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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
Headline for Lists - 5 Must see places in Hong Kong – A mosaic of Attractions
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Lists - 5 Must see places in Hong Kong – A mosaic of Attractions

Hong Kong is one city that offers the best of many worlds. Towering skyscrapers, lush gardens, thrilling theme parks and old buildings are among the many attractions found here. Below are the best 5


Man Mo Temple

A temple that goes back centuries the Man Mo Temple is the first place of worship that was constructed in a traditional manner during the colonial era. In an attempt to connect with the historic roots of Hong Kong which was fast being forgotten, the Man Mo Temple made its mark. A lot of effort went behind creating the temple and the resulting structure that emerged was a masterpiece without a doubt. This Taoist Buddhist venerates the gods of Man (literature) and Mo (martial arts). Inside this temple, you will also find a statue of the Pau Kung who is believed to be the god of justice, and another of Shing Wong who the Buddhists believe is the god of the city.


Street shopping

The street shopping in Hong Kong is another aspect of this city that is well worth experiencing. There are 2 primary roads where stalls are set up and street shopping can be experienced in its most authentic form. The first is the Hollywood Road and Upper Lascar Row that is referred to by the locals as "Cat Street". In these open markets, one can enjoy everything from culture to good food and even some excellent deals on antiques, souvenirs and knick-knacks.


Clock Tower in Tsim Sha Tsui

Tsim Sha Tsui is yet another historic site in Hong Kong that was constructed in the year 1921. The tower was constructed using granite and red brick and exhibits a distinctive design that takes visitors back to the colonial era. In addition to its historic significance, the clock tower is symbolic to the Chinese for it was the very spot where they made their final stop on their rail journeys from villages in their homeland in order to embark on new ventures in this brand new city.


Ocean Park Theme Park

The Ocean World Theme Park in a nutshell portrays the ocean in a fun and thrilling manner. This is a favourite among families visiting Hong Kong and children, in particular, will love everything this place has in store. Occupying a total of 87000 square meters the park is divided into 2 main zones; the waterfront and the summit. In addition to being one exciting amusement hub, the park also features exhibitions and observatories which offer the added benefit of some edutainment.


Hong Kong Disneyland

The Disneyland in Hong Kong like the original version comes with 7 different theme parks each offering a universe of fun. In addition to the fun-filled rides, every night Disneyland has a spectacular firework show which makes it feel very much like the original. Located in Lantau Island Disneyland is a must visit if this sort of entertainment is in your agenda. Even if you have chosen The Murray Hong Kong due to the availability of its meeting space in Hong Kong you can always add Disneyland in your agenda.