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5 Reasons to Migrate Your Business to Office 365 | Geeks On Wheels - Geeks on Wheels

Migrating your business to the Office 365 suite can improve productivity and streamline your business process. We look at 5 benefits of migrating to Office 365.

Truly effective Wi-Fi coverage, security and parental controls with better WiFi - Geeks on Wheels

Geeks on Wheels provide wireless mesh routers that are the next step in modern Wi-Fi, and a giant leap from the routers, Wi-Fi extenders and Powerline solutions that have traditionally been thought of as the best way to get whole house coverage

5 Smart Gadgets That Will Shape the Home of the Future - Geeks on Wheels

Smart homes are becoming more of a reality each day. We look at five smart gadgets that will shape the future home such as Google Home and Amazon Echo.

Microsoft Gets Ready to Scrap Skype Classic Once and For All - Geeks on Wheels

This November, Microsoft plans to stop supporting the desktop version of Skype 7.0 in a bid to move customers to the newer Skype 8.0 which is cloud based rather than application based, this means that all chat and conversations will be stored on the cloud rather than just on your home computer. Skype 7.0 or Skype Classic as it is sometimes called will be officially unsupported on November 1st and require all Skype users to update, while the mobile and tablet versions will be cut off on November 15th. The company announced the change on the Skype blog on September 27th telling users that, “Although you may be able to use older versions for a little while, we encourage you to update today to avoid any interruption.”. We absolutely agree, however if you have chat history or logs you want to save before moving to the new version, this is something we will help you with below. If you are not sure what version of Skype you have, you can do the following to check:

Getting More Life out of Your Laptop and Your Wallet

Are you in love with your laptop? You’re not alone – we all depend on our laptops every day of our lives for countless tasks, so it’s no wonder they become our most treasured possessions. Of course, as the years go on, our trusty friends get worse for wear, especially considering how much we use the darn things! Laptops that aren’t treated with love and respect tend to slow down, and that’s unacceptable when we’ve got emails to write and YouTube clips of Beyoncé to watch! But there are ways to get more life out of your laptop instead of buying a new one, even if you really do just want to splurge on a new one! In some cases of course, buying a new laptop makes sense, but for the most part, investing in some upgrades coupled with some DIY tricks will get your laptop purring.

Frozen Mac Hacks - Get Back To Full Speed - Geeks on Wheels

Why is your Mac freezing? Well, it could be anything from a full hard dive to old hardware. Geeks on Wheels is here to help unfreeze your Mac.

Macs Cannot Get Viruses: Fact or Fiction? - Geeks on Wheels

When it comes to Mac repair, most users think viruses won't ever be part of the equation, but is this actually true? The short answer is no - more details here!

Five Reasons Your Computer Keeps Freezing - Geeks on Wheels

It’s frustrating and unproductive when your computer keeps freezing during use. Check these five common problems which are behind most of these issues.

Which Computer Upgrades Will Give Me the Best Value for Money? - Geeks on Wheels

Time for a computer upgrade? Not sure which parts you need? We look at what you should prioritise first if you want to maximise your value for money.

Recommended Monthly Computer Maintenance Checklist | Geeks on Wheels - Geeks on Wheels

We provide a checklist of monthly computer maintenance tasks you should get into the habit of doing, such as cleaning components, updating your software and restarting your device.

Anitvirus-protection against Cyber Crime - Geeks on Wheels

With Ransomware being able to target anyone, from individuals to small businesses to large organisations like government departments and hospitals, nobody is safe from the reach of this form of cyber-crime.

Protect yourself from Scams - Geeks on Wheels

Geeks on Wheels tackles scammers, viruses and malware daily and sees first hand the harm that can come of not being properly protected. It is imperative ALL New Zealanders keep themselves safe from scammers.

3 Reasons Why You Need To Back up Your Data - Geeks on Wheels

Backing up your computer is recommended to avoid data loss in a crash or a hack. In this post we go over three reasons why backing up your data is essential to protect your files.

10 iPhone Tips and Tricks You Need to Know | Geeks on Wheels Tips - Geeks on Wheels

Here are 10 iPhone tricks and tips you can use every day. These hidden iPhone features from Geeks on Wheels are sure to improve productivity in your day-to-day life!

Are you ready to Stream the Rugby in NZ in 2019 - Geeks on Wheels

Spark Sport is a New Zealand sports-streaming service that allows you to watch a wide range of sport from around the world including football, basketball, motorsport and rugby throughout New Zealand. It’s offered as a monthly subscription, for certain events,  you can watch on a pay per match basis or, if you prefer, you can buy a tournament pass to watch the Rugby this year live from the comfort of your home!

The Worst Computer Viruses in History - Geeks on Wheels

Much like the real-world equivalent, computer viruses that get out of hand can cause a lot of damage. Learn about some of the historically worst here.