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Updated by Fluoropolymer Tubing on Sep 11, 2018
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Why Is Water So Important For Optimal Health?

Let’s toast to water for a second. Now that we’re in the dog days of summer with high temperature and unbearable humidity, many of us have experienced that thirst sensation that has required us to reach for a glass or bottle of water.


The Circulatory System that Comprises our Water System

How you get your water depends on where you live. If you live in a rural setting, you might have a private well that functions as your main source of water. However, for most of us who live in suburban or urban settings, we get our water through a public water supply. Using groundwater that must be pumped out of the ground or surface water like that from a lake or stream, public water professionals analyze and filter water using chlorine and other chemicals to ensure water is safe to drink.


Filtered Water

Once filtered, this water is called potable water and is transported to a reservoir to be stored. Water mains then transport water from the reservoir to a service lateral pipe, which connects the water to the faucets in your home. These mains are underground and are often outfitted with PVDF tubing as PVDF tubing properties are optimal for water transport. Once the water reaches your faucet, it’s fit to drink and help your body function properly.


How does Water Help You Maintain Health

If there’s one thing you can do to help your body function properly, it’s to make sure your body is getting enough water. Water is responsible for a host of functions in the body. Here are several ways water helps you maintain health


Getting rid of the toxins

Your liver and kidneys are responsible for getting waste out of the body. When you eat or drink, you utilize the nutrients these foods and liquids contain, but your body can’t use everything contained in these entities. Unfortunately, the waste, thereafter, can be poisonous to the body, which could result in headaches and illness. Water flushes this waste out of the system through perspiration, urination and bowel movements, and it is crucial to helping your body remove this waste from your body.


You get the nutrients you need

Speaking of nutrients, water helps take nutrients to the places in the body needed. As blood is mostly water, water is necessary to transporting nutrients. Once food is digested and nutrients become water soluble, it goes into the blood stream and is used by the body as it sees fit.


It regulates body temperature

This is especially important in the summer months, but it also matters when it’s cold. Water exits the body through perspiration when overheated and shunts blood from the skin when cold to preserve body temperature.

There’s no question water is important to the human body. The next time you feel a little thirsty, don’t hesitate. Grab a glass or bottled water to ensure optimal health.