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Updated by Ginger Caylor Pittman on Mar 17, 2013
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Top Ten Websites for Learning about Transliteracy

As a part of my ITEC 7090-Transliteracy course, I have explored many websites. This list presents the best of those for people wanting to learn more about transliteracy.

The Unquiet Librarian

This weblog is presented by Buffy Hamilton, the librarian at Creekview High School. It is a great resource for those who are unfamiliar with the concept of transliteracy as well as those who want to get more ideas for implementing activities in their schools that incorporate the principles of transliteracy.

Academic Technologies » What is Transliteracy and How Does it Fit at Empire State College?

This particular blog entry, written by Dana Longley, describes what is meant by transliteracy and makes the case that transliteracy is applicable in all areas, not just the library. I found it to be inspirational. » Commensurable Nonsense (Transliteracy)

On his blog, David Rothman presents his reasons as to why the term "transliteracy" is unnecessary. While I did not agree with his stance, it is always smart to be informed about both sides of an argument.

What Is This Buzz Word “Transliteracy”? A Q&A with Ryan Nadel | Spotlight on Digital Media and Learning

Spotlight covers the intersections of technology and education, going behind the research to show how digital media is used in and out of classrooms to expand learning. This is a great piece for those wanting to learn more about transliteracy.

Journeys: It's Not Nothing

In this weblog entry, Diane Cordell discusses why David Rothman is wrong in his stance against the use of the term "transliteracy." She presents a compelling argument for the use of the new buzzword, particularly for those in K-12 education.

Considering Transmedia: Literature “Born Digital”

This item discusses the idea of transmedia. It focuses on literature that is created using a variety of media and the effect such literature can have on student learning.

Transliteracy Research Group

This site provides a variety of resources for those interested in transliteracy. Most interesting to me was the mention of the 2012 AASL Fall Forum which focused on the topic of transliteracy.

Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything - Home

This website presents a great number of resources for those who are attempting to implement activities incorporating transliteracy into their classrooms. I loved the Bloomin' Apps portion, which provided apps based on their level of application in Bloom's Taxonomy.

Active Learning | Kristin Fontichiaro's Blog About Learning, Teaching, Making Things, and Libraries

After seeing her speak at the 2012 AASL Fall Forum, I have found Kristing Fontichiaro's blog to be a great resource for inspiration and help with all things transliteracy.

Confessions of an Aca-Fan — — The Official Weblog of Henry Jenkins

A list dealing with transliteracy would not be complete without mention of Henry Jenkins' weblog. He provides an interesting perspective on the topic, just as he did at the AASL Fall Forum.