands are introduced virtually every day.


Video doorbells

Gone are the days of peepholes. Get yourself a video doorbell to check who is outside the door. This handy new device is becoming popular among many.



Everyone loves to get fit and look good while doing it. Athleisure is the fashionable side of working out and it is a huge trend all over the internet.


Indoor gardening tools and accessories

Cramming a little green into the apartment is made much easier with indoor planting equipment. These two are a huge hit among the online shoppers.


Flame lamps

These are however not very popular. They are a part of home d├ęcor and would be very popular in the times to come.


Instant food

Pre-cooked food is an easy pick for most people. Buying healthy meals over the internet is popular because of the ease of the process and the health benefits.


Maternity dresses

Most expecting moms want to look fabulous with the baby bump. Maternity dresses which are elegant, and chic are sold over the internet and it is a dream come true most moms.


Avocado Oil

Avocado is an extremely nutritious food and its oil is used for many purposes such as skin treatments. These beauties are fast selling in many online stores.



Everyone carries a backpack. It is a product that is sold over many online stores and you can get them for half the price of a physical store.


Subscription boxes

They are a huge success in the online market as many stores put together boxes and ship them over every month. Everybody loves a box of goodies!


VR accessories

Because of VR gaming, there is a rise in the demand for accessories for these accessories.


Themed clothes

If you geek about any movie, tv series or game, you must've bought yourself a themed tee-shirt from the internet more than once. The Internet is a bazaar of themed clothing.


Fidget spinners

It is 2018 and this toy is popular than ever. No online store is complete without their collection of fidget spinners.



Although there is a huge demand for funky watches, most people seek minimalistic watches. The internet is a great place to buy the simple watch we all adore.


High lighters

This makeup product is one of the most popular makeup products to be sold on online makeup stores.



The TV price in Sri Lanka is higher than most countries but if you buy it from an online store, you would be able to save half of what you pay. Same goes for most of the other electrical appliances.


Pet care products

If you own a pet, you know the struggle to keep them healthy and clean all the time. Pet care products such as brushes, gloves and food are products in high demand.

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