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Updated by carrier-rentals on Aug 23, 2018
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When Should You Consider Chiller Rental Services?

While spot cooler rentals are not perfect for every situation, there are a lot of reasons why someone might look into them. These situations include during planned maintenance on your current AC system, to provide additional cooling when necessary, to keep events cool and comfortable, to offer support for emergency situations, and for a long term cooling solution.



Spot cooler rentals are smart for any team looking to keep a building cool for a variety of reasons. These portable cooling services are easy to set up, and do not require consistent monitoring or tinkering. While you may have a hard time imagining when you might need this sort of service, it is more common than you might expect. There are a few reasons people use chiller rental services


When planned maintenance is scheduled

For the safety of your staff and important technology, renting a cooling system is smart during planned maintenance of your HVAC system in an office building and beyond. These portable systems can be put in critical locations throughout a building, such as offices, server rooms, and more.


To provide additional/supplement cooling

Are there areas within your building that get hotter than the rest? For example, it is common for workers in server rooms or data centers to complain of the heat, especially in the summertime. Spot cooler rentals are perfect to keep these important areas cool when regular air conditioning just isn’t cutting it.


Keeping an event cool and comfortable

Spot cooler rentals are perfect for personal and professional events. They will work wonders at both indoor and outdoor venues, and will help to keep guests cool throughout the event. Renting a cooling service for a summer outdoor wedding is a smart idea as well.


Support for emergency situations

While we don’t love to think about them, emergencies do happen. If you find your building’s regular air conditioning is not working due to a storm, flooding, etc, chiller rental services can be a lifesaver. They will keep your employees/residents cool until your air conditioning system is up-and-running again


To provide long term cooling solutions

Occasionally, depending on the building/situation, you can actually save money by renting portable cooling systems rather than installing and maintaining equipment. Many cooling service providers offer long term contracts when this is the case.