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Updated by Caring Hands Adult Medical Daycare on Nov 22, 2019
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Caring Hands Adult Medical Daycare

Caring Hands Adult Medical Daycare has been providing services to the community since 2003. Our center is specifically designed to be a place where clients can meet new friends, engage in social activities, keep active through exercise, learn new things, take fun trips, and most importantly, maintain their dignity and independence. At Caring Hands we go the extra mile to care for the aging and disabled.

Cognitive Games and Mind-Stimulating Activities for Seniors

Just as physical activities strengthen our body, cognitive exercise and training stimulate the brain. The more seniors challenge their mental capabilities, the better is the processing of information. Caring Hands Adult Medical Daycare, an Adult Medical Daycare in Dundalk, Maryland, prepares the following activities to keep seniors sharp, active, and mentally engaged.

Foods Adults and Seniors Should Avoid or Not Take Lightly

As an Adult Daycare in Baltimore, Maryland, we have enumerated a list of foods that you should cut down on or take moderately

The Essentials of Social Engagement in Seniors

Social engagement is one of the most essential needs of human life. At Caring Hands Adult Medical Daycare, we know that seniors are more likely to feel isolated and dejected as compared to middle-aged couples. As an Adult Daycare in Baltimore, Maryland, we sourced out the following benefits of social interaction in seniors as a way to support our services:

Adult Daycare | Adult Medical Daycare

Do you have a loved one who needs medical care and assistance? Caring Hands Adult Medical Daycare, an adult daycare in Baltimore, Maryland, can help you.

About Us | Adult Daycare in Baltimore, Maryland

Caring Hands Adult Medical Daycare is an adult daycare in Baltimore, Maryland. Learn more about us and what we can offer you.

The Benefits of Art for Adults

Adult day services offer daily social activities to keep clients physically and mentally active.

Adult Day Services | Our Services | Baltimore, Maryland

Whether your loved one needs medical care or assistance in their daily living, we can provide them with their needs in a safe and friendly environment.

Why Adult Daycare Is a Good Option for Elderly Adults

Aging loved one needs a place where their needs met. Maybe an Adult Daycare in Baltimore, Maryland is the care provider you are looking for. Adult day services can be beneficial for your loved one’s mental, emotional, and physical well-being. These are some advantages in enrolling your relative in an adult daycare center:

The Key Components to Healthy Aging

A lot of seniors live healthy and active lives. Having a healthy lifestyle can help you in dealing with the changes of normal aging and make the most out of your life. As one of the premier providers of Adult Medical Daycare in Dundalk, Maryland, we have prepared key points or steps you can do and maintain in order to achieve it.

Day-to-Day Care | Personal Care | Maryland

Our care team at Caring Hands is committed in providing daily personal care assistance to our clients who find it difficult to do their personal care tasks alone. We also take pride in our unisex beauty salon in which our staff is familiar with handling the special needs of our clients.

Adult Care | Transportation | Baltimore, Maryland

Does your loved one have a medical appointment but you can't escort them? Don't worry. Our adult daycare in Baltimore, MD offers transportation services.

Ways to Help Your Seniors Find Social Interaction

Caring Hands Adult Medical Daycare believes that social opportunities are just around the corner. For someone who wants to partake in community activities, helping your senior loved ones is a great way to start.

Controlling Your Blood Sugar Level

Adjusting to new habits and changing your lifestyle could be a big step toward diabetes prevention. As an adult daycare in Baltimore, Maryland, we believe that it’s never too late to start.

Health Benefits of Music Therapy for Seniors

This may come as a surprise to you that simply listening to music can improve your quality of life. In history, a lot of people of different ages benefited from music therapy.

Four Benefits of Arts and Crafts for Seniors

Did you know that actively participating in artistic endeavors enriches the body, mind, and soul? Aside from being a widely known form of visual communication, it also improves cognitive skills like hand-eye coordination, memory development, and critical thinking. Creative projects can also help alleviate boredom and keep seniors’ minds busy, and may even help prevent feelings of anxiety and loneliness.

Benefits of Asking Help from Adult Day Services

Having your senior parents at home is great. You get to spend more time with them and you can be assured that they are well taken care of and safe. But as a family caregiver, you also have other responsibilities and duties that need to be done. These responsibilities may require you to be away from home for hours, leaving your senior loved ones unattended at home.

Fulfilling Activities for Retirees

A lot of people look forward to the day when they retire. They invest in insurance and keep their finances in check for them to be prepared when retirement day comes. However, some seniors find out that in the middle of ticking boxes in their list of goals and adventures, they feel bored and find their daily routine mundane.