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List of Sharks in the Maldives – Fascinating Predators

The sharks of Maldives are hardly thought of as predators but are loved for their exotic allure. Visitors to the archipelago fascinated with the species will not be disappointed, as there are over 26 varieties of sharks swimming around the Maldives.


The Black Tip Reef Shark

These are the most often sighted species of shark, they are found swimming in the lagoons and the sunny islands. The lagoons are favoured as nurseries where young pups are raised, and visitors are often treated to sights of these baby sharks swimming around the calm waters. The Black Tip Reef shark is very timid in behaviour and rarely poses a threat to humans, choosing to shy away from approaching divers. The only way a black tip will become aggressive is if provoked or enticed by the smell of blood.


The Hammerhead Shark

Booking one of the Indian Ocean resorts in the Maldives is your best bet for sighting hammerheads, for the archipelago is quite popular for the species. Although the archipelago claims to be home to three of types of the species, so far only one has been confirmed and is present in large numbers. The hammerhead shark chooses to move about in schools when its daylight, but hunts alone at night. If your holiday is at a luxury Maldives resort, such as Baros Maldives, then watch out in the early morning hours for sights of sharks swimming in the crystal clear ocean; the deck of an overwater villa will prove to be an excellent location to do so.


The Tiger Shark

One of the worlds most feared varieties of shark; the Tiger shark comes in second only to the Great White and does have a taste for humans. Not to worry though as the species are loners and prefer to come out at night, besides, although the tiger shark is known to live around the islands, they are rarely sighted. Of course, if sharks fascinate you, it is possible to set off on an expedition in search of the elusive creatures, noted for their voracious appetite, feasting on dolphins, squid, fish, seals, turtles and even the occasional shark.


The Whale Shark

A mild natured creature, the whale shark is the largest species of fish in the world. It is a filter feeder, preferring to survive on a diet of plankton. Despite its huge girth, the whale shark is not known to display threatening behaviour with dive tours often enjoying the luxury of swimming beside the huge creatures. Many of the luxury resorts in Maldives offer diving excursions, where swimming amongst the whale sharks is quite a treat.


The Oceanic Whitetip Shark

This species lives further out at sea and is not to be confused with the white tip reef shark. This is a dangerous predator shark, well noted for its feeding frenzy and aggressive behaviour. They are noted as threats to shipwreck survivors and even crash victims.


The Zebra Shark

Often found swimming around the coral reefs, these species are carpet feeders. As the creatures are nocturnal you will often come upon these sharks, snoozing or rather lying motionless on the ocean floor. They are harmless to humans and are often sought out by diving parties in the Maldives.

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