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Top 05 Suzhou Attractions You Must See – Land of the Silk Museum

Beautiful Suzhou is loved for its stunning traditional gardens where one can experience the finest examples of Chinese architecture and design. The Silk Museum is another fab attraction while the traditional quarters are marvellous to explore.


Suzhou Silk Factory

The silk industry of Suzhou is one of Chinese foremost and is a great example of the country's popular silk trade. A visit to this factory will leave you fascinated, and it is an attraction which appeals to all ages, hence, a great place to plan a family visit too. Discover the entire process involved in the manufacture of silk; starting with the life cycle of the silkworm that spins, sadly, right up to its death. Due to this phenomenal fact, a single worm will spin a total of 1000 metres during its lifespan, helping us understand better the delicate fabric's rare quality and high pricing structure. If you are debating on where to stay in Suzhou consider the industrial park sector, home to such accommodation options as Citadines Xinghai Suzhou, just 20 minutes from the silk factory and other attractions.


China Grand Canal

A marvellous relic from the past, this is one of the worlds, oldest and longest canals. In days of yore this gargantuan canal played an important role connecting canals with rivers between the north and south regions of China; hence, it is perceived the Grand Canal played a major role in not only uniting the country but boosting China's economy. You won't be disappointed with this beautiful and amazing attraction which sweeps across the land from Beijing to Hangzhou.


Zhouzhuang Water Town

Located just 40kms from Suzhou, this is one of the area's most beautiful precincts. Home to buildings dating back to the Ming and Qing dynasties and over 900 years of history, the place is a living relic, chronicling culture and heritage from 1368 to 1911. One of the best examples of a vintage Chinese water town, do make time to visit the charming metropolis.


Garden of Humble Administrator

Found in the south of Suzhou, this is the largest classical garden and beautiful parkland. Aptly ranked fourth amongst China's most stunning classical gardens, this park was constructed in 1513 AD, by Master Wang Xianchen. The place comprises of three sections. Care is taken to enhance each area with stunning and serene water features, such as bubbling streams, glimmering ponds and vintage buildings which are elegant masterpieces to marvel at.


Tiger Hill - Hu Qiu

Well known for its scenic surroundings, this is one of Suzhou's most iconic attractions. One of the first scenic precincts to become popular in the Wu area, this 20-hectare park is home to Tiger Hill standing at an altitude of only 36 metres. There you can also visit areas such as the Third Spring, the Emerald Green, Mountain Villa, Leisure Spring and Testing Sword Rock. You must know that Tiger Hill is really an artificial mound, with a vibrant history dating back over 2,500 years. Well worth a visit where you can enjoy a leisurely picnic, the Tiger Hill Pagoda is the city's most popular landmark.