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Updated by Emma Kalman on Sep 07, 2018
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A Portrait of the Perfect Dentist for You and Your Family

Choosing your family dentist is a responsible choice that will influence not only your dental health but the dental health of your whole family. Of course, you can change your doctor but who knows how many problems might arise if you make the wrong choice. So, it is best to choose a good one the first time around.




Here are the things you have to pay attention to when you first visit a new dentist. Note for yourself if he does the following things to make sure that your teeth are in the hands of a qualified specialist:


Proper Diagnostics

Sadly, very often doctors don’t treat the things that actually require treatment, but the things they have enough skill to treat. A good dentist will never hurry with the diagnosis, he will ask many questions and maybe want some additional data to see the full picture of your problem.


Awareness and Information

Problems with our teeth may influence different spheres of our health. A good dentist will not only solve the problem he is specialized in but will also inform the patient about any risks and possible side problems.


Mindfulness and Care

Even small filling can cause big problems if done carelessly. A good dentist understands that and chooses treatment strategies with consideration of all your individual issues. Do not be confused about unexpected questions – the more information a doctor will have, the better quality treatment you will receive.



His education shouldn’t be just the university. Good education never ends, and a good doctor studies all his life. Conferences, courses, being on the cutting edge of the newest technologies and using this information makes a professional.



This doesn’t even need special explanation. The more experience and practice – the better. This information can be easily obtained online.

If your dentist meets all of the above criteria – grab him or her and never let go. Dental health is too important to trust it to someone that’s less than perfect.