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Vital Transformation

Vital Transformation is designed by Eliyahu Jian - A famous keynote speaker, to inspire people toward a successful life in their spiritual & physical aspects.

Weekly Zohar classes

Are you looking for weekly Zohar class event Los Angeles? Get all information about related teachings of the Zohar upcoming events organized by Vital Transformation. Book your tickets now.

Magic of Success: Vital Transformation

Spiritually when we are not successful it has to do with three things; conscious mind, subconscious mind, and spirituality. Conscious mind means your friendships, your nutrition, and your physical environment. Subconscious means what is going on in your brain, in your mind. Are you raising you are above the five senses? Spirituality means are you following in your life some kind of a spiritual path? Visit here@

Clarity and Seeing The Future: Vital Transformation

It is very important to be clear. When we want to make a decision without all the pieces of information it is almost impossible to do. So what do we do? Is there a way to achieve clarity? There is a way to connect to the future and even effect the future. In this lecture, Eliyahu will give you some examples and tools on how to do and will take you to step by step so you will know how to use these tools to achieve clarity in your life. Visit@

Acceptance by Eliyahu Jian

If you look at the word Kabbalist in Hebrew which is mekubal means acceptance. If we look at our universe one of the most important things people are looking for is to be accepted. Why? Where did the drive come from? It’s a force, an energy that is in everything around us, people, nature, the Creator. This class will open your eyes as to why acceptance is so important in our world. Visit@

Vital Transformation: Kabbalah Gym Meditation

When we talk about Kabbalah Gym Meditation we are talking about reaching in, looking inside. The meditations are coming from Rabbi Avraham Abulafia a famous Kabbalist from Sicily and he taught the secrets of reaching your soul. The importance of meditation is that it step by step helps us to reach our highest potential.

Leadership intro - Vital Transformation

These classes are aimed to build teachers and leaders and people who want to make a difference in the world. Our goal here is that you will be able to be on your own and you won’t have to depend on us to build other people. This is the time of change and transformation where there will be a lot of leaders in the world. Visit here@

Pearls of Wisdom - Vital Transformation

Kabbalist teaches us that we need to study and be educated. These classes are different subjects that cover what life is all about from a Kabbalistic point of view. This will help you practice the knowledge of Kabbalah. For more detail visit here@

Spirituality and Business - Vital Transformation

This course can help you develop your desire. The desire to make money and the desire to be happy while you are making money and becoming successful. An example from this course is learning how to take risks and being conscious of the fact that we are taking a risk. The question is how do I start? What are the steps? All these questions and more are being answered in this 4-week course. Visit here@

New Moon intro - Vital Transformation

What is the new moon? The Kabbalistic calendar goes by the moon. Every 30 days the energy shifts. There are 12 months and each one has a different energy. In these lectures, we teach people what they can fully receive from each specific month. These classes will change your perspective on how you deal with life every month. For more detail visit@

The Ten Sephirot Intro - Vital Transformation

In 1922 Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag came up with a commentary on Rabbi Isaac Luria’s Tree of Life. This section is within the Writings of the Ari and speaks about what happened before Creation, before Genesis. For more detail visit here@

The Writings of Rabbi Isaac Luria course intro

Rabbi Isaac Luria, known as the Ari, lived 500 years ago and buried in the city of Safed in the northern part of Israel. The Ari was the one who discovered all the mystic secrets of Kabbalah. This course takes us to the true purpose and the essence of our soul. Each and every one of us has a different purpose in this life. This topic and more will be covered in the Writings of the Ari class. Visit@

Consensus and conflict, the great companions

Spirituality makes you think beyond the obvious. Read the following two C’s; Consensus and Conflict. Now add the word co-existence to it. You halt, there is something that doesn’t gel, these two can never co exist is the obvious logical conclusion for most. Read More@

What is Kabbalah?

I would like to share with you some words of wisdom on the mystical yet practical subject called Kabbalah. The word Kabbalah if you translate from Hebrew means acceptance or receiving. Read More@

Weekly zohar class

December 3rd – When Joseph from the Bible was in a dungeon for many years for something he didn’t do we all cried and it seemed as if it was not fair. When he was released from the dungeon and became King we all celebrated and were happy. Within the reel of film is the beginning , middle and end of the movie. Don’t get too depressed about the dungeon because in the end it will always be good. Please fill the form to join this class, we will communicate you with more details @

Kabbalah Los Angeles

The Kabbalistic Meaning of Spirituality “I wish”, “I should”, “I would” because they feel like they are missing the train.

Motivational Classes Los Angeles

Looking for some inspiration? Vital Transformation will help you for right Motivational Classes in Los Angeles.


The word Kabbalah means to receive. What does reviving means? People who have lost their desire and craving, no longer are living. Some exist on auto-pilot waiting to die, and others stay struck while saying “I wish,” “I should,” “I would” because they feel like they are missing the train. Kabbalah is studying start to receive and reach our potential and rise from the Lowest Level of Spirituality.

Motivational Teacher in Los Angeles

Join the spiritual & motivational teacher in Los Angeles organized by Vital Transformation. Learn the basics of Kabbalah beliefs and practices from the expert at Vital Transformation.

Motivational & Spiritual Teacher Los Angeles - Eliyahu & Debbie

Meet our top motivational and spiritual teachers in Los Angeles, California - Eliyahu & Debbie guiding men and women to strengthen their relationships and more

Palm and Face Reading Online Classes | Vital Transformation

Vital Transformation, a recognized master of this ancient art, will take you to discover by reading people by just looking at their face and palm and understanding lifetimes they have lived. Learn Palm and Face reader in Los Angeles by Eliyahu Jian.

Kabbalah Gym Los Angeles

Vital Transformation kabbalah gym helps in restoring and recuperating the sole to reach potential. Connect with Vital Transformation specialists to begin kabbalah gym.

Spiritual Teacher in Los Angeles

Meet the top spiritual teacher in Los Angeles, from nearly three decades, Eliyahu and Debbie, an LA-based psychic, coach, motivational speaker, and spiritual teacher, has been guiding men and women to strengthen their relationships, improve their businesses and embrace a healthier lifestyle while connecting to a higher power and purpose.

The Ten Sefirot Intro | Watch This Class of Ten Sefirot

Vital Transformation organizing Ten Sefirot classes to understand concepts of time, before the time a place before anything, before the Garden of Eden. What was the purpose of everything? Ten Sefirot classes by Vital Transformation helps in understanding everything.

Weekly Spiritual & Motivational Classes in Los Angeles | Vital Transformation

Are you looking for some inspiration? Join the weekly upcoming motivational classes in Los Angeles organized by Vital Transformation.

Motivational & Spiritual Teacher Los Angeles - Eliyahu & Debbie

Meet the top Motivational Teacher In Los Angeles, from nearly three decades, Eliyahu, Debbie and Michelle Shirin Alfi an LA-based psychic, coach, motivational speaker, and spiritual teacher, has been guiding men and women to strengthen their relationships, improve their businesses and embrace a healthier lifestyle while connecting to a higher power and purpose.