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Wet Floor Sign

Wet Floor Sign

Chech out our amazing range f wet floors signs and wet floor cones. Heavy duty single side or dual side wet floor signs and wet floor cone from well established brands. Suitable for commercial and industrial use

Wet Floor Sign

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Wet Floor Signs

Avoid Overusing Wet Floor Signs

Signs are only effective if the only target audience acknowledges their importance. One of the common mistakes that cleaners make is overusing the wet floor signs, leaving them in place even when the floors have dried and the danger has passed. Common areas where this is an issue include:

Cleaned floors

When “dry-mopping” floors, they can be particularly hazardous because the surface will look dry, but still be slippery. Access to these sections of the floor should be limited and the wet floor signs remain in place until you’re actually sure that the floor is dry.

It’s recommended that when you’re mopping you reduce that amount of liquid content used. You don’t really have to soak the floor in cleaning solution. Methods like using spray mops give you more control over the amount of the solution used. Certainly, you can still work with the conventional yarn mops – just remember to wring out the excess liquid. This is to make the floor to dry faster.

Areas with spills

These are bound to happen at one time or another. From office buildings to restaurants and grocery stores, spills are more than just a problem to the aesthetic appeal of the surface. Ideally, the spills should be removed immediately. Mopping up the contents and clearing the area as soon as possible minimises the risk of the slip and fall accidents, and also the risk of damage to the floor. However, in some situations, one may not be able to deal with the spill right away. It can be in the middle of a busy day at the restaurant where the attendants have their hands full, or the spill is large and requires the bulky cleaning tools to be obtained from the janitorial closet which may be a couple of floors away, or you’re dealing with hazardous liquids. Here, it is important to cordon off the area using the appropriate signage. Speaking of which, for sections like near the bar or at the beverage machine, it is recommended to have a couple of wet floor signs nearby since these areas are prone to spills. That way, you can quickly position the signs to warn the persons around the affected area of the hazard involved, as you make arrangements to deal with the spill.
When there is rain at the building entrances

During periods of wet weather, the number of slip accidents at the entrance of the building shoots up. With the employees and clients walking into the facility with wet shoes – plus during those winter months when there is actual ice and snow that gets tracked into the building, it makes the region at the entrance very slippery. Drips from the wet cloths, umbrellas and the like also add to the moisture content on the floor.

To deal with such scenarios, you’ll need to do more than just positioning the wet floor signs. Here it is recommended that you invest in floor mats, positioning them well at the entrance, and also the high traffic zones. Note that when the mats are being set up, they should extend into the building for a sufficient distance in order to increase the contact with the footwear and wheels of baby carriages and wheelchairs for long enough to remove the moisture and soiling that is under them. You can easily notice wet footprints after the mat for those cases where the length does not extend enough. Ensure that the mats used have sufficient absorption to soak up the moisture and retain it within its structure.
Replace the mats are required. This is particularly for those peak times – especially the morning hours when people are reporting for work. You should also consider closing off some of the entrance points in order to limit access – but remember not to restrict any emergency access. Using the wet floor signs will aid in keeping the people accessing the facility from the dangerous areas, and these should also be removed and stored away when the threat ceases. Aspects like cranking up the lighting in order to increase visibility, and providing heating in order to speed up the drying of the floor will also come in handy.

Decrease Liabilities With Wet Floor Signs

When running the business, you are mandated to ensure that you have put in place proper safety protocols for the persons on the premises. Failing to do this exposes you to a sea of lawsuits that can damage your balance sheet and brand image. For the cleaning tasks, it is important to use wet floor signs to indicate the hazardous sections of the areas being worked on, warning the persons walking around to be more cautious. That way, the cases of slip and fall accidents will be minimised, and you will be able to defend yourself in case the erring was on the individual’s side, because of them being negligent and ignoring the signs that had been placed.

The slip and fall accidents are actually some of the leading causes of workplace injuries, and many of these are attributed to the wet floors. Note that when the claims are made, the compensation can be directed to cater to the medical expenses incurred when dealing with the injury, loss of income due to the duration in which the affected person will be able to eke out a living, and future financial losses attributed to disabilities from the accident. Meanwhile, the simple action of positioning the wet floor signs appropriately around the building would have prevented the accidents from occurring in the first place.

A welcome bonus to wet floor signs is that they can be used to cordon off the area being cleaned. By preventing people from walking all over the affected section, it reduces the amount of dirt that gets transferred onto the area. Remember that wet floors will result in more dirt muddying up the surface. By keeping people off the sections of the floor, you get to avoid situations where you’re forced to redo the cleaning. This makes the wet floor signs a valuable addition to the floor cleaning kit.

Avoid Overusing Wet Floor Signs