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Updated by Joe kok on Aug 29, 2018
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6 Checking List When Getting a Cloud Storage Service

It's undeniably that good cloud storage service is very important for today's storage and backup activities. It's remote, cheap and reliable. But what's the most important factors when it comes to pick up the best cloud storage for personal usage? Here's the 6 I've listed out!



Data Security

Data Security

The first in the list is cloud storage security and privacy concern. Security is the most important part and vital for you in deciding if you should go with the cloud storage provider. The research for the 3 most secure cloud storage is here for your reference and guidance.


Multi Location Backup

Don't put all your eggs in one basket as people always said. The same rules apply to cloud storage services. It should have multiple server backup from different location so it can cover for unnecessary break down or incident.


Reliability & Stability

Always goes for a service that are reputable. This is to ensure that the service they provide are always reliable. Files store remotely to the cloud sometimes are fragile as it might lost out because of glitch and technical error. All this boil down to the stability and reliability of the cloud provider.


Cloud Storage Capacity

Cloud Storage Capacity

As our demand grow, so is the storage that needed to accustomed to our need. Storage capacity is where you need to look in before hand to avoid lack of space or storage in the future. Though there's a lot of Free Cloud Storage available at no cost, but the free option is always limited and not enough to support your basic need.
Know how much you need now and multiple it by 5x!


Cloud Storage Pricing

Cloud Storage Pricing

It's a very competitive market for cloud storage player. Which in turn it benefits us as consumer. A decent cloud storage which had the most tight secure feature cost around $4 per month for 500GB and that's the benchmark that we all should be taking in. There is just one cloud storage provider that are able to give you this enormous deal, pCloud.


After Sales Support

That would be the last criteria among these 6 important factors. After all, if the cloud storage is good and reliable, the customer service would be the last resort that you'll ever need. But it has to be there effectively to help out customer when needed.