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Willoughby Walk to Allow Pets

It’s no secret that we at ENM love our pets. Aside from being pet owners, we recently partnered with the Langley Animal Protection Society to construct a one-of-a-kind isolated shelter for sick and injured cats. We know that pets are a very important part of so many families’ lives and can be integral to building a sense of community. So we’re happy to announce that our new purpose-built rental project, Willoughby Walk, will be accepting pets.

Our co-founder Daniel Greenhalgh explains the reasons behind the decision. “In my experience, pet owners are typically more responsible people. They want to put down roots in a community and stay for a long time, and those are the kind of people we want in our building.”

ENM Joins Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses

ENM Construction made the decision to join the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses. CFIB describes themselves as champions of small business in Canada, representing their interests and helping to ensure that government policies don’t negatively impact them.

Vancouver is a City of Renters

In a country where over two-thirds of households own their own home, Vancouver has become a city where a majority of households rent.

Our co-founder, Daniel Greenhalgh, is proud to be part of ENM’s commitment to building purpose-built rental projects. While many Metro municipalities have offered more incentives for rental developments, like extra density, fee waivers and relaxed parking requirements, Daniel feels they should be doing a lot more to address the scarcity of quality rental projects.

The Township of Langley Joins the CAC Train

We understand that the TOL is one of the last Metro Vancouver communities to levy CAC requirements on developers. To many, this seems like an inevitable policy change, and the UDI is in no position to resist it. But Daniel Greenhalgh, our project manager, echoes the UDI’s views on their purpose.

An Update on Those Terrifying Foreign Buyers

As reported before, there is a maddeningly distorted perception in the Lower Mainland of the impact of foreign buyers on the housing crisis. 86% of BC residents believe the government should be doing more to curb their influence on our housing market.

The Fragile State of Rental Developments

As a business, we’re well aware of the risks in focusing on this area of the market. In fact, we’re one of the only developers in the Lower Mainland who plan to focus exclusively on purpose-built rentals. We believe we can build a successful business model in the current climate – but we’re also observing with increasing unease the rapid changes to that climate that are being wrought by the current provincial government.

Landscaping Considerations at Willoughby Walk

Our 191-unit purpose built rental property, Willoughby Walk, is almost ready to open its doors to new tenants. The first move-ins are scheduled for late September, with the final phase set to be completed by the end of the year.

An Update on ENM-Constructed ISOasis at Langley Animal Protection Society

On April 12th, the Langley Animal Protection Society held a grand opening ceremony for its brand new ISOasis shelter for sick and injured cats. In its first two months, the one-of-a-kind shelter has been a huge success.

Willoughby Walk’s ‘Register Interest’ Site Now Open

Daniel Greenhalgh, co-founder of ENM Construction, expects huge demand for the new units, so pre-registering is an essential step for interested applicants. The recently constructed Boulevard Townhome Community in Willoughby Center sold out with 24 hours of opening, and there will most likely be the same demand for units in Willoughby Walk.

The Many Amenities of Willoughby Walk

Our 191-unit purpose built rental project, Willoughby Walk, is almost ready to open its doors to new tenants. Our register interest site is up, and we encourage those who are interested in renting to sign up and become pre-approved for leasing. They will have the first choice of unit size and location when applications are accepted in September.

Luxury Housing Prices Taking a Tumble

The housing market is definitely wobbling and adjusting its foundation under all the new taxes and rules, but it’s most likely too soon to forecast a sustained downturn. It’s a buyer’s market, but it’s probably wisest for all parties to stay in ‘wait and see’ mode.

ENM’s Involvement with Langley Rotary Club

There are several ways in which our co-founders Daniel Greenhalgh and Colin Lacey get involved in the community. We’ve already highlighted Daniel’s sponsorship of a buckle in local reining competitions, and we’ve followed the progress of ENM’s construction of a one-of-a-kind isolation shelter for sick and injured cats for the Langley Animal Protection Society.

Will the Hidden Owner Registry Address Housing Affordability?

The NDPs claim the registry is the first of its kind in Canada and that it will have a major impact on efforts to curb tax fraud and money laundering in Metro Vancouver. However, we at ENM believe that the registry will be mostly redundant to the already-existing Land Title Registry that’s already in place. Our co-founder Daniel Greenhalgh thinks this is yet another attempt by the NDP to pay lip service to addressing the housing crisis while having little actual impact on affordability.

ENM Donates to BC Children’s Hospital’s Slo Pitch Softball Tournament

Our co-founder Daniel Greenhalgh believes that it’s part of ENM’s mission to search out ways to give back to the community. “It’s definitely part of our philosophy as a business to seek out these kinds of opportunities. We want to put our resources to use for the community, and there are few better ways to do that than through this Slo-Pitch Tournament for the Children’s Hospital. It’s a very popular annual event for lots of industries, and we were excited to be able to donate this year.”

ENM Hires Transpacific Realty as Property Manager

ENM Construction Management has taken a bold step towards realizing its vision for its new 191-unit, purpose-built rental project, Willoughby Walk.

After a good deal of research and conversations with other owners of purpose-built rentals, ENM has decided to contract with Transpacific Realty to provide property management services.

Safety Series #4 – Weekly Toolbox Meetings

Toolbox meetings are standard for most sites – workers from each trade get together to share notes and get on the same page for the state of the site and the upcoming work to be done. We conduct these every week at ENM, usually on a Monday. Every trade shares the specifics of the week’s agenda and ensures that all safety issues have been foreseen.

You Can’t Afford to Build a New Home in Vancouver  

In Vancouver, if you want to build a new single-detached home, you have to realize that the extra costs – things like permit fees, tariffs, development cost charges, aka CACs, rezoning fees, other random fees for bending obscure rules – are more than double what they are in any other Census Metropolitan Area (CMA) of Canada.

Safety Series #5 – Equipment Certification Programs

Like all construction sites, we have a lot of complicated machinery buzzing around being operated by trained professionals. Every operator has been certified for that equipment before being hired onto our site.

Why We’re Always Looking for More Community Partners

ENM’s co-founders Colin Lacey and Daniel Greenhalgh both live and work in Langley. When they chose to start their construction and development management business in 2008, they wanted to find opportunities to fill gaps in the housing market that would be both profitable and beneficial to the community as a whole.

Willoughby Walk Now Accepting Applications

The property’s many amenities include storage lockers for each unit, a parking space with an option to secure a second one, a bike storage room, a fully-equipped gym, a common room with free wifi and tempered, cool air throughout the building. There will be a full-time, on-site manager to handle day-to-day details and maintenance. We’re also excited to announce that Willoughby Walk will be accepting pets!

ENM On Airbnb Rules Affecting Rental Market

On September 1st, the city of Vancouver began enforcing new regulations on short-term rentals like those listed on Airbnb and VRBO.

What We Look For in a Property Management Company

After months of construction and planning, we at ENM are on the verge of opening the doors to our new 191-unit purpose-built rental property Willoughby Walk in the Township of Langley. We’re putting the final touches on our vision for the property, and we’re excited to announce that we’ve hired Transpacific Realty as our property managers.

Willoughby Walk Providing Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

ENM is proud to announce our decision to install electric vehicle charging stations at our new 191-unit purpose-built rental project, Willoughby Walk.

Municipal Elections Putting Rental Inventory at Risk

Vancouver will elect a new mayor on October 20th, and out of the dozen or so viable candidates, the winner may well be the one who manages to vilify developers with the most gusto.

Daniel and Colin’s Mantracker Weekend

ENM’s co-founder Daniel Greenhalgh has a bit of a horseback riding hobby. He and his girlfriend even purchased a new horse last December. They take any chance they get to go trail riding.