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Top 6 Museums to visit in Colombo - Be the history buff you are

To fully understand the essence of Sri Lanka visitors can visit one of the many museums showcasing its art, culture and history. Here are some of the top Museums in Colombo.


Colombo National Museum

This is the best-known museum in the county, and when you see the number of wonders on display here it will be of no wonder why. The first thing you will notice when you get there is how stunning the building is from the outside. The magnificent white structure dates back to Sri Lanka's colonial times. The displays at the museum range from remnants of prehistoric life, to reminders of recent history. Travel through the different eras of Sri Lanka by admiring pieces each preserved from these ancient times. From items once used by Royalty, beautiful ceramics and utensils and beautiful paintings, the collection at this museum is indeed impressive.


National Museum of Natural History

This Museum is housed in the same premises as the National Museum, and they can both be covered in the course of the same visit. This is the only museum in the country that is dedicated solely to Natural History, so it will be the ideal choice for environment enthusiasts. The collection housed here range from a specimen of various reptiles, mammals, birds and more, as well as rock and plant specimens. Many of the animal specimens on displays are creatures that are rare, and in some cases, endemic to Sri Lanka. The man killing Leopard of caught in Punani, the skeletons of some interesting creatures and prehistoric specimens are among some of the most popular displays here.


Independence Memorial Museum

When visiting the Independence Square, a landmark in Colombo, don't forget to visit the Independence Memorial Museum housed in its basement. This small museum honours some of the prominent heroes who assisted Sri Lanka in its struggle for independence and protected the sovereignty of the country. Visitors will find statues of these heroes elegantly lined up, along with descriptions of who they are and what they are known for.


Gangaramaya Temple Museum

The Gangaramaya Temple is housed in two parts, one part in a beautiful complex overlooking the Beira Lake, and the other half on the road opposite this. In the latter, which is the main temple complex, visitors will find a charming museum displaying various vintage bits and pieces donated by worshipers, including old coins and wrist watches. If visitors want to see more of the Beira Lake, they can stay or dine at the Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo which is one of the hotels in Colombo that offers lake views,


Traditional Puppet Museum

Colourful puppets have an important place in the local culture, and these intricately designed, slightly comical looking human figures depict various meanings. For an in-depth look into this curious aspect of the local culture, visitors should include a visit to the Traditional Puppet Museum on their itinerary.


Dutch Museum

The Museum is housed in a building which was once the residence of a Dutch Governor who ruled Sri Lanka in its colonial times, and the building was thereafter put to various different uses. Today it offers on display various items from this era, showcasing the beautiful style and culture which has had a lasting impact on Sri Lanka. From furniture and ceramics to utensils and weaponry, there is much to see in this obscure museum, and visitors will even enjoy the architecture of the building.

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