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Updated by Jelena Cekic on Sep 07, 2018
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4 Compelling Reasons to Implement Chatbots Today



Technology has always been a driving factor in business. New tech solutions are the ones responsible for making major breakthroughs, increasing profits rapidly, and simply evolving the way business is done, no matter what industry we are talking about. Companies that recognize and adopt valuable tech solutions are the ones that are able to stay strong in their respective markets.

One of the latest “booms” when it comes to tech are chatbots. These programs can have conversations with humans online while acting like humans themselves. Henri Ben Ezra the CEO of SnatchBot, a platform that offers free chatbots, defines these programs as: “The ultimate virtual assistants that can help both customers and companies.”

Even now when they are a relatively new technology chatbots offer many benefits and here is why any company with an online presence should implement them.


Chatbots make 24/7 availability a reality

Chatbots make 24/7 availability a reality

Every business has always dreamed of being available to customers 24/7 and even though a lot of them promise this, they can’t actually deliver. But with the introductions of various chatbot solutions, this has become a reality. Since most modern customers prefer contacting a business through live chat, the chatbot solutions have appeared just in time.

Chatbots are virtual programs so they never get tired and they are always ready to help customers. No matter if a customer has inquiries about products, services, or they want to check when their shipment will be arriving, a chatbot can deliver this information at any time of night or day.


They can take care of so many customers at the same time

They can take care of so many customers at the same time

A single chatbot is not limited to one customer. In fact, it can communicate with hundreds of people at the same time, depending on how good the bot is. For example, chatbots are very popular for customer support needs and this is because organizations don’t need to hire dozens of customer support agents.

Instead, they can simply implement a chatbot designed for their specific customer support needs. Even free chatbots are powerful enough to take care of dozens of customer support inquiries at the same time without getting confused or overwhelmed.

When it comes to their communication skills, they are able to have a dialog like humans. When you combine this ability with their superhuman capabilities in terms of volume, you get a perfect customer support solution.


Chatbots save money

We mentioned that chatbots can handle greater volumes of conversations and constantly remain operational. These two things alone save a lot of money for any business, no matter what kind of chatbot they are using and for what purpose. You would need much more human employees to take care of the same amount of work that a chatbot can.

Hiring so many employees means a lot of costs on an ongoing basis while getting a chatbot is a once in a lifetime investment. This meaning that you will save a lot of money. Additionally, companies that have simpler needs can even get free chatbots, which is a great option for small companies and startups.


Chatbots help employees get rid of mundane tasks

Chatbots help employees get rid of mundane tasks

Every employee hates repetitive tasks that have to be done regularly. The person who says otherwise is lying. On top of that, employees that do repetitive tasks constantly stop caring after a while. This is a natural reaction and it also drastically increases the risk of employees making mistakes in their work.

The beauty of chatbots is that they can easily automate these technical and mundane tasks while always executing them perfectly. This is how you can save a lot of time for your employees and help them get rid of the tasks that they despise.

They will have more time to focus on tasks that are more important and, ultimately, more creative. Employees will be grateful because you’ve allowed them to work on what they love rather than forcing them to perform repetitive technical tasks.

These are just some of the reasons why implementing a chatbot solution is the right way to go. If you are still not convinced, get started by trying out free chatbots to see how effective they are. On top of that, we can only expect that chatbots will be more powerful and more capable in the future, bringing even more benefits to businesses across various industries.

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