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Top 06 Reasons to Visit Oman – An Exotic Destination

Oman may not be known amongst many tourists, but those who visit have been wowed by the place enough to want to return. Here are a few reasons for you to start planning your Oman holiday.


Experience Real Arabian Nights

Oman will take you back in time to when the Arab world was steeped in mystery and the rustic beauty of the desert. The place is not a modern hub of huge skyscrapers; instead, Oman offers one a very pleasant mix of old and new. Enjoy loads of old-world charm, relax and unwind as you explore one of the Middle East's most peaceful countries. Check into one of the beautiful Oman resorts boasting exotic surroundings and get set to enjoy true Arabian nights under the desert sky. There are several resorts set amidst rustic locations like Alila Jabal Akhdar, perched 2,000 metres above sea level in the scenic Al Hajar Mountain range.


A Rich Culture and History

Oman has a wealth of archaeological sites and is a land of culture and history. Home to a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites the country boasts over 500 ancient towers and forts. Amongst these, the Bahla Fort is a UNESCO Heritage Site. It is quite fascinating to note that many of the population still hold onto ancient traditions and practise the same customs as their forefathers did many years ago.


The Locals Are Friendly

Omanis are a "no fuss" people. Humble, friendly, helpful and very hospitable these people will make you feel right at home no matter which part of the country you decide to explore.


The Natural Beauty of the Country is Amazing

Oman's rustic beauty is quite unmatched, whether you are exploring the golden sand dunes in a 4X4 or exploring the stunning coastal towns, the country will not fail to impress. Explore the Al Hajar Mountain range home to exotic surroundings and proof of prehistoric settlers. There you can explore ancient caves, indulge in mountain climbing and look forward to canyon walks. While the beaches of Muscat are legendary, you will be quite awed by the mountain framed coasts of Salalah. Swim, dive, snorkel or enjoy long walks along the coastal tracks covered in verdant foliage. Don't forget the cameras!


Oman Offers Plenty of Outdoor Adventure

Oman is a marvellous destination for the adventure loving soul. Plenty of adrenaline-pumping experiences waits, from 4X4 rides up the shifting sand dunes in the middle of the desert to camel rides across the golden sands one has plenty of action to choose from. Take on a sunset safari and be mesmerized by the beauty of a blazing sky over the desert horizon or camp in the Wahiba Desert and look forward to hiking across rustic wadis and climbing across deep ravines.


Oman Has Sea Turtles Galore

Some of the most beautiful beaches in Oman are now popular breeding grounds for a variety of sea turtles. Masirah Island is the most famous destination for catching sight of these sea creatures and is home to species such as the leatherback.