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Infographic Resources

A list of infographic resources, focus on lists of resources or tools and advice for beginners.


6 Reasons Why I Won’t Look at Your Infographic | Unbounce

For the love of all that is good, read this quickie Don’t Do list on infographics before you make an infographic on your own.

9 Powerful Free Infographic Tools To Create Your Own Infographics - DATA VISUALIZATION

free tools for data visualization and analysis including charts, data visualisation tools, icon archives

Data Visualization Tools | IS a tool that HAS tools. Only exception do the "don't be a tool" rule about this list.

Google Drive

Google Docs has an Infographics Toolkit

(I am never calling it Google Drive, even if it can one day be mapped as a network drive in an unnecessarily complex way.)

Infographic How-To Online Course: Data, Design, Distribute

Great course for both beginners and pros alike. This course has both depth and breadth. I am creating an infographic on an aspect of 3D Printing and needed a quick and efficient and up-to-date working model for creating my infographic. The section on determining whether an infographic is a brand or editorial type answered a question I was confused about and gave me the information I needed to focus my design.

Must-Have Tools for Making Your Own Data Visualizations

this article from the Next Web is all about the infographic tools on the page it links to - but I chose to link to TNW because it has handy instructions for how to use the page.

The Marketer's Simple Guide to Creating Infographics in PowerPoint [Template]

Learn how to create an infographic without a designer using PowerPoint. If you're into that sort of thing.

The top 20 data visualisation tools | Feature | .net magazine

If you want a complete list of tools that touches on things like, Google Charts API and even Excel, this list of 22 data visualization tools is your friend.

Three Great Infographic Creation Tools #egographic - Free Traffic Tips

I'm a fan of is paying designers to do what they do. But if the infographic project -- or your budget -- is too small to hire a professional, try this out.