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Top 05 Meals to Try in Vientiane – Tastes of Laos

Laos is quite a fascinating country to visit and is a special treat for foodies. Located beside the Mekong River, the capital Vientiane, especially, is a great place to try out fresh seafood. With farming being a popular way of life too, there are plenty of meat dishes to try as well. Do read on.


Lao Sausage

The good news is that of the two varieties of pork sausages available in Vientiane, they both go well with a chilled beer. Very similar to those found in Thailand, the Lao sausage or sui oua is fatty pork which gets mixed with kaffir lime leaves, galangal and a variety of exotic spices. Of the two varieties, sao krok is the best, since this sausage which is fermented for a couple of days, offers one a sweet and tangy taste. You can buy the sausage straight from a street food vendor and have it with a bottle of chilled Lao beer. There are plenty of street food stalls located around well-placed Vientiane apartments offering you a hassle free stay in this exotic city.


Sticky Rice

Guests at Somerset Vientiane and other such accommodation options in the city can try out the popular sticky rice dish of Laos by paying the nearest street food market a visit. This is a sticky, moist and glutinous rice that is often eaten as an accompaniment to other dishes, although you will probably like the rice, all on its own. Sticky rice must be eaten with the hands and is even good when paired with coconut. In Laos, the dish is called Khao niao and is often toasted and used to enhance popular dishes such as Larb.


Crickets, Grasshoppers and More

Some regions in South-east Asia have speciality dishes and snacks that are made from insects. In Vientiane, the insects are fresh and fried immediately; hence, they taste much better and crunchier than the variety available in Bangkok. The fare is quite good and not a challenge for those of you who want to try the outlandish dishes.


Mekong Cat Fish

The catfish found in the Mekong River are plentiful and very popular grilled. Available throughout the city, the delicious dish has a rich earthy flavour and can be bought grilled on a stick at just about every street side food kiosk. Lookout for the empty lots where local vendors tend to grill the fish on open flames punctuating the air with delicious aromas. They sell it at very cheap rates; a cost-effective and very filling meal.


Khai Look

A popular dish across south-east Asia, this meal is well-known in the Philippines as balut; It is basically foetal duck or chicken and served with mint and salt. The dish is an acquired taste, and consists of a semi-developed embryo inside the shell; which you crack open, drink the juices and eat the half developed chick dipped in salt and sauces. Expect a strong poultry taste and quite the experience with Khai Look.