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Greenhills Nursery Ltd

Greenhills nursery offers a wide range of quality hedging plants and trees available for UK nationwide supply. Trees and plants are exported to other European countries as well. We are in business since 1947 and active online from 2004 onwards.

Best Garden Plants and Trees Nursery In UK | Greenhills Nursery Ltd London

Greenhills nursery offers a wide range of quality hedging plants and trees available for UK nationwide supply. Trees and plants are exported to other European countries as well.

Get Online Best Quality Plants and Trees | Pleached Maple

Shop online best quality of plants, fruit trees, bamboo & grasses, hedging & whips, shrubs & climbers, and topiary plants, etc. at reasonable rates.

Contact Greenhills Nursery Ltd London | Best Fruit Trees Nursery In UK

Greenhills nursery is the best fruit trees nursery in UK. Please feel free to browse our web shop. Contact us by calling on 02081449907 or email, if you have questions or need any assistance.

September Tips for Your Gardening Calendar – Greenhills Nursery

When we are talking about a country like the UK, the month of September brings lots of changes to it. As we bid farewell to the summer breeze and glazing sun, this is the perfect time to visit…

Types of Plants in Greenhills Nursery in The UK

Has Mother Nature blessed you with the rare quality of green fingers? Then, there are very few pleasures on this heart that are the equivalent to the joy that you receive while walking down the various aisles of a plant nursery.

The Benefits of Achieving Organic Gardening

Whenever the future of the planet earth is discussed, there are some aspects that are always the part of discussion such as green living, sustainability and its overall impact on the earth. Most of the times, during such conventions, there is a definite mention of organic farming not only in the evergreen trees nursery in the UK, but also in the general farming practices.

5 Awesome Fruit Trees to Plant in the Garden

There is something extraordinarily special in the fruits that you grow in your own backyard or garden. Though fruits are something that are easily available at any grocery store, plucking them from your own tree and taking a full bite has a charm of its own.

Use Hedging Plants to Create A Private and Attractive Driveway

Driveway is an important part of any house and for many individuals, privatizing this specific portion of the home is very necessary. Now, for this purpose, you may consider shedding or concrete for that matter, but have you thought about using hedging plants available in nursery in the UK for this purpose? There are several varieties of hedging plants that can be easily grown during the fall season.

How can Nurseries Use Calendar Events to Promote Plants?

With a steep growth in the urban concrete, people are craving for the green space. But alas, the area of parks are decreasing, deforestation is on its new heights. Amid all this, the one and only way of getting your own lush, green area is creating your own green niche; either in your backyard, patio or terrace. For this, you can easily get garden plants and trees from nursery in the UK.

Who doesn’t love winters? The pure white landscapes, cozy evenings in the front of fireplace and Christmas; winters are all about loads and loads of fun. But for many, the constant paleness and white snow can be boring.

A Selection of Pleached and Espalier Trees

Since the ancient times, humans have planted trees not only for the obvious reasons, but for decoration and screening purpose as well. There are specific trees for decoration purposes, but there are several techniques that can be used for tree shaping.

Tips For Care and Maintenance Of Plants and Trees in a Nursery Bed

Do you adore the light breeze with a slight fragrance of the wood and crisp, green leaves? Then, you also might have the favorite spot beneath the tree at your backyard where you have spent countless afternoons reading or daydreaming.

Tips To Take Care Of Bamboo Plants and Grass

Once considered as an exotic plant, bamboo plant is slowly becoming the preferred plant among the gardeners all over the world. The robustness and versatility of this grass species is making so popular. If grown properly, bamboo plants can become a highlight of your garden. These plants are huge grasses that have a very swift growth rate.

Gardening Tips for October 2018

Greenhills nursery ltd offers a wide range of quality hedging plants, Evergreen and pleached trees available for UK nationwide supply. Topiary plants, bamboo plants and grasses, garden plants and fruit trees, etc. are exported to other European countries as well.

Gardening Tips For November 2018

The foliage is becoming thin, leaves are slowly falling and so is temperature. Yes, it is the time to welcome the beautiful and much awaited winters. But if you are thinking that your gardening job is done, well, that’s not true. Ask the experts of Greenhills Nursery Ltd and they will gladly tell you so many things that a garden or lawn requires during the month of November.

Five Of The Best Plants For A Garden In Winter

Not many people know this fact, but the winter flowers are as important as the summer ones as they lift your spirits when everything is white and pale. These are the days when you need cheering up and topiary plants available for sale in the UK with colourful flowers can instantly perk you up.

The Best Trees for a Burst of Colours in Your Garden This Winter

Winter season can be easily described by days those are dull, gray and pale. For many, it can be depressing as one might have to stay inside for a couple of days. Though the season is short and blustery, there is still a lot that can be appreciated apart from Christmas.

Five Of The Best Things To Do With Home Grown Herbs

If you are one of the beginner gardeners and would ask any expert from Greenhills Nursery Ltd about the plants that are not only hardy, but forgiving also, their answer would be herbs. If you think about any plants that can easily survive even when you haven’t paid much attention towards them, the answer are herbs.

Top FAQs About Hedging Plants

Gardens, backyards and laws are necessarily that part of a home where you tend to spend some of the most beautiful moments with your family. Thus, you don’t want interference of any kind. And we definitely don’t want another Great Wall of China built all along our homes. For this, the experts of Greenhills Nursery Ltd. have given a perfect solution: getting hedging plants from a reputed tree nursery in London, UK.

Unusual Fruits To Grow In Your Garden

Cultivating your own vegetables and fruits not only give you a feeling of satisfaction, but also come with diverse advantages. Well, for starters, they are not only easy on the pocket, but you are also getting the freshest possible product.

5 Beautiful Plants That Do Well With The Sunlight

When we are talking about garden plants, there are certain varieties that grow well in the combination of sunlight and shade. These are the plants that require sunlight for a couple of hours and can do really well. Now, we also have plant variety that simply love sunlight.


Whether you are blessed with green fingers or not, having a lush, green garden of yours is not less than a blessing in disguise. Imagine kids playing around or sipping piping hot tea while sitting under your favorite tree.


There are several shade perennials available at Greenhills Nursery Ltd London that can easily survive in the shade. All you need to do is to plant them once with care and they will bloom every year. Though most of these plants have colourful foliage, there are certain varieties that produce the blooms too.

Gardening Tips for December 2018

The buntings and decoration materials are out of their keeps, shops are illuminated with beautiful lights, freshly baked cookies are ready. Well, festivities have started and the countdown for Christmas and New Year has finally begun. Though there are good chances of snowfall and going out in the garden doesn’t appeal much, sitting out with a cup of hot tea sounds simply amazing.

Nothing can match the magic of winters. Well, no offense to the summer lovers, but winters have their own, unique charm that simply puts a smile on every face out there. Winter brings along with it a wide range of fruits and vegetables that are simply delectable, especially from the citrus family.