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Tree Care Tips

9 Easy Tips to Care for Your Italian Cypress Tree | Prunin

Checkout care tips for Italian Cypress Tree and how Prunin Arboriculture helps to prepare cypress trees making them stronger against the natural elements.

How to Plant and Care for Your Lilac Bushes | Prunin Arboriculture and Landscapes

Lilac bushes are regarded as everlastingly favorite shrubs that enhance the aesthetics of your landscape, making it strikingly beautiful. These plants signal the arrival of the spring season with their intensely fragrant blooms. There are many varieties of lilacs but the most common one is called the Syringa vulgaris.

How to Save Your Italian Cypress Tree from Dying | Prunin Tree Care

Keep monitoring your Italian cypress tree on a regular basis, provide consistent care and save your Italian cypress tree from dying from potential diseases.

9 Major Benefits of Leyland Cypress Trees | Prunin Arborist

A Leyland Cypress tree is a perennial, dark green colored, swiftly growing variant of evergreen trees. Checkout benefits associated with Leyland Cypress.

How to Prune Different Types of Trees Properly-II

As we already covered how to prune different trees in our previous blog, here is some useful information about pruning a different variety of trees.

How You Can Prune Fruit Trees

Know How to Prune Your Trees

How to Change Hydrangea Color – In the Garden with Prunin

The secret to changing the hue of these popular blooms. Hydrangeas are wonderful performers in the garden. Even better, they are the mood ring of plants, apt to change color depending upon soil conditions. Here we’ll tell you how to change the color of the flowers, if you want a different palette in your garden.…

Expert Tips on Caring for Your Trees – In the Garden with Prunin

Here are some tips for caring your tree.