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7 Questions Before Hiring a Web Development Company -

Your website gives an insight of your business to prospective customers. Their judgment about your website guides their purchasing decision. However, with so many web development companies offering their services, it becomes difficult to pick the right one.

Zero Liquid Discharge India - ZLD - Arvind Envisol

Zero Liquid Discharge India (ZLD), is a wastewater treatment process in which all wastewater is purified and recycled; therefore, leaving zero discharge at the end of the treatment cycle. - Arvind Envisol

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How Responsive Web Design Affects SEO -

Responsive web designs help websites easily adapt to the size of the visitor’s viewport. The content should appear differently depending on the screen size of the device that visitors are using so that they can have an optimal experience irrespective of where they access the website from.

Google Broad Core Algorithm Update: What is it and how to recover? -

On August 1, 2018, Google announced an update to their core algorithm which is called Broad Core Algorithm Update. Google’s Danny Sullivan announced the update on the Google Search Liaison Twitter Account. -

Best SEO Company in India -

Looking for best SEO company in India? Bonoboz is the best SEO Company in India based in Ahmedabad providing 100% organic & result oriented SEO services to our clients. -

One of the Best Social Media Marketing Companies in India -

Bonoboz is one of the best social media companies in India. We help enhance your presence, build awareness and meet your online goals through social media marketing. -

How Much You Should Spend for SEO Services-

The question that racks the mind of every business owner today is, “How much should my business invest on SEO?” As long as you choose a quality SEO services company, your decision will lead to incredible ROI. Let’s take a view of the various service payment models that are used by most SEO agencies.

4 Link Building Tools You May Not Know About -

It is links that build up a page’s authority and further improve its SEO value. Here are 4 Link Building Tools that you can use to boost your Search Engine Rankings as well as Site Traffic.

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Wordpress v/s Wix – The Ultimate Comparison -

If you are setting up your first-ever website and are deciding on what brief to give to your website designing company, here's a detailed comparison of Wordpress and Wix, and where you should really put your money.- Bonoboz

How to Choose the Right Social Media Platform for Your Business -

When done right, social media marketing can offer any business a host of benefits, including increased brand loyalty, heightened brand awareness, and better conversion rate compared to outbound methods. Choose the most appropriate social media platform to reach out to your target audience.- Bonoboz

3 Instagram Marketing Hacks For Every Business Owner Out There: thinkwidbonoboz

Are you new to Instagram? And are you looking for simple yet effective marketing hacks to promote your business? You’ve come to the right place then. Here are a few Instagram marketing hacks that the best of social media marketing companies in India will suggest to you…

5 Types of Social Media Content That Fetch Engagement -

As a brand, it is crucial to understand what kind of content resonates most with netizens. In no particular order, here are 5 types of social media content that fetch sizeable engagement and can help you with social media optimisation.

Rich Snippets: An Important and Overlooked SEO Strategy -

High-quality backlinks and good quality content are, perhaps, the most widely used strategies for good search engine rankings. There is another trick to good SEO, something that almost all beginners fail to use: Rich snippets. Bonoboz Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd

5 Ways to Improve Local Search Visibility -

As a small business, local SEO can be a powerful tool to fight against the big budgets of large corporations. How, then, can you improve your local search visibility? Here are some nifty ways.

10 Reasons Why Your Website Needs SEO Optimization – Learn Digital Marketing For Free

SEO helps you rank not only on the first page but also on the top rank of the first page organically. So, ranking on the first page of SERPs is inevitable for increasing website traffic.

5 Reasons to Hire an SEO Agency Instead of Having an In-House SEO Team -

When you hire an SEO firm for your search marketing efforts, you get an outsider's perspective into what can work to ramp up your digital presence. A lot of times, the 'outsider's perspective' can give you brilliant strategies to stand out from your competition. But there's more to it.

The Best SEO Blog Ever: Why Should Cheap SEO Packages Be Avoided

A lot of businesses have the misconception that investing in SEO is a redundant and inconvenient cost. In an attempt to save money, they choose cheap SEO services which not only waste money but also provide backlink from irrelevant websites or stuff them with as many instances of the target keyword as possible. With this, rankings may rise initially but would later lead to being penalized by Google for using black-hat SEO techniques. Which is why here are a few reasons why one should avoid cheap SEO packages.

Digital Marketing v/s Internet Marketing: What's The Difference? -

Very often, the terms 'internet marketing' and 'digital marketing' are used interchangeably. However, there is more than a difference of semantics between the two. And understanding this difference can help fine-tune your marketing strategy.

7 Things You Should Know Before Hiring a Website Designing Company in India: thinkwidbonoboz

With thousands of options around, it has become difficult to choose between companies that are simply claiming big and those that actually have value for worth. Choosing the wrong web development company can cost time as well as money. Here are a few things to keep in mind when picking a web…

Mobile-First Design: How It Affects Your Business -

Given the shift towards mobile in recent years, the search-engine giant decided to give priority to websites' mobile version. In other words, if the mobile version of your website isn't up to the mark, it will affect your search-engine ranking.

Black Hat SEO v/s White Hat SEO: Everything You Need To Know About It -

Despite the rise of social media platforms, search engine optimisation is still a thriving industry. And like every other industry, it has good and bad players- White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO.

Live Streaming Videos: Achieve Real-Time Engagement For Your Brand -

Ever since live video streaming arrived on Facebook in 2015, it has been all the rage among social media marketers, and rightly so. No other form of social media outreach enjoys the kind of popularity that live streams do. Why do live streams have such a fan-following, though?

What is E-mail Marketing: A Complete Guide -

E-mail Marketing is a digital marketing strategy that uses mail to convert leads into customers, and customers into loyal fans. Here, you will find useful tips on how to build your email list, segment it for better targeting, best practices for automated email marketing, and how to improve your email open rates.

A day in the life of a Social Media Account Manager -

Content creation might seem like the bulk of all the work that a social media account manager might do. But it is only a small part of their daily schedule. While each day is different, with its own set of challenges, here's how a typical day looks like for a social media account manager.