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5 Key Attributes of Email Marketing

Email marketing
still continues to be the most effective tool to drive engagement and generate better sales leads. This write-up focuses on a few essential sales tips which you can follow in your email marketing and reap maximum benefit at ease.

7 Practices to Follow for Building a Great Brand Reputation - eSalesData

In today’s digital world, creating brand awareness is not that difficult. Through blogging, paid ads, SEO marketing, website creation, etc. you can build a brand. However, don’t mistake that as a reputation. You may take your business to every customer but making them rely on it is the challenge. That is where the process of building a reputation starts. It doesn’t happen in a single day.Brand reputation is an integral part of brand success. You need to make your audience believe in what you offer to win their loyalty.

4 Key Strategies to Increase the Volume of Qualified Leads - eSalesData

You may have gotten off to a good start having found the sweet spot where progressive growth in web traffic is evident along with a steady stream of prospects that are filling up the sales pipeline. You may feel good that your sales team is securing promising deals. However, despite picking up momentum with inbound marketing, you may be reluctant to settle with what you receive. For more details visit :

Celebrating 10th Anniversary: eSalesData Offers Exciting Discount on Labor Day

Fremont, CA, August 23rd, 2018: eSalesData is celebrating ten years of its excellence this year. Adding onto the celebration is the upcoming 136th Labor Day in the United States. To celebrate the joint occasion with pomp and honor, eSalesData is all geared up with exciting offers that will start from 1st September and continue till 30th September. The month-long offer includes a minimum 10% discount on the purchase of every quality list.
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5 Key Tactics for Maintaining Email Quality - eSalesData

The success rate of any marketing endeavor depends on quality and email marketing campaigns is no different in that regard. If the content you represent and the overall presentation of the email are not up to the industry standards and does not adhere to the ethics of professionalism, then your campaign is likely to fail. A good quality b2b email list can help grow your business while the opposite can ruin your efforts. Here is the list of tactics to maintain the quality of your email list.

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How to get Email Lists for Marketing - eSalesData

Before investing in list purchase, undertaking proper research to list down the reliable names in the industry is a must. Here is what you can do to get the best email list.

7 Ways to Improve Customer Engagement with Geo-Targeting - eSalesData

Location is an essential ‎element that helps marketers in targeting an ad campaign. No matter which area you have your ideal customers, location-based campaigns can help you reach and approach them accordingly. Be it any country, or city, geo-targeting enables you to reach the audience who can give you more business.

5 Reasons to Say ‘Yes’ to Marketing Automation - eSalesData

Marketing has undergone a massive transformation. Now it is no longer just about promoting your products. Today in this competitive landscape, to stay at par marketers need to embrace technology and make the best use of it. From digitalization to social networking, technology ushered marketers with opportunities to excel and grow. Marketing automation is one such contribution of technology that enables marketers to concentrate more on boosting efficiency and planning strategies. Rather than, keeping themselves occupied with repeated works.

You might have noticed that there are times when there is sudden drop in your website traffic. Do you know why it happens? Here are the possible reasons...Read more to know


Amalgamation of Content and Email Marketing for Successfully Building a Digital Reputation

Amalgamation of Content and Email Marketing for Successfully Building a Digital Reputation

The success of your digital marketing strategy solely depends on how well you integrate your content and email marketing strategy to fetch the best results.
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Top 9 Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners - eSalesData

The concept of affiliate marketing is becoming popular day by day. It has given marketers the opportunity to turn their blogs into a money-making machine. Affiliate programs have given a new dimension to content marketing.
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