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Top 10 Resources for Online Higher Ed Faculty

What resources are most useful to someone starting out teaching online and for experienced online faculty? Feel free to vote and add your own suggestions!

Understanding Adult Learners’ Needs | Faculty Focus

Understanding learner needs is essential for providing quality education. One approach to understand learner needs is through the use of student evaluation questionnaires which allow us to collate student feedback or suggestions. A common argument against the use of student evaluations is that students do not know their own needs. However, many studies have shown student feedback/suggestions to be reliable and valid. If we do not even attempt to understand their needs, we may fail to recognize the support they require to be successful.

Deep Learning vs. Surface Learning: Getting Students to Understand the Difference | Faculty Focus

Sometimes our understanding of deep learning isn’t all that deep. Typically, it’s defined by what it is not. It’s not memorizing only to forget and it’s not reciting or regurgitating what really isn’t understood and can’t be applied. The essence of deep learning is understanding—true knowing. That’s a good start but it doesn’t do much to help students see the difference between deep and surface learning or to help persuade them that one is preferable to the other.

Instructor Characteristics That Affect Online Student Success | Faculty Focus

Which online instructor characteristics help students succeed? It’s a rather basic question that has not been adequately answered. We did a literature search to find if anybody had done any research from the students’ perspective on what constitutes a quality online instructor. There were perhaps 10 articles by professors speculating about what they thought defined quality online instruction, but nobody had asked students.

Seeking Student Success | Pearson Academic Executives

Among the trends garnering greater coverage as it relates to the success of our students is assessment. Increasingly, we are coming into the understanding of the impact of assessment in tasks related to student success, including, for example, curriculum development, instruction, and self-directed and lifelong learning. Moreover, assessment is becoming the critical strategy we apply to evaluate our courses and programs and make significant changes that result in increased student success based on data resulting from student assessment. | Review, Rate, Rank & Compare Online Colleges & Degrees

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