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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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5 ways to keep your eyes in check – Caring for your biggest blessing

Eyesight is perhaps one of your biggest blessings. However, this gift is not invincible and without proper care, you are in fact at risk of losing this precious gift. Below are 5 ways to keep your eyes healthy.


Go for annual check-ups

For those wondering why you need a check-up when you have perfectly healthy eyes, it is actually to detect budding problems. This way you can nip them in the bud and prevent facing grave eye problems that require complex and extensive care. Issues with vision can be caused by simple changes in the lenses to other more serious problems with the internal anatomy of the eye. By getting your eyes checked you can also identify the root cause of problems and attend to it accordingly. Common problems with regard to vision include changes in the shape of the lens. The need to wear corrective lenses is becoming more and more common thanks to the extensive use of screens in our everyday lives. You need not go to an ophthalmologist to get your eyes checked. In Sri Lanka, you can utilize the Vision Care Optical Services to detect a problem with the lens. Once you have got a prescription from the Vision Care optical service you can obtain the lenses from there itself.


Eat right

Food plays an important role in the maintenance of your eyes just as much as it does on overall health. To keep your vision on point, eat right. Vegetables like carrots are excellent for the eyes as it is loaded with Vitamin A that helps a great deal with night time vision. If your eyes are healthy you need not strain them to enjoy a 10 by 10 vision. Even dark green leaves are loaded with the right vitamins to help maintain optimal vision.


Protect your eyes with appropriate filters

In today's day and age, the eye is at great risk of exposure and hence damage. One main reason for this is the excess usage of screens of all types. The strong lights that emanate from screens can seriously damage the eyes hence it is important to use appropriate filters to protect the eyes from strong rays of light.


Wear shades in the sun

As lovely as it feels sunlight is loaded with both good as well as bad rays of light. Harmful ultraviolet rays are found in sunlight which can cause serious damage to one's eyes. To protect eyes from such harmful rays it is best to use sunglasses. When selecting glasses make sure that they block out both UVA as well as UV B radiation. Go for the best quality in sunglasses and stick to a trusted optician to ensure optimal quality.


Be aware of family history

Problems with eyesight are also largely hereditary. Since poor vision is a treatable condition, there is nothing to feel ashamed or embarrassed about if you can't see clearly. Talk to your family members regarding their eye health history. If the problem exists in the family it is best to have eyes tested from a tender age.

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