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We advise on designing & restructuring employees benefit schemes, management of trust funds, payroll management & arranging valuation of employee benefit.

We advise on designing & restructuring employees benefit schemes, management of trust funds, payroll management & arranging valuation of employee benefit.

Payroll Management India

Charan Gupta Consultant Pvt Ltd is an acclaimed actuarial service provider. The company offers invaluable advice on designing and restructuring of employees benefit schemes, managing of trust funds, handling payroll management, arranging valuation of employee benefits.

Employee Benefits India

All the benefit amounts calculated above (proportion of projected benefit and unit benefit) are applicable as at the date of Employees retirement from service. In order to determine their values (i.e. Actuarial Liability and Normal Cost, respectively) the benefit amounts need to be discounted for interest (time-value of money) and mortality.

Actuarial companies India

The company, Charan Gupta Consultants Private Limited has high-profile clients like government, private corporations, semi-government entities, multinational organizations. The company has a team of hard-working and experienced actuaries and they helped to enhance the popularity of the company in countries like Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and India.

Actuarial valuation of gratuity India

What are the factors that will have an impact on the actuarial valuation of gratuity liability? What will be the magnitude of this impact? How will the gratuity liability impacted if the government increases gratuity limit to Rs 20 lakhs?

These are questions about the actuarial valuation of gratuity which almost every company’s management team wants to know, but probably get to know only after the year-end valuation. Many companies have expressed a need to know what the year-end position is expected to be so they can take a corrective action, if needed.

Actuarial companies India

Being one of the pioneer names in the actuarial business, CGC has garnered enough popularity as well as credibility over the last 2 years. With their employment benefit schemes, payroll and trust fund management, risk assessing for insurance they can offer you the best service in the industry. So, choose the best and never look back again.

Actuarial valuation of gratuity Delhi

Charan Gupta Consultants is a leading actuary firm in Delhi,providing various companies with their payroll management, risk assessing and financial reports services. Join them to learn from the market leaders. You don’t have to look back again.

Actuarial valuation of gratuity Mumbai

The role of Human Resources is crucial in protecting employee health and safety. Usually, just HR divisions don’t facilitate every bit of employee wellness. As such, managers should use all conceivable assets to bring about and maintain wellbeing and safety guidelines for an organization.

Actuarial valuation of gratuity Chennai

An actuarial valuation is a mathematical analysis performed using various inputs and assumptions in order to estimate a future liability or asset as of a different point in time, typically at the company’s year-end date.

Leave encashment actuarial valuation India

When we talk abou employee benefits there are many things come in our mind liek leave encashment, graduity, post retirement plan, pension scheme etc. Liability is generally required to the value for the liability and expense which will because of gratuity and leave encashment that will be beneficial for the employees.

Pension Funds India

A pension/superannuation is a contract for a fixed sum or index linked to be paid regularly to a person, typically following retirement from service. There are many different types of pensions, including defined benefit plans, defined contribution plans and hybrid plans. The terms retirement plan and superannuation refer to a pension granted upon retirement of the individual. Retirement plans may be set up by employers, insurance companies, the government or other institutions such as employer associations or trade unions.

Actuarial companies Delhi

The job of an actuary is full of responsibility. Actuarial requirements include employee database, it includes proper selection of assumptions. The assumptions are required to be decided by the management or the actuary or it has to be decided upon consultation with the actuary. Other requirements include basic company information. The actuary requires making certain financial assumptions as well as demographic assumptions.

Actuarial Valuation of Leave Encashment

This content focuses on how retired persons can make money. This content discusses about the current annuity products and how effective are they in providing the right income solution to aged people. In this context it is important to say that the India’s workforce is aging. Many who have joined the workforce decades ago are expected to retire in the coming years.

Employee Healthcare

Today an organization understands that employees are its possessions. A good organization is always recognized by its behavior and benefits. Nowadays enterprises organize parties, competitions, celebration, salary raise, promotions, free meals; incentives on a larger base.

Employment Scheme

Charan Gupta Consultant Pvt Ltd is an acclaimed actuarial service provider. The company offers invaluable advice on designing and restructuring of employees benefit schemes, managing of trust funds, handling payroll management, arranging valuation of employee benefits. The company was established in the year 1972 and since then it is providing high-quality actuarial services to its clients. Charan Gupta Consultants Pvt Ltd has its own website where it highlights the services it offers to its customers. The website highlights the company information, the company services and the company team. Clients or customers can contact the business using the contact information to avail services like calculation of employee gratuity liability, leave encashment services, settlement allowances, evaluation and estimation of retirement benefits, evaluation of interest valuations, evaluating employee pensions.

Retirement Schemes | Retirement Benefits | Retirement Schemes in India | Retirement Policy in India

These medical benefits are provided to employees after their retirement to aid them in their medical expenses. Although these benefits are mostly employer-paid, retired employees often share in the cost of these benefits through co-payments, payment of deductibles and making employee contributions to the plan when required.

Payroll management meaning

If your business has one or more employees, you should have a payroll management system in place. An automatic payroll process helps you comply with legal and tax requirements and simplifies the process of paying your employees.

Employee benefits in Noida

The Indian Labor Laws have numerous provisions that safeguard employee interests. Gaining an understanding of your rights as an employee is a stepping stone to properly securing them. Here’s a list of 3 rights that are admissible to every employee in India The all-important written employment agreement This legal document contains all the terms and…

Actuarial companies Mumbai

Charan Gupta Consultants Pvt. Ltd offers a range of actuarial services to its clients or customers. It helps companies with solutions to more than one queries pertaining to employee benefits. The solutions offered by the Charan Gupta Consultants Pvt. Ltd are trustworthy and reliable. The business offers its customers with evaluation of employee gratuities, deal with leave encashment liability, evaluation of post- retirement benefits, medical benefits and evaluation of employee pensions. While making different actuarial calculations the business makes certain assumptions. These assumptions can be broadly classified under two components a) Financial b) Demographic.

Leave Encashment India

In the event of retirement or in case of resignation from the job, the actuarial valuation of leave encashment and the applicable tax exemption criteria are described below.

The dole of leave encashment is sanctioned to a government employee. This amount, although falls under the Income Tax Act, yet it’s fully exempted from tax liability under section 10 (10AA) (i).
By the same token, the non-government employees are also eligible for this benefit. Here also, the amount is tax deductible and either partially or fully free from deduction based on specific cases as per section 10 (10AA) (ii).
In the case of a non-government employee, at the time of retirement, leave encashment calculation of the accumulated leaves will be contingent on the following stipulations.
    A cash payout equivalent to the number of not availed leaves based on a maximum one month leave period every year during the time the service is rendered.
    A fixed amount designated by the Government equal to 10 times the average monthly salary.
    The exact amount of leave encashment actually received after retirement.
Actuarial companies India

There are actuarial companies spread across the length and breadth of the country. Just like, one can find actuaries and companies dealing with measurement of risks and uncertainties of businesses in the financial capital of the country, Mumbai, similarly, there are Actuarial companies in Bangalore as well. Numerica is one of the very well known actuarial company in Bangalore.

Actuarial companies Hyderabad

Taking into consideration the leave schemes that go through a process of valuation, actuarial companies in India resort to sundry methods in evaluating and executing the accounting of leaves according to their prudence and assessment. The methods which these companies put to use diverge in the ways these leaves are categorized, valued and revealed.

6 Key Things about Attrition Assumption in Actuarial Valuation - CHARAN GUPTA CONSULTANTS PVT. LTD.

The considerations that apply to the method to set employee attrition rate have marked similarity to the ones for salary revision. Most importantly, in both scenarios, the assumptions reveal the expectancy of the future, unknown experience.

Actuarial companies India

Per year, an amount equal to 8.33% of basic remunerations can be repaid into as a gratuity fund or tax-deductible expense. Actuarial companies Pune and other state follow the same percentage.

Actuarial companies Hyderabad

The actuarial companies in India or Overseas provide segment wise systematic solutions such as- risk-management, actuarial services, statistical,etc.