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Updated by Sonia Bhattacharyya on Feb 02, 2019
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Best Early Retirement Advice for Indians

Is it really possible to retire early in India? Apparently some people have done it! and some have a few solid plans in place to retire in their mid-forties! There are also financial companies ready to help and advise young professionals who want to reach that goal. Let's look at the best of the advice.

Early Retirement in India- Ultimate Guide - Saving Habit

A detailed guide to Early Retirement in India. Learn what is early retirement and why do you need it. Use the retirement calculator in this article to know how much retirement corpus you need for early retirement. Start today your financial planning to retire early in India.

About Us – 60 to 45

While both of us were cruising in our respective jobs, somewhere around October 2016 we realized we will not end up anywhere if we remain on this path throughout our lives. What we will have though is a fancy house with 20 years of mortgage on it and both of us slogging our entire lives to pay that off.

Retire Early in India: NSDL CAS Statement Gets Better!

hi,I have been following the ERE movement and on path to Financial independence. It has been extremely hard to find people who are following ERE. Let me know if we connect to discuss specific strategies particularly related to Housing,transport , food, Investment & A Safe Withdrawal Rate (SWR).Please mail me at

Early Retirement in India -How to Retire Early like Suresh ? - MoneyChai

Have you ever thought of an early retirement in India, like at the age of 45 Years-50 Years? Are you aware of the retirement plans in India ?  Is there any kind of best retirement plan in India?What is a retirement calculator? Do you know,What is the average retirement age in India? What should be the average retirement

Planning to retire early? This is how to create a corpus for regular income -

If you plan your investments well, you can get decent regular income even if you retire in your 40s.

How to retire early from Job in India 2018 - Getmoneyrich

Since very early in my job, I started searching for answers to this question; how to retire early from Job? Honestly speaking, answers are not easy.........

Early retirement requires a lot of planning and execution but you need to know your goal. Here's what we believe we need to retire early in India

Want to retire at 45? Make your money work for you - [Sponsored]

Common sense and some discipline are all you need.