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Updated by Deliveree Company Thailand on Sep 05, 2018
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Risks of Choosing a Super Cheap Delivery Service

We always want the cheaper services even when it comes to delivery. Break this habit now! Know the risks in choosing super cheap delivery services!


There are risks

There are risks

People always want affordable prices.

When we are in the middle of picking between two things at a market, at a grocery store, or at the mall, we always go for the one that is cheaper. When we are contemplating on different services, we always want the ones that will cost us less. But sometimes trying to spend less money can cost us even more in the end. Choosing low-quality materials can be risky—and choosing low-quality service can be dangerous and upsetting.

This can also happen in choosing shipping and delivery services. Opting for the super cheap delivery rates might do more harm than good, especially if you are running a business. So before you hire the cheapest delivery service provider to send your products, you should know the risks of choosing a really cheap delivery provider.


Damaged or lost goods

The main risk present here is the possibility of getting the goods damaged or lost. Delivery crews and drivers may carelessly throw around parcels and boxes. If they do not have an organized storage area and inventory documentation, then there is a big possibility that packages may get lost as well. If you are a business owner trying to send products to customers, this will be disastrous. Not only will you lose money because your products are damaged, you will also lose money because customers will not want to do business with you in the future.


Poor customer service

Another risk is dealing with poor customer service. Be prepared for unanswered phone calls whenever you try to contact the customer service representative, or getting confusing and insufficient answers during inquiries or follow-ups for updates. Some unreliable delivery service providers also do not try to compensate for the damaged or lost goods, which can ruin the reputation of your business.


Slow delivery time

A slow delivery process can also be expected from cheap logistic service providers. There are shipping durations that can last up to one week or more. In this day and age when almost everyone prefers to have his package delivered on the same day or the next day, slow delivery time is not acceptable. It will only result in angry and disappointed customers, depriving you of competitive advantage over other businesses.


No reliable tracking updates

Super cheap delivery, more likely than not, will have no reliable tracking updates. Tracking updates are important as they give you information on the location of your packages at specific times. These will also give you and your customers the packages’ estimated time of the arrival. And of course, it provides your customers a sense of security. If the track-and-trace feature of the delivery service provider is not reliable then that will be one major problem.


No transparent pricing

There is also the risk of no transparent pricing. This might mean hidden charges in the offered services. It is important that delivery services are transparent in their pricing as it gives customers a clear rundown of the services they have availed. Transparent pricing allows business owners to manage and keep track of all their expenses. No transparent pricing should raise a red flag.


So how can you avoid these risks?

You can avoid these various risks by opting for a more reliable delivery service. Although some delivery services are not super cheap, you can trust that the prices are still affordable and you will get an excellent service in exchange.

Delivery companies like Deliveree Thailand have affordable prices and various transport vehicles that can be used in delivering stuff. Deliveree also has a revolutionary track-and-trace feature that will surely make a difference when it comes to businesses. Make sure you also pick a delivery company that is capable of express delivery services along with the affordable prices they offer. This way, you are ensuring that everything goes right in ever delivery.


Keep in mind

Always keep in mind that sometimes spending less can cost you more in the end. You need to assess every aspect of a product and a service to make sure you will choose the best. Even in choosing a delivery services provider, you need to make sure they have all the right qualities for an excellent delivery service.