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UK Popular Laptop & Computer Repairs

P.C Computer Services provides computer repair and maintenance services and are located at 2 Cartref Albert Rd in the West Sussex town of Bognor Regis.



Top Learning Websites for Laptop Repairs

Top Learning Websites for Laptop Repairs

The worst things that could happen in your laptop suddenly stop working. You know something’s wrong in your laptop, but figuring out the issue is not too easy. In such situations, you could choose from several options. You can find some workaround through thousands of video tutorials on YouTube or from online sources that provide step-by-step instructions for laptop repair. For laptop repair chichester, there are third-party IT outsourcing services who fixes the laptop issues. There are many websites that help you to learn laptop repairing like Bleeping Computer, BrightHub, Computer Hope, and Dummies.

How to Grow Your Computer Repair Business on a Budget

We talk to computer repair business owners every day and were previously in the business ourselves, so we decided to compile a list of effective and inexpensive strategies for repair shops looking to grow.

  • Develop partnerships with local competition. Take a look at the other repair shops in the area. Oftentimes there are services that are unique to each of your businesses. Contact them and agree to send each other business for the services that you’re not competing on.

  • Increase the average sale price per customer. If you can up-sell products to your customers, you can still grow your business without doing any additional marketing. Many shops sell online backup, antiviruses, hard drives, monitoring, etc. If you’re one of our customers you can get a great discount with Gillware to get started selling online backup and data recovery.

  • Start selling pre-paid service packs. Ensure customer loyalty by selling them discounted pre-paid service packages. Customers will be happier because they’ll know what they’re paying ahead of time, and you’ll get more cash to further grow your business.


Easy Tips to Repair Computer in Chichester

Easy Tips to Repair Computer in Chichester

We all work on our computers regularly, when something goes wrong it's leads to the serious problem like the power going out etc. It is difficult to troubleshoot your way back to a working computer. Before you call for professional computer repair chichester , you must fix issues by itself by following various steps.

First, run your laptop through a virus scan. Various antivirus available in the market that scans the laptop and helps to repair virus. All kinds of computer crashes and slowdowns can be caused by virus and malware.

The software update is another important point that needs to do. It allows computer problem caused by outdated and unpatched software. Also checks for updates of your applications including the web browser and antiviruses.


4 Best PC Repair Toolkits to Improve your PC

4 Best PC Repair Toolkits to Improve your PC

PC repair is a complete software toolkit that helps to fix issues on Windows desktops or laptops. These utilities come in different shapes and sizes, but the best toolkits will help you to fix multiple system errors to ensure Windows runs well. Always keep in mind, if you pc need some expert advice then visit nearby pc repair experts. I am also working in pc repair chichester company and repaired thousands of pc's. So with the years of experience, i am suggesting you the best toolkits for your pc. Here you can read some useful repair toolkits which are good system optimizers as well as troubleshooters, while some software provide quick fixes for a variety of issues. Have look to 4 pc repair toolkits as:

Microsoft’s Window Troubleshooting Software
System Mechanic Pro
Windows Repair All in One
Fix-It Utilities Pro

Computer maintenance - Wikipedia

Computer maintenance is the practice of keeping computers in a good state of repair. A computer containing accumulated dust and debris may not run properly. Dust and debris will accumulate as a result of air cooling. Any filters used to mitigate this need regular service and changes. If the cooling system is not filtered then regular computer cleaning may prevent short circuits and overheating.


3 Best Tips for PC And Laptop Repair

3 Best Tips for PC And Laptop Repair

Since everything today is controlled by some sort of artificial intelligence, we are surrounded by our beloved gadgets, and most loved of them all is our PC. Most of these gadgets are linked to one another, yet we feel left alone if suddenly the PC gets sick for any reason. To have a certain degree of control on your device so that it doesn't betray you when you need it most, you can follow some tips and hacks this blog is going to equip you with.

Let's begin with knowing 3 best PC repair and maintenance tips as:

You Cannot Run Away From Software Update
Don't Waste Time Doing Defragmentation and Registry Cleaning
Physical Cleaning of PC is Actually Needed

Read more about PC Repair and Maintenance Tips Here


Top 3 Ways to Fix Laptop Heating Problems

Top 3 Ways to Fix Laptop Heating Problems

Laptops have become very common among business people nowadays. It is a very compact and powerful device when it comes to performance. An increase in CPU performance leads to overheating of the laptop which results in the hanging of the system. The increased use of processors, graphics cards, and higher resolutions leads to excessive heating of the laptop. The biggest threat to the laptop is overheating. Many laptop repair chichester company are repairing and providing hardware software parts of the laptop. Let us have a look to 3 best ways to prevent overheating of laptop problems.

Fixing the internal cooling of the laptop. When your laptop heats up then you can clean the fan of the laptop that provides cooling to the high powered CPU and graphics card. Remove the dirt and dust from the fan of the laptop and make it clean to work.

keep the laptop on the hard and flat surface while using it. Don't utilize the surfaces like blanket, pillow or lap for using the laptop. It will affect the overflow of the air which results in overheating.

You can invest in the laptop cooler or cooling pad. Laptop coolers are the external fan added from the outside. Most of the laptop sucks in air for cooling that's why laptop coolers are designed to resolve the issue of overheating.