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Latest Finance And Investment News in India

Here you will get all finance news like related to funding, investment (Fixed deposit monthly scheme, Mutual fund, PPF, NSC, Post office montly scheme), how to invest in SIP, how to improve cibil score etc.
For more detailed you must read these blogs on regular basis.


4 Tips To Get a Home Loan Approval In The First Attempt

Are you considering applying for a Home Loan in the future? Once you have spent a considerable amount of time looking for a home matching your family’s needs, the next step is to get the Home Loan approval.

Is Aadhaar Card Mandatory For Giving Government Exam? Know Reasons Behind

No Aadhaar Card is not Mandatory for Giving Government Exam, but still very vital document. Have you ever found it difficult to fill up the forms proof for aadhar card is very vital

What You Need To Know About The Benefits Of Loan Against Property - Purchase & Refinance Mortgage Loans - India, UN

Loan against property (LAP) or a mortgage is popular because it has some perceptible benefits. Higher loan amounts are generally available for longer tenure with floating interest rates when compared to conventional loans, and at a discounted interest rate. Most banks accept both residential and commercial properties for mortgage.
For complete Benefits Of Loan Against Property read this post.

Everything You Need To Know About The e-Aadhar Card

Here you will know all Need To Know About The e-Aadhar Card. How to download or update online. Read this post to know more.

Know All The GST Rate Slabs in India - sooperarticles

This article discuss all about GST, GST Slab (5 % 18 % 28% ) exempt from GST in details.It is very helpful who have very less information about GST ( know more read at:

It is very important to activate UAN number for salaried persons in India. Here you will get complete details about uan activation check your PF details online. It will help you to analyse your EPF contribution, pf withdrawl and pension etc. For more details about uan activation you need to visit official web page.

Reasons Why The Samsung On7 Prime Can Replicate The Success Of J7 Max / MunPlanet

When the Samsung J7 Max was launched in June 2017, it had many takers. It was reviewed as a worthy-buy in the Samsung mobiles under 15000 segments, with. To Read all
Reasons Why The Samsung On7 Prime Can Replicate The Success Of J7 Max / MunPlanet visit this post.

All Related to Money - Honor 9N - Full phone Specifications, Price and Features - Wattpad

Honor 9N is a latest android mobiles below 15000- Full phone Specifications, Price and Features from the story All Related to Money by aditiahuja237 (Aditi Ahuja) with 3 reads. invest, finance...
For more details visit this


Do You Know How To Invest In SIP Online In India?

Do You Know How To Invest In SIP Online In India?

Investing in Mutual Funds through SIPs make it simple to invest regularly with very low Rs 500 a month. Once you register and get your folio no. you can invest directly into mutual fund company or third party websites. Here are some of the top reasons to invest.
1. Diversification
2. Lower costs
3. Low Minimum Investment
4. Professional Management
5. Transparency
6. Liquidity

If you don't know how to invest in sip online in India, go through this infographic.

Steps to Download EPF UAN Passbook - All About Investment and Finance

The EPF UAN passbook is a piece of document that shows all the contributions which have been made by the employee and the employee in the provident fund accounts. These are detailed monthly entries which also shows whether any interest amount has been...

Retiring This Year? Here Are 5 Financial Tips You Must Follow —Articles For Website

Retirement, touted as the golden period of life, is the time to relax and enjoy the fruits of years of hard work. While this is the time to do things you always wanted to do but couldn’t, due to major family responsibilities, it’s equally essential to manage finances to ensure that the retirement corpus sees you through this phase. To know more about investment scheme for senior citizens india you should read this article.

5 Financial Tips That You Must Follow After Retirement - All About Investment and Finance

Arranging finances for retirement is an absolute must. With no active income, you must make sure your retirement corpus outlasts you to prevent the possibility of age-old poverty. Among the several investment options available for senior citizens, it’s... For more details about investment Schemes for senior citizens
Visit this post:

How To Get UAN Number With Your PF Number?

Here you will know How To Get UAN Number With Your PF Number? Here you will get details about how to activate uan number and other epf related info. which will help you effective management of your epf contribution.
For all details read this post :

Home Loan Tax Benefits Available On Interest And The Principal - Neybg

Almost everyone has thought about borrowing a home loan one time or the other. In today's world, it is impossible to buy a home based on your income purely.
There are some tax benefits by Indian Govt. for Home loan borrower. Actually When you take a loan for a home, you also stand to save taxes. To learn more about home loan tax benefit, read this post:

How To Get UAN Number With Your PF Number?

UAN Number is very important for online EPF transfer. People who do not know How To Get UAN Number online With Your PF Number will avail all details here. If you are contributing to your EFP account, you must have a Universal Account Number or UAN. For more details go through this post.

How Much Interest On Home Loan Is Tax Deductible?

House loans also provides income tax benefits under various sections of Tax Act. Home loan borrower can take benefits under section 80EE and sec 24. It is very vital know home loan rules and regulations that will help you when applying for house loan. Read this post for more details about home loan tax exemption.

Here's How Working Capital Can Inspire Your Cash Flow Revolution

Any business whether big or small understands the importance of working capital as well as regular cash flow. To know more how working Capital can Inspire your cash flow Revolution?

What is CIBIL Score? Is It Mandatory to Avail Loan?

Do you know what is CIBIL score? Read everything about credit score including how to read CIBIL report, how credit score affects loan, how to check CIBIL etc

10 Essential Ways, How to Improve Working Capital - Submit a Guest Post!

Working capital is the fund necessary for a business to meet its regular expenses like rent, utility bills, wages, etc. It is calculated by subtracting the company’s current liabilities from its current assets. read this today Understanding Working Capital And 10 Essential Ways To Increase It.

Important Deductions Under Section 80C That A Taxpayer Can Claim - Hufforbes

Most salaried people wait till the last moment to do their tax planning and end up paying higher income tax or frantically investing in tax saving instruments that may not be appropriate for them.
Here you will get complete guide about Tax Deductions Under Sec 80C That you (a tax payer) Can Claim in India. Read this post for more details ... Important Deductions Under Section 80C That A Taxpayer Can Claim

Married Couples Guide to File Income Tax Jointly | Posts by Aditi Ahuja | Bloglovin’

Here is Married Couples Guide to File Income Tax Jointly. It is important to know when one can actually file a joint return with the spouse. It is not required for married couples to file Income Tax jointly but they may choose to do so if that allows them to manage their finances better.. Married Couples Guide to File Income Tax Jointly, a post from the blog Posts by Aditi Ahuja, written by Aditi Ahuja on Bloglovin’

How To Claim Tax Benefit For Joint Home Loan

A joint home loan can be obtained by the applicant along with his/her parent, spouse or a sibling for purchase, construction or improvement of a house. Since buying a property requires a large amount of money, and if your income is not enough to qualify for a substantial amount of loan, you can apply for a joint house loan. Opting for a joint home loan not only boosts your loan eligibility and the repayment capacity, but it also maximizes your Joint home loan tax benefits which means more savings.

How To Maintain A Good Credit Score » Dailygram ... The Business Network

How To Maintain A Good Credit Score. When you apply for a loan from a bank or an NBFC, the approval or rejection of your application is dependent on your credit-worthiness. The lending institutions check your credit score from the records maintained by the Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited (CIBIL). CIBIL is the credit bureau that collects and maintains information related to the loan and credit card payment history of individuals and commercial institutions. A good credit score makes it

Impact of A Personal Loan on Your Credit Score? - Content Cafe

It’s an authorized body that assesses your overall credit history and releases a three-digit score which is your credit score throughout your life. Whenever, you’re moving ahead to apply for a personal loan from whichever source unlike the private lenders that usually provide money against pawns or collaterals, they loan will be approved based on the credit score. To know more, read this