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High Security Steel Fencing and Gates - Engineering, Manufacture - Gryffin Pty Ltd

Gryffin Fencing – Local Government Security Support -- Gryffin

Gryffin Fencing – Local Government Security Support. For over 35 years, Gryffin has been Australia's number one fencing manufacturer, creating innovative designs for high-security fencing and gating creation. - PR12687734

Gryffin – All Your Palisade Fencing Needs

Whether combined with the latest security cameras and alarm systems or just installed by itself, Palisade fencing offers secure protection through its strong impenetrable design. Gryffin produces their fencing system with the combination of the straight pale Palisade structure and the Maxiguard curved top for maximum scaling difficulty.

It is no surprise that detention facilities such as prisons, immigration and mental health facilities need a very high amount of security for obvious reasons. And not just high security fencing but also effective holistic security measures.


Gryffin’s products have evolved over decades of fulfilling the needs of the high security fencing market.

Gryffin’s products have evolved over decades of fulfilling the needs of the high security fencing market.

Gryffin Pty Ltd is a market leading fencing specialist who offers a unique end-to-end process, from project conceptualisation to installation. Our process is founded on engaging all project stakeholders from the end-user, architect, security consultant, builder, fencer and third party suppliers alike. For more info :

Gryffin – The High Security Fencing Experts

When you need effective high-security fencing, you need the security fencing experts at Gryffin. For all the information you need to get started, as well as to view their entire range of security fencing products, visit their website today.

How You Can Benefit From Having Palisade & Maxiguard Security Fencing Installed

Are you considering upgrading your current security fence? Are you wanting the best type of security fencing to efficiently protect your critical infrastructure? Then look no further than palisade and maxiguard high-security fencing.

What Are The Advantages Of A 358 Welded Mesh Security Fence?

When looking for a security fence that will provide maximum security to protect your critical infrastructure, talk to the security fencing experts at Gryffin about their superior 358 Welded Mesh security fence. For all the information you need to get started, visit their website today.

Gryffin offers unmatched expertise and commitment to the utility industry

Our security fencing, gates and products play an essential role in keeping innocent people out of dangerous environments, protecting valuable assets and protecting critical infrastructure, right across Australia.

Gryffin – A Leading Security Fence Manufacturer

When searching for an Australian security fence manufacture that can supply a range of superior, reliable and durable high-security fencing, get in contact with the team at Gryffin today.

Choose Gryffin For A Superior High-Security Fence

When companies search for a high-security fence, they turn to Gryffin. From their manufacturing facility located in Victoria, each high-security fence is designed and created to a higher standard of quality with machinery that has been designed and built by Gryffin themselves.

Gryffin, for Decades, Has Specialised in Working Within The Transport Industry

Life Safety, Protecting Critical Infrastructure and Assets, Due Diligence, and Mitigating Risk are all paramount in The transport industry and is where security fencing gates play an essential role.

The Benefits of High Security Fencing in Schools And Universities

Universities and schools have been, and always will be, one of the most important and most valuable institutions for a local community. Without effective security fencing, they can be left open to threats such as unwanted intruders, vandalism, theft and more.

The Importance of Gryffin Palisade Security Fencing for Warehouses

Warehouses and depots require effective security fencing for a variety of reasons. As they are typically situated in industrial areas, they are at a higher risk of vandalism and theft when compared to commercial areas due to the higher crime rate of industrial areas.