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Ate: The Benchmark For Efficient Water Management Solutions

The ATE Boost Star hydropneumatics systems are engineered for excellence to meet the high pressure water pump requirements of domestic, commercial and industrial applications. ATE is dedicated to providing a system for every need and the products are configured with the world’s best technology for pumps, VFDs, pressure tanks and instrumentation.

Valence Lamiflow Heat Exchanger - A Key Enabler In Energy Savings

The valence Lamiflow, is a flat plate, air-to-air heat exchanger designed to optimize heat usage and assuage for application in various industries. Lamiflow contains several thin plates separated by a very small distance having large surface areas. With the heat recovery system, Lamiflow, the expensive thermal energy which was earlier wasted could now be used to reheat the air without mixing the exhaust and inlet air, with a minimal pressure drop.

ATE Group - High-quality Wastewater Management at Your Disposal Reuse & Recycle

Wastewater management is the process of detoxifying and cleansing water for reuse and recycle. In Wastewater treatment process solid particles, liquid pollutants, and harmful nutrients eliminated from wastewater and make it for reuse. ATE offers customized wastewater management solutions for organizations who seek equipment that integrates Zero-Liquid Discharge technology (ZLD).

Biological Wastewater Treatment - Sustainable and Cost Effective Solution

In partnership with Huber, A.T.E. specialize in sustainable solutions to minimize damage to the environment by coming up with decentralized wastewater treatment processes. Sugar and Distilleries wastewater from the distillery industry can damage aquatic life and the overall environment near it. That’s why at A.T.E, we provide anaerobic treatment of wastewater along with two-stage biological wastewater treatment.

Understanding Industrial Lubrication System

Lubrication System provides efficient solutions for smooth and productive functioning of machinery. It has many advantages like never shuts down the equipment, prevent ingress of water and contaminants. The lubrication system is either a single point or multipoint, using state-of-the-art water management equipment which ensures the most economical, safest and reliable solutions. For more details visit ATE group site.

Get the Boost You Need - The Pressure Booster Pump and its Role

Pressure booster pumps are useful in residential buildings, commercial complexes, multiplexes, and malls. A.T.E. offer these pumps with low cost, less maintenance, and longer life. Versatile functioning is the biggest advantage that pressure booster pump offer.

Solar Thermal Technology - The Emission-Free Method to Generate Steam and Power

Solar thermal concentrator is used in solar thermal technology to capture the heat of the sun and produces electricity which is used in domestic, industrial and commercial activities. This technology is having various benefits like low maintenance cost, reduces the dependence of fossil fuels.

Know More About Concentrated Solar Thermal System

A.T.E. provides the solar thermal system in which heat is generated through sun rays and that converted in electricity on a huge scale. This electricity is useful for residential as well as for industries. Our concentrated solar thermal system has features like excellent shelf life, electricity generation reports. To know more about solar thermal system visit A.T.E. site

Industrial Internet of Things - The Disruptive Technology Set to Rule Our Lives

With the use of Industrial IoT solutions, companies are able to detect inefficiencies and problems much earlier than before and save time and money. They remove human beings from the actual area of industrial operation and allow machines to work autonomously, thereby reducing human error, sudden system failures or downturns and most importantly human injury.

Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps For Industries

Air operated pumps are known for the reciprocation of elastomeric diaphragms along with checking-valves in order to pump fluid. ATE provides various types of air operated pumps like Yamada NDP-5, Yamada DP-10 etc. It is having features, such as bolted-construction and common component replaceable parts are known to maximize uptime and, in turn, increase profitability.

All About Industrial Mixers and Blenders

ATE provides various kinds of Industrial mixers and blenders are majorly used for combining any type of liquid or solid during the manufacturing process. These are largely used in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical, agricultural, pulp and paper, automotive, water treatment, adhesive, and sealant industries. These mixer and blenders are easy to install, and very little maintenance cost required.

Importance and Features of Industrial Water Treatment

The Main aim of industrial wastewater treatment is to lower the number of solids such as waste product, organic materials, and sand from industrial wastewater. This wastewater treatment can lead to water sustainability and be a roadway of preventing the scarcity of potable water in India. For more details read the article.

Different types of pressure booster pump available in the market, select the best water pressure booster pump which is easy to install, affordable. ATE provides booster pumps of different sizes and functionality. They have been specially designed for specific purposes, thus making it easier for you to choose one that suits your needs. For more details read the article.

EcoAxis - The Future of Industrial IoT Solutions

A.T.E. provide IoT solutions for your plastic manufacturing industry. It helps to improve productivity and enhance efficiency. With the help of IoT solutions, you can access your machine data on your device from anywhere, any time. Using this solution, we can track machine performance and saves energy. At EcoAxis, we believe in digitizing not just the manufacturing process, but the whole OEM organization. For more details read the article.

HMX - Where All Your Industrial and Commercial Cooling Needs Are Met

HMX Cooling solutions are the ultimate answer for all your industrial and commercial cooling needs. HMX provide various types of the evaporative cooling system like indirect, direct, indirect and indirect direct evaporative cooling. These cooling systems are useful to maintain the temperature. We provide a cost-efficient fresh air system in residential buildings.

Pressure Boosting Pumps Are the Ultimate Solution for Varying Pressure Problems

The HyP-Dual high pressure water pumps are designed by A.T.E. engineers and give a practical solution for the water supply requirements for customers in every domain. These pumps are useful in domestic, industrial, and commercial applications. Its pressure range is 0-25 bar. An LED fault indicator is mounted on the interface so that quick detection and troubleshooting can be done.

Ensuring Machinery Longevity With Lubrication Systems

Lubrication systems play an important role in the maintenance of large machinery and its parts in major construction projects, engineering projects, and manufacturing facilities. It is used in air operated pumps, electric operated pumps etc. Lubrication system helps to reduce machine downtime and increasing productivity and efficiency.

All About Water Pressure Booster Pumps

To supply sufficient water pressure in high-rise buildings and to prevent contamination from backing into the water supply, a water pressure booster pump is needed. It’s helpful to know the features of it as well as parts before selecting the right one pump. Find the best quality water pressure booster pumps at A.T.E.

High-Performance Water Pumps with Energy Savings

A.T.E. Group supplies efficient pumping products and solutions for a wide range of applications. If you are looking for a low maintenance high pressure water pump, then the HyP-DUAL engineered by A.T.E Enterprises will prove ideal. Water pressure booster pump is another product introduced by A.T.E. which helps to reduce power consumption. These pressure boosting systems are ideal for commercial and residential complexes.

HMX-IEC Innovative Sensible Cooling Solution

Industrial air cooling is essential to control the quality of finished goods. This is where evaporative cooling comes into play. HMX provides various types of evaporative cooling solutions. The HMX-IEC is an innovative cooling solution that aids temperature control in different settings using indirect evaporative cooling. The HMX-IEC improves indoor air quality and cools air without the addition of moisture to the air.

Taking Textile Engineering to The Next Level with Circular Knitting Machines

Circular knitting machines are widely used throughout the knitting industry to produce high-quality fabric. These machines have 2 types of it like Single and double jersey knitting machines. Circular knitting machines offer benefits like low maintenance costs, the high-speed machine runs without vibrations, repeatable quality of fabric production over long runs, easy operation and great value for money. To know more about it and make inquiries visit A.T.E. site.

Iot - A Futuristic Technology To Drive Businesses Forward Today

Every business today faces a common challenge - the need to stay connected and access information across platforms, processes, and between people. A.T.E’s technical expertise as a leading IOT solutions provider in India to enable businesses to become leaner and environmentally responsible with the help of technology.

Treat Wastewater and Save Environment

There are 3 stages in the wastewater treatment plant process such as primary, biological and industrial wastewater treatment. One of the top leading wastewater treatment industries in India is the ATE. With a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals, ATE Enterprises have established their position and expertise in wastewater management.

Know More About Lubricator Pumps

Lubrication systems include lubrication pumps that come in both, automated, and manual forms, that allow for the proper lubrication of machinery. A.T.E provides high quality and reliable lubricating pumps and its related machinery which can work for a variety of purposes, environments, and with different lubricant materials for your needs. Lubrication system reduces the usage of energy which in turn reduces costs.

Carding Machines Improve Production Efficiency and Lower Production Cost

The textile carding machine is as crucial for the production of quality yarn as spinning machinery. ATE offers Truetzschler manufactured carding machines, which are known for their superior performance. There are 3 textile carding machines such as TC 5, TC 15 and TC 10 offered by the company.

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