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5 Schools That Teach The Dream And Not The Curriculum.

Who has ever thought you could go to school to learn your dreams and be yourself and not what others want you to be. These schools I have listed here are your dreams schools and some even teach you your fantasy.

“Children cannot bounce off the walls if we take away the walls.”
-Erin Kenny, Founder of the American Forest Kindergarten Association.

The word Waldkindergarten which is German for Outdoor nursery or nature Kindergarten is best to describe these schools.

This preschool for children of age three to six is located outdoors and not under ceilings and between walls.

There are no toys, Just nature, and your imaginative skills.

Just like other nurseries Its basic purpose is to care for, stimulate and educate young children with a different approach. And there is no better teacher than Nature to do that.

As the scientific evidence demonstrates, Introducing children to the natural world at an early age has demonstrated to have a positive impact on their mental, physical and social well being. This is literally the core reason.

Teachers are there as a guide and not the center of attention.

*Classes are

  • Roleplay
  • Playing Imaginative games using whatever nature provides
  • Building shelters with the help of other children and adults.
  • Counting Objects or looking for mathematical patterns
  • Memory games
  • Listening to Stories
  • Singing Songs and Rhymes
  • Drawing Scenes
  • Climbing trees and exploring the forest
  • Playing hide and seek
  • Resting.

Wish I had this when I was a child, Don’t you feel like that?

Brooklyn Free School

This is the dream school.

Have you seen the movie accepted? If you have then this school looks like was driven by that(or the reverse, who knows?)

Driven by the motto “where children are free to be themselves” The Brooklyn free school has no standardized curriculum, no mandatory testing, and no grading.

Students are encouraged to follow their interest and all learning is self-directed. The students ranging in age from 4 to 18, they make the school rules.

Classes are:

There are no classes

Students are free to follow their interests, they might want to read alone, take a class or play or nap. A student can leave class as they please.

Why all this freedom?

The Brooklyn free school founder says that They are trying to nurture kids to stay themselves…
That’s what they need to bring to the world, to live a successful, individual happy life.

Can you recall watching the movie The little mermaid or splash as a child?

Well, these movies had a special place in the hearts of many people and inspired many people to want to become a mermaid.

These schools are the place for you to live not just your dream but your Fantasy too. Mermaids schools are schools where you develop a new activity called Mermaiding.

Many people were fascinated by the idea that in just a couple of years the mermaiding trend has gone viral and the mermaid schools have already spread across the globe.

*What do they teach?

  • How to do the dolphin kick while wearing a mermaid tail.
  • Learn breath holding techniques and do 360 degrees underwater.
  • How to become a professional mermaid.

Why Join Mermaid Schools?

Many join for the fun and to live their fantasy. In fact, most of the students are kids. But some learn to develop the basic skills and then work their way up to professional mermaiding to make a living.

There are people who work as a professional mermaid to make a living and some even taking it further to make an impact in the ocean conservation.

People were so fascinated by the idea to live their dream that in just a couple of years these mermaid schools have spread across the globe and you can find a list of them here.

Witch School

Okay, I am not a big fan of wizards and witches, but the number of people who are interested in learning to be a witch invites me to shut my mouth.

Witch schools are dedicated to Wiccan, pagan and magical thoughts.

Some driven to make Wicca their spiritual path while others out of curiosity, the number of people who want to learn how to become a witch is enormous. Over 240, 000 of the students take the course online while others take the course at the two physical locations located in Chicago, Illinois and Salem, Massachusetts.

However, It did get a little opposition from Christians that they even burned their schools.

You can find a list of Witch schools here.

Ummm… I don’t know how to say this, but umm… Do you feel like stripping down?

If I was in Spain I wouldn’t stutter to ask you that question because prostitution is legal in Spain.
With over 200,000 prostitutes in Spain and such a high competition, You need to know more about your market and be able to have some tricks to win the game in your sleeves.

Trabajo Ya which also means Work Now is a school in Valencia that teach people the basic course in professional prostitution with maximum discretion as they call it.

*Classes are

  • History and evolution of prostitution
  • Business skills and
  • A practical skill session where the students discover the ins and outs of sex toys and familiarize themselves with Kamasutra.

If you are wondering if the school is still running?

Yes, it is, It was no surprise the school faced objections from people and underwent a lawsuit, and after an investigation, it was agreed that the school didn’t promote prostitution. So why stop them.