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Updated by J.R. Williams on Aug 26, 2022
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7 Signs Your Summer Fling Is More Than A Fling!

Are you currently having a summer fling? Have you considered if it's more than just a fling? Here are the top signs your summer fling is actually a relationship.


The Fling Is More Than Just Physical Attraction

Is your fling more than just physical attraction? Do you take about personal topics often? If yes to both, then your fling is really a relationship.

You Go On Dates

If you're having a fling, you don't go on dates. If you've gone out to dinner, the movies, or a concert, your fling is more.

You've Attended Their Important Events

Have you gone to their work social or their family member's birthday party? Then, you and the person your with are definitely not just a fling!

You Both Are Casually Planning For The Future

Are you both planning on doing things together in the coming months like attending a concert? Then, your summer fling is clearly someone more long-term.

You Hang Out With Each Other's Friends

Have you met and hung out with each other's friend? Summer flings usually don't meet your friends. That's typical of someone in an actual relationship.

They Text You In The Morning And At Night

Are they sending you morning and night texts? If so, they must care emotionally about you and not just as a booty call.