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Vegas-x is internet consulting and Gaming technology marketing firm specializing in the state-of-the-art 3D casino and multiplayer poker games all built on a secure, stable and scalable hi-tech gaming platform.

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What’s that? You have read both our list of the best high volatility NetEnt slots and high-variance Microgaming slots, Online Casino Software, but feel like something is missing? Don’t worry, Playtech fans, we’ve got you covered. If you wish to know which Online Casino Software by Playtech belong to the same category, sit back, relax and let us present to you top 5 high volatility Playtech slots with a bit of info on the side explaining why you should not miss out on your chance to give them a spin.

Starting with one of Playtech’s most famous Online Casino Software—the famous 25-payline underwater-themed Great Blue slot. This is a regular favorite in the world of online casinos gambling for several reasons, one of which is the fact there are built wilds wherever you look. Moreover, the Free Spin round comes with some new features, such as the probability of getting a staggering x15 multiplier.

The game’s widely known as a resilient slot as it can devour your money, but if you have enough time, naturally, and patience cash on your hands, there is a good chance you could be hitting the huge bucks. Then once the video slot has paid out, trust us—you won’t be unable to stop raving about it.

Here is another Playtech slot worth your while. This one highlights the majestic black panther and is fittingly named the Panther Moon slot. Why should you give this video slot a go? For beginners, it’s provided with 15 paylines, wilds and 15 Free Spins with an x3 multiplier. Online Casino Software

However, what is even more astonishing is the fact the Free Spin feature can be re-triggered an unspecified number of times, which in turn means—yep, you have guessed it—you can technically win an infinite amount of Free Spins!

So, we have just been underwater and explored the hidden wisdom of the jungle—now it’s time to get some sun in the center of bright sunshiny Africa. The perfect video slot for such a test is Playtech’s 15-payline Safari Heat slot.

If you are lucky adequate, you might be snagging a massive jackpot of 9,000 coins. Additionally, you can always hit the Free Spins round where you’ll be getting 15 Free Spins at an x3 multiplier. Another three scatters, and additional 15 Free Spins will be yours! Just like it’s the case with the Panther Moon slot, you could be snatching Free Spins in this way until the end of time. Or, you know, something to that extent. Online Casino Software

Now here’s a slot that’s genuinely famous among players seeking the thrill of high volatility—the Captain’s Treasure Pro slot. If you’re a fan of Novomatic’s mega-popular Book of Ra Deluxe slot, you’ll dig what Captain’s Treasure Pro has to offer.

You can hit Free Spins with a mystery scatter, which is merely a regular symbol randomly chosen to act as a spread. Pure or not, it has been known to bring huge wins at online casinos, especially as Free Spins can once again be won indefinitely. Online Casino Software

Some would say that the Marilyn Monroe video slot is related to the previously discussed and eternally famous Great Blue video slot. With the glaring difference, though—the case it features one of the greatest and beloved figures of the 20th century.

Here’s what you are going to love about this slot: the re-triggerable Free Spins and an excellent bonus game, Backstage Bonus, where you get more Free Spins, multipliers and collected wins. You could end up with 45 Free Spins with an x10 multiplier on the amount! Plus, as we said, you can re-trigger more Free Spins, which can rise to a significantly large sum. Online Casino Software

As these are all high-variance slots, you should and can expect dry spells. However, do not let that discourage you! If you are like to give them a go, huge wins could be waiting right around the corner, so why not head to your favorite online casinos right now and see if you have got what it takes? Make sure to share your experience with these mobile and Online Casino Software with us at our forum and tell us which of these slots appeared to be the luckiest one for you.



Let’s face it: if you have been gambling for quite long at all, you have had your downs and ups. It’s all part of the Online Casino Software game. But over the last ten years, we have found that the best gamblers are the ones who have the most fun. So we have put our energies together with the help of our excellent Online Casino Software forum to come up with our ultimate guide to being the best gambler you can be: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Gamblers.

Gambling is wildly fun. I mean, we love it. There is nothing in this system that gives you a rush like pursuing a jackpot – or even better, hitting it. But like they say, time flies when you are having pleasure, and it’s easy to get taken away.

That is why developing self-control is so necessary. Restraint was the #1 suggestion offered by our forum. Being a good gambler means keeping a level head. That doesn’t mean you cannot have fun: hell, sometimes throwing caution to the wind for one big spin can be a good thrill. But focus on keeping it fun. Online Casino Software

Always know how long you have been playing. Keep attention on your bankroll. Remember: you are buying fun, so choose how much you want to spend before you get excited. Don’t let the slots or the tables trick you into feeding them more than you want to.

We have found that the best gamblers treat playing at an Online Casino Software like going out to a movie or attending a concert. It’s entertainment. So make sure you are being treated! You wouldn’t force yourself to watch a bad video, so why shouldn’t that logic apply to online casinos, too? If it ceases being fun or you start thinking frustrated at a game, taking a break is the quickest thing you can do.

Every earlier in a while, pause and ask yourself: “If I gained big right now, would I think ‘Yay!!!’ or ‘About time…­’?”

A big part of self-control is handling your cash. You cannot ever overcome the house edge, but you can use several tactics to limit how much you lose because of it. And when you stay inside your own rules, having fun is a lot simpler.

Unless you are playing on an Online Casino Software bonus, never forget that the money in front of you is always yours. If you let yourself think that you’re playing with the house’s capital after a win, all your winning stories will turn into “shoulda, woulda, coulda” stories.

A lot of Online Casino Software have various ways to help you keep track of your cash. Many offer deposit limits to restrict you from going over a budget. Some even have wagering and time limits to restrict you from spending too much in one session. But these conclusions can only do so much!

In the top, it all comes down to making commands for yourself and sticking to them. Some gamblers like using a percentage rule for deciding how much to bet. For example, 0.5% to 1% of your bankroll on each spin of a slot, or no more than 10% of your bankroll on a hand of blackjack. Another way is to set a limit on how many bets you will make before you take a rest. It’s all just about getting the most out of your cash.

One of the most powerful ways to keep gambling fun is to decide what you are hoping for. Yes, everyone wants to catch the Mega Fortune jackpot, but keep it practical. Do you want to double your salary? Triple it? Quadruple it, or maybe even more? Just remember the higher your goal, the less likely you will be able to reach it.

This is the single best thing you can do to make yourself a frequent winner, but there is a catch: you have to stick to it. Once you hit your win goal, stop playing immediately. It’s simple to keep playing until suddenly you’re below your target again, and things can only go downhill from there. The Online Casino Software isn’t going to go anywhere, so enjoy your win and play another day again!

Not everyone can win the jackpot. Vegas was not made by winners, as they say, and the same works for Online Casino Software. The best players understand this. Gaming should be about getting as much activity as you can from your money. Play what you enjoy and learn how to play that game as high as you can. Suppose to lose, but use plan and goal setting to give yourself an excellent opportunity of coming out on top.

If you find yourself performing with the goal of “ea­rni­ng” extra cash, stop now. We’d suggest looking at our forum for some tips about preventing a gambling problem as well. If your gambling starts negatively meddling with your life, seek help.

Chasing needs never end well. Ever. If there is one element you should not do in an Online Casino Software, it’s losing your cool.

Be patient. You can’t choose when the games start paying out. If you lose your entire gambling budget way faster than you planned, you have to stop. Reconsider how you bet and think about playing more conservatively in the future. Or chalk it up to an unlucky day. It occurs to all of us.

If you proceed to “play,” it won’t be fun. There are only two words that can happen:

-You lose way more than you planned for.

-You win the money back and get in the manner of chasing losses instead of having fun.

So, for your interest, do not put yourself in that position. If you find yourself following losses, take a rest from gambling.

No matter what your game of preference is, flexibility is critical. It’s evident if you are a poker player: you have to keep an eye on the other players to know your chances of winning. But being alert and making money when needed is required even if you play video slots and table games.

For example, games can change. Some casinos might adjust the rules or add new variations of existing games. Take a moment to look those up and discover them. You might find that, with a proper strategy, these new games are an even greater choice!

Flexibility is also essential for making the most of promotions. Make sure you always read through the rules thoroughly before you decide how to play. Think about what games and strategies will give you the best chance of winning, particularly when it comes to races and contests. Planning out your play and making changes along the way can help.

We want to thank our forum and all the other contributors who helped us develop the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Gamblers. Keep these tips in mind the next time you play, and you’ll be well on your way to being the best gambler you can be.

Of course, there is always more to learn. If you’d like to share your tips for being a better gambler, we’re all ears! Just leave a comment below or join the forum discussion.



Ever felt like fate’s set its back on you, causing an unusually dry Online Casino Software spell? Well, what if your lucky stars might not be at fault? You could just be playing the wrong game! Possibilities are your personality is changed to an entirely different Online Casino Software game and, for this reason, or that, you have just never given it a shot. We believe different kinds of players would benefit from different types of Online Casino Software games, from online slots to baccarat—all you have to do is find out which category you belong to!

All right, let’s face it; if you are a risk taker, you undoubtedly already know this bit of info about yourself as it’s not just restricted to Online Casino Software—it is reflected in many other spheres of your life, too! Heck, you have already gone skydiving or started your own business even after everyone told you it would be the opposite move in this economy.

Although, when it comes to Online Casino Software gambling specifically, certain games are just more fitted for you than the others. If you’re the kind of person who knows all the risks and still gets excited at the prospect of taking them on, then you can be sure progressive slots, keno games, and craps are your cup of tea. Mug of whiskey? Glass of schnapps? Whatever feels like a more significant challenge.

This one’s pretty honest, as well. If you are competitive, you are going to want to play against others—simple as that. The best approach to cater to your competitiveness? Join in different tournaments or a good ol’ game of poker in both land-based and Online Casino Software.

If you are the best of the bunch, you are the winner. If you are second best, you are the loser. That’s how it is with poker. In tournaments, if you win more than your fellow members, you progress to the next round. If you follow to earn less, you are out. It’s exciting, perfect and ambitious for you, o’ competitive one!

Moving on to the flashy guy, the kind that takes pride in gambling and makes a show of it. Picture a well-dressed gambler, sleek, refined and flaunting their money for everyone to see. Has a bit James Bond to them. Recognize yourself in the description? Let’s face it, only the classiest of games are for you. Pick freely between baccarat, blackjack, and craps put those stacks of confidence to good use and make the best of your chances!

Always wanting to try something new, both in life and when it comes to gambling? Can you never stay too long in one place? When it comes to table games, you could find that Let It Ride, Caribbean Stud Poker and Three Card Poker were made for you.

Otherwise, you cannot go inside with online slots. They come in all sizes and shapes, so your thirst for freshness will never solely be quenched. Just hit your favorite Online Casino Software and enjoy the ride knowing there will always be something exciting and new on the horizon!

Okay, we have looked at the flamboyant, loud types; the aggressively motivated gamblers who like to be surrounded with rivals; the restless ones who keep searching for something new; and the adventurous risk-takers who seek the thrill in everything they do, including gambling, which finally brings us to you, insightful lone wolves. You are not an outsider, oh no! You appreciate your alone time.

In the gambling world, you like things going at your own pace, listening to your inner beat, without anyone rushing you or messing with your zone with their constant yakking. You already know where this is going—straight to video poker. If, on top of everything, you are insightful and like analyzing gambling strategies, you can devote your time to learning everything there is about this game and try using that knowledge to your advantage!

Usually, some categories will overlap, and the lines are not always so clear. With that in mind, do you agree with our decisions? Does your preference for Online Casino Software games match your personality? Don’t be shy; feel free to share your gambling expertise and how your habits and characteristics have so far affected your gaming choices.

Moreover, if you’re not sure which type of casino gambler you are, why not take the test at our forum and see for yourself? It will only need a few minutes of your time and, who knows, it might change your gambling ways—and result­s!—­for­ever!



A whole host of currencies in the world and sometimes there is only one of them available at your chosen Online Casino Software. So, what happens when you run into a casino that does not accept your favored currency? Do you know which currency benefits are usually available at online casinos and how much that affects you as a player? All that and more on the head of currencies at online casinos awaits you in today’s blog edition.

How does it all begin? Usually, when first opening an account in an online casino, you will be asked to select the wanted currency to use for withdrawing and depositing.

Several casinos will not make you change your main currency down the line, so always check which money you are about to select during registration.

From that moment on, you will be conducting all your casino deals in the currency you have first selected. This is necessary to bear in mind as some casinos will not let you become your first money down the line, so always double – nay, triple check – which currency you are about to select.

Let’s move on to the most accepted currencies at Online Casino Software. The top three would most surely be the Euro, UK pound, and US dollar. As for the number one spot? Slightly a few years ago the most strong currency at online casinos was the United States dollar, but lately, however, the Euro has taken over as the number one free currency right in the majority of online casinos all over the world.

If Euro, the whole one available currency right in most Online Casino Software all over the world, is your chosen currency, you should most likely be light.

So, if your currency of choice appears to be the Euro, you should be fine most of the time (albeit not always). Fortunately, you can always check the currency options in our casino reviews’ features and eschew the conundrum.

Sometimes casinos will ‘force’ you to deposit and withdraw cash in just the one given currency. Be advised that it may turn out to be a much more pricey choice in the long run, mainly as there most possible will be additional conversion fees while you are using the offered currency to your preferred one. That is precisely the idea you should always attempt to find online casinos that provide coins of your option or at least money you are comfortable playing with.

If you are looking for multi-currency Online Casino Software, usually you can’t go opposite with Microgaming casinos, NetEnt casinos and, say, Playtech casinos. Still, as we stated, it’s always recommended to check beforehand so that there would not be any offensive surprises. Better safe than cheap, right?

What is your involvement with currencies at online casinos? Ever run into trouble, chose the wrong money and they were unable to change it later? Tell us all about your thoughts on the matter at our forum – we are always there for you.



Have you ever caught the terms like ‘variance’ or ‘volatility’ in combination with online casino software? If you have been part of the world of gaming for a while, you must have; however, new players will most definitely be confused when first faced with ‘high volatility slots’ or ‘low variance slots.’ To subdue your confusion to zero, we have decided to devote an entire blog post to online casino software slot volatility and all things associated to slot variance.

To light off, let’s establish slot variance. To make it as plastic as possible, we can relate the word to ‘risk’ or more precisely ‘risk factor.’ So, if a slot is supposed to be a low variance slot, it usually means that it pays out often, but in fewer amounts. In other words, such online slots are low-risk slots.

If a slot is supposed to be a low variance slot, it usually means that it pays out often, but in fewer amounts.

On the other side, if a slot is said to be a high variance slot, then it’s been recognized to reward players with more massive jackpots, but not as frequently. Risk factor? Higher. But so are the payouts.

High variance slots, on the other side, reward members with more significant wins, but not as often.

Luckily, you can choose slots for your preferences, tastes, and budgets. That’s why you should always question yourself what variety of slots would be a good stroke for you and give them a turn in fun mode, before continuing to the real deal.

Say you’re in the mood for more extended sessions where you may capture smaller wins usually – you must go for low variance slots. Undoubtedly, the rewards are more straightforward, but at least fun is promised – mainly if you are on a budget. Some of the most popular low volatility slots combine the Blood Suckers slot, Starburst slot, Aloha! Cluster Pays slot – to name a few.

Still, remember that even low variance slots may not pay out as often as you want them to; after all, all slot outcomes are arbitrary, and you can’t know what’s going to happen and when.

Still, many gamblers will much instead turn to the so-called high volatility slots as their primary goal is the big bucks. Be advised, though; such online slots have more frequently than not been described as fairly frustrating.

So, if you are goal-driven, patient, and dreaming of those vast jackpots, these slots are more your cup of tea. The most popular volatile slots include the likes of the Dead or Alive slot, Gonzo’s Quest slot, Piggy Riches slot and Thunderstruck slot.

Ultimately, as we said, it all boils down to personal preferences and budget limitations. Either way, we hope you will be landing victories at online casino software right and left, no matter what variety of online casino software slots you go for.

In the meantime, come to our forum and tell us whether you usually go for low volatility or high volatility slots – it’s a subject that never ceases to be engaging!



Online casino software providers and companies are doing their best today to attract as many casino players as possible, and since the competition is severe, the best thing to do is to follow which online casinos offer the most excellent gaming products and bonuses, in the effort to reach a large number of gamblers daily. If you’re looking to begin an online casino software business, you should know about the secrets of other online casino software operators who made it high in the industry.

When people play online casino software games of luck and skill, they are taking a risk which online casino software understand, and always look to keep players getting back for more. If you want to become an online casino operator, by now, you’ve most certainly learned that casinos lead to make huge profits, no matter how much some players win. Casinos are built to offer games that are tilted in the house’s favor, and who are we to say that this is wrong? Players come to online casinos for entertainment, and some of them manage to make small fortunes, but the fact is that the majority of gamblers end up losing money in the long term.

How is this possible you may ask? Well, it’s never about the casino using methods to cheat, but there are some deals that casinos rightfully use to keep as much of their money as possible while having protection devices which are created to catch any player who’s trying to cheat.

  1. GAMES THAT HAVE A HIGHER HOUSE EDGE It’s a known truth that almost any game you’ll find at an online or land-based casino is generally tilted in the house’s service. Even so, any games are going to make gamblers lose more money. There are certain games which have been created from the beginning to keep members from winning.

Some of the most common casino games are, as we know, baccarat, blackjack, craps or roulette, but there are also lots of games known as “carnival games” which have high house advantages. In this category we would include games such as Three-card Blackjack Ultimate, Poker, Let it Ride or Caribbean Stud, and many slots which have high house advantages, meaning that the house wins in the long run. Even so, players are regularly hypnotized by the bigger payouts of these games, sometimes even 250-to-1, but eventually, they end up losing more.

Like so, it’s an interesting idea to add similar games to your online casino once you have decided to start your online gaming business. Players are always looking for a variety of casino games, and if the rules of these games are similar to the classics, it will be easy for them to learn the rules and play.

  1. GETTING PLAYERS TO KEEP PRESSING SPIN Engaging members’ senses is one of the most practical and shared strategies that online casinos use to keep players gambling. Online casino games that attract players are created with high-quality graphics and exciting sound effects, which are meant to entertain players and give them that feeling of everything happening fast, while also being exciting.

Even if in land-based casinos it’s much easier to use such strategies by offering alcoholic drinks, food, and even complimentary rooms, the online casino world can be just as attractive for players who are looking for fun.

The visual and audio appeal of games is a factor that stimulates players’ thoughts, so when you open an online casino business, take a good look at the games that you buy. Animated games with figures that pop up on the screen or are followed by short videos, sound effects which give that feeling of gaining and an animated background will add to the excitement of players.

It has been precisely proved that both visual and audio effects influence players’ behaviors by offering a satisfying feeling after a win happens. Even so, many times, the victory can be smaller than the bet, but those sounds and enticing effects are still there, so players think they win more instead of losing.

  1. THE FEELING OF NEARLY WINNING When you play a casino game and almost win that big prize, nothing gets your adrenaline pumping than that feeling of nearly taking the money from the online casino. You know that it’s almost time to win big, and you keep on playing, right? Like so, online casino games, no matter if they’re slots, table games or any other type, are designed to payout small wins in the short term, but in a long time, they make more from online casino players.

Let’s take the example of slot machines, which continuously deliver small payouts while the symbols on the screen seem always to get closer to forming that winning line which provides the big jackpot. Don’t you feel inspired when you see you’re one lucky or cherry seven symbols away from the prize? So what do you do? You keep playing, of course.

In blackjack, winning hands give players the feeling that they can continue to gain, but the house edge always pounds away at their bankroll, and there goes all the members’ money. Other games such as craps provide players a feeling of power, since rolling the dice could seem like you have a personal influence on the outcome. It’s just luck sometimes, but you can’t beat the game in the long run.

  1. FREE CREDITS AND BONUSES Anything that’s free will always ensure that players feel better about coming back to your online casino software. It’s much simpler to attract players with freebies in land-based casinos – you can offer drinks, food, coupons and other reduced or free services, which make them feel like they have gained something even if they haven’t won anything.

Since we’re in the online gaming world and there’s nothing we can do to send players free drinks or food, the next best thing is to offer free credits and special bonuses. Regarding gifts, there are many different ones that you can offer. There is a lot of competition on the online gaming scene among online casino operators, each of them trying to provide the best bonuses.

There are three kinds of bonuses that any reputable online casino should offer: welcome bonus, no deposit bonus, and multiple deposit bonus. The Welcome Bonus is awarded when players sign-up at your online casino, even before playing their first game. It’s designed to attract players to take a look at what your casino has to offer. The No Deposit bonus is also used as an acquisition tool by online casino gaming businesses. When this type of reward is awarded, players get credits without having to make a deposit now or in the future, but they can’t withdraw it straight back to their bank. With this amount of money, they have to play games at your casino for a certain amount of times before being released to cash out.

  1. OFFERING PROGRESSIVE JACKPOT GAMES It’s almost always proved that playing network growing jackpot slots cost more than the non-progressive versions. The massive prize that can be obtained by players who scored the jackpot is made from a tiny commission of every bet placed on every regular slot of the casino software provider. Usually, for progressive jackpot slots, there is a least wager required, which is larger than the bet for non-progressive jackpot slots.

Jackpot games are also promoted as games which offer prizes that change some people’s lives thanks to the grand prizes provided by the online casinos. All casinos where players have won jackpots boast about the amounts that they have granted to players. The larger the number, the more players are willing to play that casino game, hoping that they’ll hit the jackpot as well.



A significant amount of investors think an internet cafe software and sweepstakes software as a business they can earn good profits. This is right. Video slots can bring real incomes and benefits. The only thing you have to worry about is the proper choice of the software to make them run. In this case, studying the full range of the online casino software, internet cafe software, and sweepstakes software providers is a weary thing. The slots managed in a sweepstakes cafe differ by different characteristics.

2WinPower specialists provide a chance to buy the casino software from the business leaders. A variety of critical vital features distinguishes Their software.

The brief analysis shows that those providers who are focused on the development of recognizable storyline themes, high-quality design, enhanced functionality and advanced bonus options achieve the most significant success. And here their advances are presented.

Internet cafe and sweepstakes software providers: the industry leaders

The list presented below gives top 7 best internet sweepstakes software providers which results are worthy to be used for your gaming cafe stuff.

  1. NOVOMATIC Novomatic is, undoubtedly, the leader between the internet sweepstakes software providers. Their Gaminator slots have amazingly grown in reputation due to the high quality and impressive graphics. The recognizable themes make the company’s products clearly distinguished among other slots. Great natural interface, perfect functionality, and great rewards make gaming beautiful and desirable for users.

The most popular Novomatic slot game is called Book of Ra.

The storyline is based on Egyptian theme background. Pharaoh, scarabaei and the Book of Ra represent the theme core of the slot game. The Book of Ra provides two choices together. It plays both for a wild and for a scatter. Three books in one line activate ten free spins. It is not only easy to play it, but also easy to win, and this is the particular feature of this game.

  1. PLAYTECH The Playtech is generally considered to provide the top products used by online casino software. The same as Novomatic, Playtech is also deemed to be one among the leading internet sweepstakes software providers.

Jackpots are developed to make user’s gaming activities fun and comfortable. The straightforward interface and eye-catching design provide the ultimate perfectness. The extended range of games, gaming customization opportunities, advanced payment systems, familiar themes of slots contribute to the value of software products provided by Playtech.

The well-known game of Playtech is Gladiator, based on the eponymous movie.

The slot is looking with its realistic adaptation. The fans of the movie will enjoy the jackpots and useful bonuses.

  1. AMATIC The company’s activity is focused on producing high-quality systems designed for land-based gaming clubs and online casinos. The software made by Amatic includes roulette and tabletop games as well as sports betting.

The outstanding design and perfect functional characteristics enable Amatic to be well-placed in the gambling business today. Hard work of Amatic professionals resulted in the rapid and significant increase in the company’s product sales.

Admiral Nelson is a thematic slot developed by Amatic, dedicated to the legendary naval commander.

The plot elements are represented by cards, thematic icons, and bonuses. The game has multilanguage and straightforward accessible interface.

  1. MICROGAMING Among the other internet sweepstakes software providers, Microgaming is recognized for being a pioneer in launching casino slots online. As of that time, the Internet was only undergrowth, and the company succeeded in pushing forward their innovative activities. Since then, Microgaming has designed almost a thousand games.

To optimize the approach to the gaming development, Microgaming has designed Viper, its established tool. The company provides reliable operation of the servers with high-security level. All required multicurrency payment systems are correspondingly integrated. An extensive network of bonuses and jackpots is an issue of particular interest.

The slot game Jurassic Park is one of the best efforts of Microgaming.

As it has the individual atmospheric character of the iconic movie, the users can get the full impression of it. The game presents the increased number of the bonus rounds and multipliers.

  1. EGT The industry specialists and the average users know this company very well due to its high-quality developments. Even though the company was founded only two decades ago, it has acquired a vast professional experience during this period.

Its slots have a unique character; games are mixed merely into all platforms. This is the reason the clients grant the company the highest level of trustworthiness.

One of the top EGT products is the game Rise of Ra.

The Egyptian storyline shows the natural, exciting animation effects with the original graphics and sound. The jackpot option can be activated at any moment during the gameplay.

  1. NETENT NetEnt has been known for performing its innovative ideas. Its established video slots catch the awareness of every user. The live casino developed by the NetEnt increase rich amount of interest. Perfect harmony of online games with smartphones and tablets as well as many other features with any difficulties indicate the highest level of company expertise.

The slot Wild Turkey is an example of another gorgeous creation.

The atmospheric storyline attracts, making a game an exciting pleasure. The slot has its particular interface customized with a set of corresponding tools.

  1. IGROSOFT Igrosoft has dedicated its effort to making gaming slots exciting and funny. Impressive graphics combined with high functionality presents good product. Easy installing slots, recognizable themes, bonuses and jackpots and other advantages are reasonable ground for a significant investment.

Their best slot, Crazy Monkey, has been adapted based on its original version of the traditional one-armed bandit.

It provides the proprietary gaming panel, which is natural and intuitive even for an entirely inexperienced user and has the great storyline.

If you have any questions regarding the internet sweepstakes software providers, do not hesitate to contact Vegas-x specialists. You will receive the best support and advanced consulting.

With our assistance, purchasing the software for your internet gaming club will become a comfortable and enjoyable thing, as you see all your investments paid back within the shortest time.



Are you passionate player for sweepstakes software? If true, you must be looking for the ways that can help you win exciting prizes. Well, winning outstanding awards is a dream of every online game player. Gamers visit local internet cafe software and sweepstakes software cafes for games to play thrilling games and win desired prizes.

But the difficulty arises when most of the people bypass entering contests. Because they feel they will nevermore win as they are unlucky. But they neglect luck is only the poorest and least important part of winning incredible prizes.

To consistently win sweepstakes, you will have to follow various tactics or techniques.

Let’s discuss some of the essential things here:

Entering sweepstakes software can be quite frustrating for you if you do not have patience. Your luck will leave your accompany if you do not play patiently or calmly. For example, when you enter sweepstakes software for the first day, it will normally take a while for you to be informed for your success. Because all the records must be verified, your prize must be drawn, and your supporter has to get in touch with you before you get a notification that you have won.

And each of these tasks can take weeks or months. Patience is not only crucial for your first win, but also for the successful game players who are winning a full range of players.

If you are not stable enough, playing casino games online won’t be happy for you and winning remarkable prizes will also become difficult for you.

Roboform and Texter are two programs that are very necessary when it comes to entering sweepstakes. Roboform can save your entry information so that you don’t have to type it by hands, which is quite dull and slow. And Texter enables you to make a way for long text snippets. Texter also works with Flash sweepstakes software that can significantly speed up your entry.

Most essential, Texter does not work with the most current Windows versions. So, for this, you can try TextExpander for Mac, or PhraseExpress for Windows search for a text expansion program.

If you want to enter more sweepstakes, you should not waste your time with your entry forms. This does not mean that you should do everything in a hurry. If you are entering for the first time, you must follow the necessary rules. Secondly, visiting sponsors’ websites is also a good idea if they have interesting products.

But still, you have to make a fast approach to get prizes at the time.

One of the essential tips to win is not to enter every open contest. At a time, there can be various sweepstakes to come, but taking the valid one will do numerous.

When you play online casino games with sweepstakes software, you will have to also adjust on the prizes. Ask one thing about yourself always. Is it the prize that I want to get? Am playing the right Sweepstakes for my desired prize?

Don’t go for such contests that do not provide prizes of your choice. You will waste your time.

Keep these up points in memory and make your game thrilling.



The world is filled with beliefs and myths. It doesn’t matter where you live or what you do; some myths will always be there about some things. Also, when it comes to playing the real prize winning sweepstakes software games online, numerous legends remains in the head.

Want to know those myths? Are you eager to find out the truth? Well, you are in the right place.

You can win Instantly|

People who join sweepstakes software game online often try to beat the game and win the prize instantly. In fact, some may even think that the more quickly they win the closer they get to the award. But, factually it’s not true. The winner is usually chosen based on time spent on the software despite the result game results. It doesn’t mean how high you score in the game if you are the first player to play the game after the winning, the possibilities of getting the prize money are best. So, instead of trying to win the game quickly focus on staying in the game as far as possible.

You might have overheard people saying that if the contact number is unavailable or have no message, they are scammer or telemarketer for sure. Nevertheless, things are. Things are not what they usually seem. You would be amazed that to know that even the winner s have received the winning call without any official ID from the sponsors. However, there are many cases that it is not possible to reach the contestant through a phone call, in fact, many people just put the wrong number in the contact field while registering for the sweepstakes software. So, never trust what you hear, give the exact amount to the sponsors, and only right calls are what you will get.

Some people commonly mistake their possible win with the real victory. While playing the gamer, you might have seen an instant flash with the message of ‘congratulations’ appearing on the screen. That is the potential winning message. The actual winning message comes with a pop-up with the official report that you have won the competition. The underline is that it’s better to get started and to tell everyone about your win only when you got the official notification with the amount as well.

Do you ever think that the sponsors are just faking with you and they don’t want to give you the money? Nodding your head? Well, to tell you, it’s not only you who thinks the same, many people have this perception that sponsors are greedy. But the budget including the prizes come from the company’s marketing budget not from sponsor’s pocket. One way or another, this is how the company have put their money into the game already. The bottom line is, the company is gaining by spending their money on the sweepstakes games online not just draining it away.

Therefore, instead of wondering about all these myths, forget them and focus on your game. This is the single way you can get closer to the winning in every possible way.



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