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10 facts on scuba diving – Explore the underwater world

Scuba diving is one of the safest ways to enjoy the paradise that lies beneath the water. Here are 10 facts about scuba diving that most people don't know about.


It's totally safe

As per the statistics from Divers Alert Network (DAN), there has been only 1 death reported for 211,864 dives in 2010. That's way less than the 126,626 deaths reported due to marathons. As a matter of fact, the deaths related to scuba diving are less than deaths reported due to golfing, car accidents, skydiving and playing soccer. Scuba diving is definitely a sport you should try more than once!


You're more likely to die by a coconut than a shark!

One of the main reasons why people are scared to go scuba diving is being eaten shark. But the truth is far from it; only 10 people die of being attacked by sharks every year. Comparatively, 150 per year die after being hit by falling coconuts!


Broken toes are more common than you think

Another reason why people don't want to try scuba diving are the because of stories and rumours they hear from their friends about physical injuries. As per most doctors and emergency medical staff who work in close proximity to dive sites, this sort of injury is a common occurrence. Wet surfaces, heavy equipment and barefooted people don't mix that well, so going through some sort of accident is part of the experience.


How far down can you go?

The current record for the deepest dive at a depth of 1000 feet is held by Ahmed Gabr, an Egyptian who is also ex-Egypt Special Forces. While the descent took only 12 minutes to complete, the ascent to the surface took 15 hours as safety precautions must be followed when ascending from deep dives to avoid injuries


Who spent the most time on the Titanic

James Cameron, the director of the iconic film 'Titanic spent more time on the ship than the crew, the captain and the passengers. He spent 462 hours, split among 33 divers on the wreckage site of the Titanic as groundwork for the movie.


Why wear a wetsuit?

Scuba divers use wets suits to keep their body warm and afloat. Fins are sometimes worn with the wetsuit to help scuba divers move forward and change directions underwater.


You can bring your own gear or rent it

Most expert scuba divers bring their own gear when visiting dive sites. Divers can also rent their equipment from one of the many resorts similar to Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi that claims to be the best Resort in Maldives to go scuba diving.


What does scuba mean?

The word SCUBA or 'Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus' is an acronym given to an apparatus that allows divers breath underwater without the need of a supply of air on the surface of the water. This apparatus was invented during World War 2 by the United States Special Forces.


Spitting in your mask before diving will stop it from fogging

As weird as this sounds, it's effective and will save you a ton of trouble. Soap detergent can be used as a substitute if spitting in your mask grosses you out.


Suba certification isn't cheap

Courses to certify yourself as a qualified diver are quite costly but if you're truly passionate about the sport the tips and tricks that you learn through this certification are priceless.