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Pet Clinic Singapore

Pets Avenue Veterinary Clinic (PAVC) is focused on practicing evidence-based diagnostics and medicine, and providing quality medical attention for all our patients. We are a primary care practice, which esteems in establishing Pet-Owner-PAVC bond. This allows us to share relevant veterinary-related knowledge with our clients as well as within our team. Pets Avenue Emergency is one of the Value-Added Services provided by the clinic.

Pets Avenue is a vet clinic in Singapore dedicated to provide a wide range of 24-Hour veterinary services for your pets including intensive hospitalization vet care & more. Visit their website or call at +65 6471 0111 now to know more.

Pet Emergency & Critical Care‎ | Pets Avenue

Pets Avenue offers 24 hours Vet services in Singapore during emergency for pets / dogs. Call their emergency hotline at 8121 6080.

For emergency and best vet services in Singapore contact Min Zhi Wong, Veterinary Surgeon in Singapore. Pets Avenue offer expertise that ensures the best possible outcome for the pets.

Genevieve Zhang, Recommended Veterinary Surgeon in Singapore

Looking for a highly motivated veterinary surgeon with experience? Genevieve Zhang is highly recommended veterinary surgeon in Singapore. Visit Pets Avenue for more details or call them at +65 6471 0111.

Recommended Vet in Singapore - Lip Ren Chong- Pets Avenue

Be assured that at Pets Avenue, your pet is always in the very best hands. Meet Lip Ren Chong one of the highly recommended vets in Singapore. Visit the website to know about Dr. Chong. Also you can contact them at +65 6471 0111.

Know about Arvind, an Aspiring Vet at Pets Avenue

Pets Avenue have highly experienced veterinarians who are dedicated to providing only the best healthcare for your pet. Know more about Arvind, an aspiring vet at Pets Avenue.

One of the Recommended Veterinary Surgeon in Singapore - Dawn Ong

Pets Avenue offers professional and compassionate medical services for your animal companions. Dawn Ong is one of the recommended Veterinary Surgeon in Singapore. To know more visit the website or give them a call at +65 6471 0111.

Preventative Healthcare at Vet Clinic Singapore - Pets Avenue

Preventative medicine is the goal at Pets Avenue Vet. Know what preventative healthcare you must take for your pet. For more information visit Pets Avenue - the vet clinic in Singapore.

Facing Skin Problems for Your Pets? Get Dermatology Consultation at Pets Avenue

Does your pet feels itchy and is scratching all over? It is necessary to understand what the underlying issue is. For dermatology related consultation visit Pets Avenue, pet clinic Singapore.

Get High Standard of Safety for Your Pet’s Surgery at Pets Avenue

Pets Avenue provide simple and complex surgical procedures for dogs and cats. You get the highest standard of veterinary surgical care at Pets Avenue, pet clinic Singapore.

Find a Range of Diagnostic Tests at Pets Avenue

There are several categories of diagnostic tests that may be performed to help your veterinarian determine the cause of your pet's disorder. Find a range of diagnostic tests at Pets Avenue - vet clinic in Singapore

24 Hours Vet Emergency & Specialty Clinic - Pets Avenue

Pets Avenue is also equipped with caging facilities to hospitalise sick animals overnight. To know more about the hospitalization facilities give them a call at +65 6471 0111.

Nutrition and Weight Management Program at Pets Avenue

To help you, get your pet in to top shape, Pets Avenue provide a Weight- Management Program. The aim of the program is to help you, get your pet, to lose weight and gain optimum health and vitality. Give them a call at +65 6471 0111 to know more about the program.

For House Call Vet Singapore Services – Contact Pets Avenue

Pets Avenue Mobile is a service provided for owners that have difficultly bringing their pets to the clinic. Know more about house call vet in Singapore here -

For Dental Health Check up Visit Pet Clinic Singapore- Pets Avenue

Pets Avenue Vet offer Free dental Health Checks to help you look after your pet’s teeth. Ring them today on 6471 0111 to book your free dental health check.

4 Easy Steps Protect your Pet’s Teeth - Pets Avenue

Your pets require adequate and proper attention to their teeth. So this blog discusses about 4 easy steps to protect your pet’s teeth.

Periodontal Disease - Pets Avenue

Periodontal disease is one of the most common dental diseases seen in dogs and cats. Here is a blog which discusses about periodontal disease in pets. Read more here!

Obesity in Pets - Pets Avenue

How does obesity affect your pets and how to tackle this issue to prevent complications is discussed in this blog. Read more here!

  • At Pets Avenue, they offer a comprehensive range of veterinary services and surgical procedures that are tailored to meet the needs of the pets you love. These are carried out by their experienced and dedicated team, in a modern and well-equipped facility. Visit their website to know more!

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