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Know what are the options for advertising where you can promote your brand easily.

Why Do You Choose Times of India for Publishing Obituary Ads?

With TOI, an individual can release different types of times of India obituary Ads as per their requirement. One can release obituary Ad for death announcement, death anniversary, condolence, bhog ceremony, Chauth uthala or uthama and commemoration havan.

Release Obituary ads in Daily Excelsior Instantly with Bookadsnow

Obituary ads are a reliable and safe way of informing distant family member or friends of the deceased of the news. Being the largest circulated daily paper in Jammu and Kashmir, the Daily Excelsior obituary ad is sure to inform those who need to be informed.

Promote your Brand Easily Via Magazine Advertisements

Advertising is at the top of the list when it comes to promotional activities for your brand. It succeeds in accomplishing all three of the above purposes. Magazine Advertisement are the best means of communicating to your consumers for the purpose of promotion.

Why Dainik Jagran Ads Will Reach the Maximum Number of People?

Dainik Jagran has grown to have a 5.59 cr readership which has been a consistent number for 21 consecutive round of the Indian Readership Survey. A Dainik Jagran advertisement will give you a variety of formats and options to choose from.

What is the Best Way to Release Advertisements in Colors TV?

With a viewership share of 12% in the Hindi general entertainment sector and a viewership of 387,909,000, any advertiser will be able to reach their target audience with Colors TV. If you are looking for an agency to help you with Colors TV advertising rates, Bookadsnow is the right choice for you.

Which Bengali Newspaper Should I Choose To Get Better ROI?

Bookadsnow is an ad agency based in Kolkata with over 30 years of experience. Media houses trust and acknowledge Bookadsnow as one of the leading newspaper ad agencies of our times. Book ads in Bengali Newspapers now!

Factors Determining Newspaper Advertisement Rates

The newspaper advertising rates are fixed after considering factors like the publication’s location, circulation size, the color, frequency, and day of the week your Ad is getting published. Book advertisement in newspaper now!

How to Book Advertisement in Loksatta Newspaper Online?

The popularity and the reach of the newspaper give every reason to the advertisers to publish Loksatta advertisement to capture the Marathi speaking market and take a significant percentage of the market.

Place your Advertisement in the Deccan Chronicle with Bookadsnow

Deccan Chronicle is the most popular newspaper in South India. Such high numbers of circulation promise even higher numbers of readership which increase the effective reach of Deccan Chronicle advertisement.

Why should you advertise on Hello 6E, Indigo’s Inflight Magazine?

Inflight advertising is a great way to communicate to one’s audiences. However, Indigo’s Hello 6E is the best choice for advertisers. Inflight magazines are picked up and browsed through by most of the passengers. They pass time by flicking through the pages while waiting for the ascent and descent periods to be over. It is because of this very reason that inflight magazine advertising has become a popular choice for advertisers.

Book Advertisement in Gujarat Samachar at Lowest Rate

If you are looking to engage with the Gujarati speaking factions, then Gujarat Samachar is the best paper for your purposes. Bookadsnow in-house experts will be able to help you and place your Gujarat Samachar advertisement with all the major fixings at no additional cost.

Why is Zee TV the First Choice of Advertisers?

The TV is only growing in popularity in India. This makes advertising on the medium a great choice for all advertisers. Zee TV is one of the best channels for placing advertisements. Release zee tv Advertisement now!

Legitimate Reasons to Book Eenadu Advertisement through Bookadsnow

Eenadu enjoys its presence in 25 cities in India and is the 9th most popular regional publication amongst all the regional newspapers in the nation. Hence, the widespread circulation and humongous readership of the publication encourages advertisers to publish the Eenadu advertisement.

Why Will Dinamalar Reach The Maximum Number Of People In South India?

Dinamalar slowly but steadily increased its editorial and printing units across ten cities in Tamil Nadu. These cities, therefore, come out with their own editions which allows the publication to address matters relevant to that particular city and region. The many editions also provide Dinamalar advertisement a chance to communicate and target their audience more meaningfully and effectively.


Why the Star plus Advertisement is a favourite?

Why the Star plus Advertisement is a favourite?

As one of the most popular mediums, a survey in 2016 revealed that there was a boost to 181 million Tv households in India from the previous year’s 175 million, thereby implying the growth of Television’s influence in the society. Though it’s been denounced as the ‘Idiot Box’, no one can deny that the tv is also a fount of information for those who wish to access it. The entertainment value is not something to be scoffed at either, coming out with quality programs which can leave its audiences howling with laughter or bawling in tears.

Therefore, it makes an excellent platform for advertisers to showcase their products/services and to promote brand recognition among the masses. The Indian audience loves a good serial. Irrespective of which state you live in or even (in some cases) the language you speak, the thrall of a spicy convoluted drama draws everyone in. Which is why advertising on Hindi entertainment channels is such a good idea.

But, which one do I pick? Star Plus gets our vote. Why you ask?

For starters, Star Plus is a part of the Star India Network. Star India Private Limited is one of the largest media conglomerates in India. The network is aired across more than a 100 countries and is a part of the 21st Century Fox group. Belonging to such heavyweights in the Media industry means that an advertiser benefits from the prestige and credibility of the brand of the Star Plus channel itself. The channel produces a variety of content such as drama, comedies, family-oriented shows, youth-targeted content and much more. A Star Plus advertisement won’t have any issue finding a show which aligns to its genre of product/service, which will make a larger impact in the minds of the viewers. It has the third highest viewership in the urban market and has a 10% share of the viewership market. Such high numbers guarantee that the Star Plus ad will get advertisers the response they were hoping for. All of this combines to give one a healthier ROI (Return on Investment) which is something that all Advertisers hope for. The large fan following that the new shows are building alongside the older more loyal viewers create a wonderful mix of demographics which any advertiser would be happy to target.

There have been a number of National brands like Cadbury, Horlicks, Vivo, and others who have benefitted from placing a Star Plus advertisement. However, you may say that these big companies have the budget and the benefit of the best TV Ad agency placing the ad for them with lakhs, if not crores, of rupees. How can a smaller business or company avail of the same without incurring the huge expenses?

Well, We have a Solution for you!

Bookadsnow is a media planning, buying, and selling portal with over 30 years of experience. They are a television Advertising agency with a difference and they can place your Star Plus advertisement in the slot and timing you wish at the lowest rates in the market without the huge fees other tv Ad agency would take.

How? Well, over the decades they have been active, they have connected to the many media houses across the country, one of them being Star Plus. This allows them to negotiate the best prices, which is why they have done away with the predefined rate card used by all other agencies. You can book advertisement easily online on their site within a few quick and easy steps. Their INS accreditation and their in-house media team guarantee that their customers get the best services from a credible and trustworthy agency.

For more information go to you can mail at You can also place your ad online on their site or call their media experts up at 9830400021.

Tips for the Perfect Recruitment Ad in newspapers | Bookadsnow

Giving a proper recruitment ads in newspaper increase the chance of finding the right person for your company. Here are some useful tips to write a perfect appointment ad.

Bartaman Patrika- Your One Stop Solution to Boosting Durga Puja Advertising ROI

The magnificence of Durga Puja compels the advertisers to come up with the best Bartaman Patrika advertisement in newspaper as during this season the newspapers get flooded with Ads. Bartaman Patrika is the second largest distributed Bengali daily in Kolkata among other regional papers in Bengal.

Valid Reasons to Issue Rajasthan Patrika Advertisement via Bookadsnow

Rajasthan Patrika provides news focusing on the state & cities of Rajasthan with a medley of national and international news coverage. Hence, its very statistics makes it indispensable for the advertisers to release a Rajasthan Patrika advertisement.

Online or Newspaper Advertising for Property Ads - Which one is better?

Which platform should an advertiser tap on- digital advertising or newspaper advertising? While digital advertisements work well for a few sectors but Newspapers are region or locale specific which makes them ideal for the reals estate sector as their properties are targeted to audiences in that particular locality. Book Property advertisement in newspaper now!

Get Higher ROI with The Hindu Advertisements

The Hindu has a circulation of 1,216,118 copies daily and a readership of 38.5 lakhs in Southern India. It is the acknowledged leader of newspapers in the region which ensure that your the Hindu advertisement gets the attention of the readers you are targeting.

Easiest Way to Book Advertisement in Financial Express

The unmatched popularity of the newspaper in the business world has encouraged the advertisers to publish Financial Express advertisement to reach their target audiences, thereby reaching the goal effectively.

Discover the Perfect Newspaper for Placing Ads

It precisely does not mean that such brands or individuals have no desire to reach their set goals through newspaper Ads. Therefore, to access nothing less than a top publication at an affordable rate, the perfect solution is The Indian Express newspaper. Place Indian Express advertisement with Bookadsnow.

Advantages of Regional Newspaper Advertising- Hindustan

Regional language newspapers play an important role as they ensure that the individuals of the country are all on the same page in spite of the vast geographical distances, the divergent languages, and cultures that characterize the country. Hindustan advertising play a vital role in ensuring that the people are aware of the latest products and services available to them. These ads also ensure that individuals find their dream homes or jobs or even partners through property ads, recruitment ads, and matrimonial ads respectively.

What Makes Dainik Bhaskar Advertisements Special?

The Dainik Bhaskar advertisement has a lot of advantages which is why so many advertisers continue to publish their ads in this paper. The paper’s history in the country along with its service has ensured that their readers only continue to grow with time.

Things to Know Before Booking Ad in Economic Times

Economic Times has a plethora of editions to release a newspaper advertisement. Hence, recognise the edition that will fetch you the maximum positive result and accordingly book Economic Times Advertisement.