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Home Automation Services Here in Houston TX

For home automation, from TV installations to TV Mounting here in Houston, TX, ensure to call only a qualified professional to do the job for you. Call Precision Installations!

Precision Installations: A Company for Home Automation in Houston, TX

Precision Installations is a company that offers a variety of services that will improve and modernize home automation in Houston, TX. Give us a call now!

Precision Installations: Trusted TV Mounting in Houston, TX

From TV installations to TV Mounting here in Houston, TX, ensure to call only a qualified professional to do the job for you. Call Precision Installations!

From Audio Setup to TV Mounting and TV installation in Houston, TX

Precision Installations is one of the best providers of home automation services, from audio setup to TV Mounting and TV installation in Houston, TX.

Trusted TV Installers in Houston, TX

Planning on upgrading your home theater systems? Hire our professional TV Installers! We are located in Houston, Texas. Call Precision Installations at 713-933-8614 or visit our website for inquiries.

Precision Installations: Installation Services Done Precisely

Home automation in Houston TX is becoming a necessity, why? Because the times are changing. Gone are the days when a house was associated with mere shelter from the elements. Technology is transforming the average house into one that accommodates high-speed internet, security platforms, and electronic amenities. Even with this shift, people aren’t that versed with updating their homes into technical ones. Here is where Precision Installations comes into play. Read more: Precision Installations: Installation Services Done Precisely


Benefits of Having a Professional Handle Your TV Installation

There is nothing more exciting than bringing home a brand new television from the store and setting it up. You will finally get the chance to watch movies and shows on a crystal clear and high definition screen. The colors will be brighter, vivid, and as accurate as it looks in real life. However, one of the biggest frustrations that most people have once they buy a brand new TV is the installation. (Read more: Benefits of Having a Professional Handle Your TV Installation)

Art of Home Theater and Speaker Installation in Houston, TX

We at Precision Installations strive to perfect the art of home theater and speaker installation in Houston, TX. We know where each little cord goes and how each bit can work well with everything else so that each speaker and screen is set up in the right place. We have worked on small projects that fit in one cabinet, as well as whole-house speaker systems.

Trusted TV Installation Service in Houston, TX

Check out what our clients have to say about our home automation services, from TV mounting to security camera and TV installation services in Houston, TX.

Guess what: studies say that during the first quarter of 2018, the adult American spent an average of 11 hours consuming media in a day. That’s more than half of your time awake for a day — and 4.2 hours of that on live TV! That’s not exactly negative, though. You can get useful information from TV, you can gain knowledge through it, stay up-to-date with current news on it, and entertain yourself with it. Read more here: Watch the Right Way: Mount Your TVs with Precision Installations

Benefits of TV Mounting

Television has come a long way from the heavy and boxy TV’s that existed in the past. Nowadays, when homeowners do not have enough space or want a better viewing angle, there is now a simple solution. With the latest technology of a convenient and clean aesthetic TV mounting in Houston, you will never need to look at messy cords or worry about the stability of your television ever again. Read more here: Benefits of TV Mounting

Figuring out how to mount and install TV can be incredibly intimidating. With tons of wires, TV’s being bulky, and complex instructions, you have to be honest with yourself. If you do not have the expertise and equipment for the job, then it is best to leave it to the professionals. While professional TV mounting and installation in Houston Texas is a service that not many people know exists, it is actually a service that everyone can use. So if you are in need of professional TV installation in Houston, TX, then you have come to the right place. Precision Installations is more than happy to help you! Read more here: Precision Installations Can Mount and Install Your TV Today!

Television – Where Should You Put It?

TVs are one of the most used items in a home. How so? Well, most people spend majority of their days with their eyes plastered to the screen, enjoying their favorite shows and bickering about the daily news. But that’s not all, if the television you own is a beautiful, large, flat screen, you definitely want to show it off. So naturally, one would definitely want to feature their television in such a way that makes it stand out. And if that’s what you want, then you should make sure that your TV installation, whether you’re in Houston, TX or somewhere else, is spot on! Read more here: Television – Where Should You Put It?

Choose our Expert Basic TV Mounting in Houston, TX

For your Basic TV Mounting in Houston, TX, call only Precision Installations for high-quality services provided by qualified professionals.

Entrust Your Custom TV Mounting Installation to the Experts in Houston, TX

When it comes to special or custom TV mounting installations in Houston, TX, Precision Installations is considered to be one of the best! Call us now!

Work with Us for the Best Home Theater Installation in Houston, TX

In need of home theater installation in Houston, TX? Precision Installations gets you covered! We offer a variety of home theater improvement services.

Buying a brand new TV is a significant investment, which is why you cannot leave the installation process to just anybody. Even if you have friends or family who has sworn to have done this without any trouble, this is not always guaranteed. Put your trust in Precision Installations for professional TV mounting in Houston and you will not go wrong! They will help you choose the perfect location for your TV mount and do the installation in a timely and efficient manner.

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Security Camera Installation in Houston, TX: Home Security Systems You Can Rely On

For safer homes and commercial properties, Precision Installations is here to help with our security camera installations in Houston, TX. Give us a call!

Where Should You Place Your Television?

Televisions are considered to be one of the greatest inventions in history and the biggest forms of in-home entertainment. If you have recently rewarded yourself with a brand new plasma screen, then you must be excited to mount it on your wall. After spending so much on your new shiny must-have, you might be wondering where to place it. After all, no one wants to see wires and cables exposed. In order to get advice on where to hang your TV and to keep it firmly in place, a professional for TV mounting in Houston can assist you. Read more: Where Should You Place Your Television?

Looking for an advanced home theater Installation here in Houston, TX? Then Precision Installations is the best company for you! Give us a call today!

Nowadays, our safety and convenience rely heavily on technology. Smart TV mounting and installations in places like Houston, TX have increased over the past years. That’s because not all can do the job right. When it comes to electronic installations, it’s still better to leave it to the professionals lest you end up with damaged units by the end of the day. And no other company in the area can provide you with the right services than Precision Installations! Read more:

5 Myths about TV Mounting

With the technological advancements, televisions today are much thinner and lighter than ever before. These features make it much easier for TV installation and TV mounting in Houston, TX. However, some people still prefer to make use of their usual TV stands. While some reasons are quite genuine about making use of stands, there are also a variety of myths regarding TV mounting when hanging your flat screen. Read more: