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PORTFOLIO MaryLou Wakefield

I'm hard wired for story. My work is to discover and develop compelling content to engage audiences, build community and achieve business goals. I work across platforms as a writer, blogger and social media strategist. This portfolio is a selection of articles, blogs, guest posts, websites and social media discussion forums. Others have written about my work in communications and strategic narrative development. A selection of those posts is also included.
Going Solo

MaryLou curates Going Solo, a compelling story of Canadian sailor Glenn Wakefield as he battles harsh weather, fatigue, and self-doubt on a single-handed, non-stop, west about circumnavigation from Victoria, BC Canada on a 42' sailboat. The story unfolds one day at a time as we hear first hand from Glenn at sea, what it is to pursue his lifelong dream. It all starts Sept 2, 2013. Join the conversation online!


Community Engagement in the Digital Age - OPEN CINEMA

Community Engagement in the Digital Age - OPEN CINEMA

MaryLou participates in an innovative social media audience engagement experiment - to build bridges between live and virtual audiences of the popular Open Cinema documentary series. Join the conversation online.

CPRS-VI presents Beyond the Hype Nov 15, 2013

MaryLou brings the story of the 5th annual Beyond the Hype Professional Development Conference from its physical location at Royal Roads University to audiences online. Join the conversation between the live audience and speakers who promise to deliver thought-provoking content and lots of practical advice for PR professionals.

Finding My Compass via Life as a Human

Going Solo describes one man's lifelong dream. It's also the name of a blog MaryLou created to document Glenn's journey of sailing around the world single-handed, non-stop, west about from Victoria, B.C. Canada. That is, of course, against the prevailing wind and currents. Turns out MaryLou had a journey of her own.

Blended learning: Promising innovative practice requires strategic approach
Blended learning is a promising approach with the potential to transform Canadian higher education. To realize its full potential, it now requires strategy, resources and better integration with institutional goals. That's the conclusion of the Innovative Practices Research Project , prepared by the Collaboration for Online Higher Education Research (COHERE) published in 2010.
Important questions about OER for COHERE 2013
David Porter stands behind the power and potential of Open Education Resources (OER). At the same time, BCcampus' executive director acknowledges there are important issues that need to be examined in order to find the resonant value of OER. Like most innovative concepts, he believes OER raises as many questions as it answers.
Kaltura brings new possibilities for student engagement

"Kaltura does exactly what we need it to do. It's nice for us to be able to offer this to faculty and students. It's what we've all been waiting for." Tim Paul Withree post secondary institutions launching a limited pilot of Kaltura this September, project managers are getting excited about the possibilities it opens up to communicate with students.

KIXEYE'S Clayton Stark receives VIATeC's Colin Lennox Award for tech champion

On June 20th, VIATeC honoured KIXEYE's Clayton Stark with the Colin Lennox Award for his role as a tireless, passionate tech champion. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Clayton in his office on the fourth floor of the historic Board of Trade building in Bastion Square to talk about what this award means to him, what he's excited about right now, why he loves mentoring, and what he'd like to see improve in the future.

Wrangling videos in one location just got a lot easier with Kaltura " BCcampus

"We're excited about the capacity to customize this platform and what we can build on top of it." -Phil Chatterton Imagine being able to gather video assets - lectures, presentations, seminars, and homework assignments - in one location so users can upload, view and share them easily.

MediaCore keeps it simple ...on a global scale

In the latest of her series of Victoria company profiles, MaryLou Wakefield meets
MediaCore - a media library that provides schools, higher education institutions and businesses with an easy way to share and manage educational content. There's no doubt about it, the company that wants to transform education through video and mobile technology is on a roll.

Decoda Literacy Solutions Forum 2013 (with images, tweets) · mlwakefield

MaryLou Wakefield and Stephanie Slater worked with Decoda Literacy Solutions to bring their one-day forum: Addressing the Labour Shortage: Literacy and Essential Skills Solutions to senior industry, government and literacy practitioners to collaborate on a direction for developing a workforce literacy and essential skills strategy for B.C.

Starfish Medical solving the right problems for customers by MaryLou Wakefield

Starfish Medical is Canada's leading medical device development services company, and it's right here in Victoria. Their mission is to improve health care by enabling and supporting entrepreneurial medical device companies to be successful. At their core, they're about solving the right problems for their customers.

STOrythatMatters | Share your best narrative

Why it's important to engage customers - what I experienced travelling through four international airports.

The Hudson - Ultra Modern Living Wrapped in History | Condos in Victoria BC

It's Sunday morning and 28-year-old Nikki is on the move. She lives in the heart of downtown Victoria in The Hudson, one of the city's most historic landmarks and the centerpiece of The Hudson District on Douglas Street between Fisgard and Herald. (page 22)

Evolution by Design B.C.’s business schools rethink executive education by Marylou Wakefield
This is a comprehensive look at Executive Education in British Columbia and how it is evolving to meet growing and complex challenges in the modern workplace.

Sounding the alarm: forest fire monitoring with FTS | Celebrating Victoria's technology sector

In the second of a series of articles dedicated to Victoria success stories in the technology sector, MaryLou Wakefield of Wakefield Communications profiles Forest Technology Systems. Since1980, Fo...

Dancing Backwards

An educational pilot project to inspire young girls and boys to engage in politics, embrace leadership, and exercise their right to vote.

Documentary, Freedom of Speech and Corporate Bullying Transmedia Project

OPEN CINEMA's transmedia conversation & hybrid event, inspired by screening 'Big Boys Gone Bananas' followed by live & virtual discussion with filmmakers Fredrik Gertten, Bart Simpson, LA Lawyer Lincoln Bandlow, publicist David Magdael, journalist Rob Wipond, Peter Golden & Chris Tollefson. Transmedia team MaryLou Wakefield, Angela Hemming, Carol-Lynne Michaels, and Stephanie Slater.

Archipelago Marine Research – dedicated to sustainable fisheries | Celebrating Victoria's technology sector

In the first of a series of articles dedicated to Victoria success stories in the technology sector, MaryLou Wakefield of Wakefield Communications profiles Archipelago Marine Research. The Archipel...

Keels and Communities by Marylou Wakefield

Keels and Communities - BC's shipbuilding industry rides a new wave of prosperity (p 22 - 26) Published in InFlight Review (Helijet), it traces the history of shipbuilding in British Columbia and the people who helped build strong communities along the way.

STOrythatMatters | Share your best narrative

STOrythatMatters is my blog for finding and developing stories that engage audiences and build community.

Going Solo | Glenn Wakefield's solo non-stop west about circumnavigation

My blog about Glenn Wakefield's second attempt at a solo non-stop west about circumnavigation. It tells a story about Glenn, how the life-long dream began, plans and preparations, and details about his Sparkman and Stephens yacht West Wind II including photos, video interviews and links.

Kim Chow Around the World Circumnavigation

I created this blog to chronicle the daily adventure of a single-handed sailor who made an attempt in 2007-2008 to complete a solo, non-stop circumnavigation.
On September 23, 2007 Glenn Wakefield began a solo, non-stop circumnavigation west about from Victoria, British Columbia, making him the first sailor to attempt the voyage from North America. Glenn will sail Kim Chow, his Phil Rhodes designed Offshore 40

OPEN CINEMA 'Symphony of the Soil' Livestream & #OCchat (with images, tweets) · mandyleith · Storify

Participated in inaugural Tweetchat following Open Cinema's screening of Symphony of the Soil documentary.

Dancing Backwards

Short video to promote Dancing Backwards, a pilot program to inspire youth to participate in leadership and politics.