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HDB Financial Services Limited Loans

HDB Financial Services (HDBFS) is a leading Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) that caters to the growing needs of an Aspirational India, serving both Retail & Commercial Clients.

How can I get a personal loan? - Quora

Through proper financial planning, it becomes easier to understand why achieving these goals is important and how it can impact your future. It will keep you from applying for high-interest instant loan as your savings will be enough to tide over a sticky situation.

Five Essential Money Lessons you must teach your kids

While young kids may not understand technical details like personal loan interest rates etc. the basics about money are enough for them to understand why money is an important commodity.

If retirement isn’t planned prudently, one may have to borrow money from children or relatives or apply for a loan against property to tide over the financial constraints faced by them. Some people refuse to retire and also take up a job or begin consultancy services after retirement to keep the finances flowing.

loan against property

If certain financial decisions are not taken at the right time, as time goes by, money will become a dear commodity. You could always take a loan against property to sustain well but this too wouldn’t be needed if Procrastination is avoided.

Personal Loan - HDBFS

You may have applied for a personal loan to take this much-needed break from monotony, but that doesn’t mean you should spend without a thought. Let us divide these tips that can help you to save money, into four broad areas and through careful planning, you can save on a large percentage of your travel expenses

Personal Loan Eligibility

HDB Financial Services Limited have personal loan eligibility criteria-
Minimum age of applicant should be 21 years and maximum 60 years. If you are a govt employee then it is 65 years. You minimum net monthly income should be 20,000 for metro location and 15,000 for other locations.

Credit Cards Balance Transfer - HDBFS

There are different criteria for balance transfer credit cards. For this, your minimum age should be 21 years and the maximum is 60 years. 65 years is for govt employees. Your minimum net monthly income should be Rs 20,000 for metro locations and 15,000 for other locations.

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Instant Loan

Before you begin your travel, make sure you have converted your cash to the local currency to avoid last-minute hassles. If you feel your current cash situation will create a shortfall, apply for an instant loan with your bank or an NBFC to manage the trip well.

Balance Transfer Credit Cards

If you have borrowed on a high-interest charging credit card and are paying huge amounts every month, you could choose balance transfer credit cards that have a lower interest rate.

HDBFS Loan Against Property

There are various features and benefits for HDBFS loan against property. You can assure loan up to 8 crores. Tenure for this is up to 180 months with attractive interest rates. The process is simple and speedy. For more details visit the website

Balance Transfer - HDBFS

One can also be a smart buyer by paying credit card outstanding on due dates, using balance transfer if the existing interest rate is higher and keeping a track of transactions made. Thus, one can lead a stress-free life by managing money the smart way.

Personal Loan Calculator

Most reputed banks and NBFCs have a personal loan calculator on their websites, so go ahead and select the most comfortable EMI to repay the loan. Ready to take off and visit your favourite destinations with a personal loan in your pocket.

The effects of career instability on financial planning - Instant Loan

Taking instant loans can help you to tide over temporary money loss or emergency needs, but keeping a steady job and taking efforts to build a career is essential for long-term happiness in life.

Personal Loan Interest Rates

Nowadays, one can easily purchase a car by applying for a loan as a car loan and personal loan interest rates can be negotiated and are well within the common man’s reach.

Personal Loan Eligibility

Calculating your net worth is as simple as calculating your personal loan eligibility when you are in need of emergency funds. Let us look at the mathematical method first.
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Why personal loans are the best option for financing: hdbfs

These expenses may come up at a time we least expect it to and at such times, availing a personal loan is the easiest way to address these needs. Through personal loans, it is possible to satisfy any of these requirements and then paying it off through easy Equated Monthly Instalments (EMI).

3 Essential Investment Strategies for the young generation - Personal Loan

Taking a personal loan without actually needing it or splurging on unnecessary
expenses using credit cards can be damaging, especially early in one’s life. The various investment strategies should help you to move swiftly towards your goal in a steady manner

Golden Commandments you must follow while taking a personal loan

Emergency funds can be raised through various sources like taking loan against property or applying for a personal loan. While choosing the latter, it is advisable to follow various commandments and avoid making mistakes

3 Excellent reasons to choose a personal loan over others | Youth Ki Awaaz

The concept of personal loan has changed the way in which we look at loans and the loan application and repayment process has been simplified to a great extent. However, unlike any other loan, personal loans are unsecured and do not need any collateral and has a quick process and disbursal which endears it to the common man

Mistakes You Should Avoid While Applying For Personal Loans - Instant loan

Personal loans are powerful financial tools and by applying for an instant loan, you can meet emergency situations with confidence but by avoiding the above mistakes you will be able to increase the chances of approval. So, always check the fine print before applying for your personal loan. It will assure you peace of mind throughout the loan tenure.

Get to know your EMI by personal loan calculator

If there are credit card expenses that have grown over a period of time, use an online personal loan calculator to check the loan amount and EMI you can avail. This is a smart idea to eliminate “bad loans” by taking “good loans”.

Personal Loan Eligibility

If diligently done, you can enhance your savings and you can easily fund your next dream vacation or enrol your child at a prestigious college without worrying about your personal loan eligibility

Balance Transfer Credit Cards

With facilities like balance transfer credit cards can prove to be a valuable support during trying times, provided payments are made in time. There is an opportunity to clear a few credit card myths can damage your financial future

How to successfully manage your spending habits – Personal Loans

Evaluating our own spending habits and checking if it is manageable is difficult since we do not discuss it with friends and family, as we expect backlash and judgement from others. You may spend on credit cards, borrow from others or take a personal loan to splurge on luxury items.

Are you looking for a loan against property?

Financial shortfalls are common amongst every individual these days. Consider taking a loan against property from HDBFS which offers attractive interest rates. the process at HDBFS is simple and speedy.