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Troop Messenger

Instant Messaging, Video Call, Video Conferencing, File Sharing, Desktop Sharing, Work Schedules and Projects on Troop Messenger - The Unified Business Communication Platform

Troop Messenger - Office Chat and Instant Messaging App For Business

Our office chat software integrates multiple features and functionalities on a single interface offering ease of use and heightened user experience. Troop messenger is the brand new means of escalating office chat and instant messaging for business to the next level keeping a milestone behind.

How to Boost Productivity at Work

How to boost productive at work is not a rocket science. However, many people fail to ace it. Incorporate these productivity apps and tips in your workday to increase the flow and be a ninja!

You commence each day with a perfect plan to get things done but soon find yourself becoming distracted. Even the card-carrying employees may feel agitated while concentrating or meeting the deadlines from time to time.

On the other side of the coin, some feel that they do not have ample time to do everything. No one is born at acing the time management. One-size-doesn’t-fits-all in any environment. However, productivity apps are the best innovation since sliced bread.

6 Smart Ways to Reduce Employee Stress And Boost Productivity

An employee is the backbone of your business and there is no doubt why you should think about him. Often employees feel stressed out at work which in result decrease their productivity. But we are listing out a few steps on how to increase productivity that makes workflow move seamlessly.

Scrambling to meet deadlines

responding to the slew of phone calls, bothering about the issues at home, ooh! You get the point, right? STRESSED out.

Industries are driving with “do more with less” motto in this digital world. Many companies often examine their assessment of performance and work on how to increase productivity for the upcoming days. But do they care about employee well-being that has a huge impact on the overall success of a business ?

According to “the European Agency for Safety and Health, it is found that 550 million working days are lost every year in the U.S from stress-related time off.”

Importance of Instant Messaging for Business Collaboration

Amidst the several collaboration tools, instant messaging has placed a remarkable venture in the business. The momentum of instant messaging for business has transformed from social networks to enterprise applications. From startups to Fortune 500, every business can be benefited.

Communication is the driving force behind productivity. Businesses need to communicate with customers and employees need to communicate with peers. With smartphones within arms’ reach and plenty of ubiquitous forms of electronic communication, collaboration has never been easier.

In this post, you will understand why the effective communication platform is a crucial component of getting things done.

5 Free Instant Business Messaging Apps for Linux

The number of instant business messaging apps for linux are increasing with each passing day. This post will help you in identifying the proper apps for Linux that let your team communicate seamlessly and get things done quickly.
Ever since the onset of smartphones and a remarkable slash down of internet tariffs, communication among the workers has become a breeze.

People are no longer restricted to sticking on to the staid and time-guzzling emails. Thank the geeks, the internet is now brimming with hundreds of business messaging apps with vivid features.

As the developers are not possessive about certain an audience, they made them available for all kinds of platforms and devices. A desktop companion along with the mobile counterpart comes handy when you are in no mood to work with the small mobile screens.

The Evolution of Collaboration in the Modern Workplace

The evolution of work collaboration has undergone an ocean change over the years. Read on to know how we have started and where we are now. With the dramatic enhancements in technology, the productivity and collaboration are nothing but best.

Isn’t it funny how things seem futuristic to us when they were first released into the market? Down the lane, the era of beepers and brick cell phones defines the high tech company culture.

9 Essentials Tips to Choose an internal Communications App

When it comes to internal communications, it is important to recognize how well a message is communicated rather than the message itself. The momentum in business collaborations has shifted from an enterprise social networks level to relatively instant messaging apps. Industry standards are changing and so are the available options. Employees are like to hustle if they are able to comprehend the given requirement. Hence, to aid you in not only through which you are communicating but also how you are doing it;

I am listing down the essential tips to consider while choosing an internal communication app. That medium makes your team collaborative, productive, and proactive.

3 Best Apps for Small Business and Startups vital for Entrepreneurs

Ever since Apps have found favor with entities, startups, and small business owners, the scenario of cultivating and monitoring of business-related data has become easy with technology which focuses on the harbinger of speed, security, and transparency in businesses.

The 9 Slack Alternatives To Choose From

Business, irrespective of size, must ensure to have a platform for fast and secure information flow between employees. AT the same time, it should be easy to operate as well as easy on purse strings. A team collaboration app must cater to all such requirements of the business. The competition has ensured that, precisely for the user community, with several Slack alternatives coming up with more niche features and functionalities.