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5 Things to know about Water Bungalows - Before you book one

Water bungalows are some of the most unique places to stay on holiday; secluded, with the beautiful ocean a few steps away. Here are five things to know about these magical rooms.


Water bungalows are rare and are better suited for adults

Due to their unique nature and the special considerations to be made when building water bungalows, there are very few available worldwide. The 200 that are available are better suited for adults who can swim well enough to access the bungalows, especially due to safety concerns and convenience. This makes water bungalows a great place to spend a romantic holiday, especially a honeymoon, in paradise. The rarity of water bungalows makes it a unique experience that is bound to create memories that last for a lifetime!


Water bungalows come at various price ranges

Most water bungalows are the epitome of luxury and have a price tag to match; most are around $1000 a night, but some can go up to $4000 for a stay. This can deter many travellers who do not have this kind of money but wish to stay in one of these unique locations. Luckily, there are rooms offered for as low as $150 per night, though they are few and far between and will require an extensive bit of research to locate. Though these budget bungalows may not have the luxuries the more expensive bungalows have to offer, the unique experience of having the ocean at your doorstep is the same.


The weather makes a big difference

While most water bungalows look like they are straight from paradise, the truth is that sometimes the weather makes it less so. During the rainy seasons, water bungalows will not be the best option as there isn't much to do, especially since it may not be safe to swim back and forth between the land and the bungalow. Bad weather, tides, and location also may affect the view from the glass floor that usually allows guests to have a stunning view of the underwater world below them. Plan your stay in a water bungalow well, to avoid the disappointment of staying there during periods of bad weather.


Water bungalows have interesting architecture

It is not an easy feat to build a bungalow over the water, and water bungalows require a lot of architectural genius to keep them standing against the tides and bad weather. They are built by securing stilts that are driven into the seabed, making them strong and stable. Some water bungalows are even built to have two floors, which can include a second bedroom, a deck to lounge in the sun, and a sauna to relax in. You can be sure, however, that your water bungalow is built as safely and securely as possible.


Water bungalows exist all over the world

Given the rarity of water bungalows, it can be surprising to know that many different countries all over the world, from Bora Bora to Mexico and the USA have water bungalows available for booking. The most common are Maldives water bungalows, with French Polynesia coming in second. Many hotels, such as Ellaidhoo Maldives by Cinnamon offer stays in both water bungalows and normal hotel rooms; both of which provide a great way to appreciate the splendid beaches of the Maldives. Finding a water bungalow to stay in does not have to be difficult since they can be found in many places around the world.